Thursday, May 5, 2016

Old pics blocked for a year or so

Though Holly in the Land of the Lost may not have intentionally retracted her last two digits , this all too familiar hand pattern saturates television programming . Because my VCR finally expired I cannot publish on YouTube the several second display in this program that warrants my inclusion of it in my blogs which feature countless TBN personalities , including Billy Graham , making this offensive gesture more clearly . 
 Couldn't help but notice the coincidental Masonic signs I had posted in my blogs for years ; Watson's symbol so similar to the Eye of Horus ; the triangular symbols and x's were , and still are , rampant . In the earlier version of Jeopardy the X was obvious and placed close to Alex Trebek .   
 Kramer's pose so similar to those at Liberty University who must have purposely formed this Talmudic overhead pyramid . Mr. Kramer may have done this innocently , but his posture is fascinatingly similar to that of others on TBN who have fashioned very similar occult  hand formation .The X was prominent in Lazytown , as were numerous other Masonic hand signals .

It's funny , that as I do blogs in this particular library , pornographic pictures and personal pictures of my property I have never photographed with any phone or camera appear in the " Add Images " / " Choose Files " / Upload spot on blogger . I don't view pornography . Again , a picture of my property I have never photographed before appears on the blogger screen just as lines of snow formed behind the bumpers of only my car amongst numerous others in a library parking lot as I was making one of these blogs ; a flower was pulled from a vase on my desk and placed in front of the vase , and strings on a musical instrument were lowered , rather than tightened , while I was making these blogs at libraries . As with John Bunyan , the spread of malicious slander plagues me almost daily and sometimes precedes my residency in new accommodations . Christians who expose the lies of those who hate Christ become somewhat used to bearing this form of cross . In his autobiography John Bunyan wrote ; " Therefore I find these lies and slanders to me as an ornament ; it belongs to my Christian profession to be vilified , slandered , reproached and reviled ; and since all this is nothing else , as my God and my conscience do bear me witness , I rejoice in reproaches for Christ's sake . "

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Biblical Reality Of Hell

       Most people don't believe in the Biblical reality of hell which Jesus spoke of . Jesus said he visited hell , the heart of the earth , for three days after his death . Hell is God's everlasting retribution and punishment for those who never trust him ; the abode of the wicked , spiritual death , the fire of God's jealousy , his final judgment and eternal separation from himself of those who never repent of sin . Israel's Gehenna was the earthly prototype of hell . It was the valley of Hinnom , a refuse pit into which Josiah dumped bodies of executed criminals and Jerusalem's filth . Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels .
        God created man because he wanted friends who would willingly love and obey him . He foreknew man would acquiesce to the temptation of attaining what he assumed would be unlimited freedom , including the freedom to disobey him . He also knew that only he himself could restore in man God's original spirit of goodness . But how could he do that without contradicting his own nature of holiness and justice ?
       If God could have devised a way other than placating his own anger against sin other than paying the penalty for sin himself by allowing himself to be treated cruelly and crucified he would have done it .
       His early church in the wilderness , whom he had freed from Pharaoah , succumbed to temptations of worshipping the soul of one of God's most gifted , beautiful , and powerful angels ; angels who were also offered the fantastic freedom to choose whether to obey or disobey their Creator whom they knew loved them . Like Adam , the early church exercised an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God whereupon God sware in his wrath They shall not enter my rest . Why not ? Because God's nature is that of peace and holiness . The sin of rebellion and unbelief precludes peace , holiness and rest .
       God declares that he is a jealous God . His jealousy is the good jealousy a good father has for his wife and children . A good and godly father wants good things for his family . He follows Biblical guidelines for chastening his children in order to imbue in them a spirit of wisdom and holiness so they may enjoy life . The Bible says , " For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure ; but he for our own profit , that we might be partakers of his holiness ...yielding the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby ..that those things which cannot be shaken may remain .
       God had put the work of his own hands under man's control . But God's greatest adversary had claimed guardianship of God's creation , subjugating legally by choice , man's nature to himself . God did not create man to merely test him for eternal life through the false theory of survival of the fittest . That is not a spiritual battle enabling the betterment of the saved soul . Almost anyone can be trained to fight as a soldier . The Christian fight of faith in a heavenly Father is of necessity much more complex than that . Nearing his crucifixion Jesus said that his kingdom was not of this world , else would his servants fight .
      Think about the repercussions of sin . Which of them have you enjoyed the most ? Even the average sinful human being does not cultivate friendships with people who lie to them or steal from them or hurt them in some way . God didn't want us to act that way , but he gave us the freedom to act that way if we chose to .
      And why did the God of peace and love kill so many of his own creation , as in the flood , and his early church in the wilderness and a conspiring couple in his new testament church ? Even he has his limits . He will not overlook the unforsaken sins of those who continue to rebel against him . He is God . He makes the rules . The rules are good . What is admirable about theft , or lying , or murder or rape ? He didn't create us to do those things . He warned mankind and angels of the consequences of sin . God has revealed to every soul the reality of his existence , but man became vain in the imaginations of his heart and unthankful , and so , God gave mankind over to a reprobate mind .
      For most , knowledge that God loves them is not motivation enough to induce them to walk the straight and narrow pathway to heaven by faith in Christ . Jesus used the allegory of hell as a great warning of his wrath toward those who did not believe him . The only people God will allow to live with him eternally are Christians whose faith is subjected to his testing , resulting in a friend without blemish or spot . Two thirds of the angelic kingdom wisely realized that there could be no better life than the one they had been experiencing . Christians can appreciate that too .
      God's eternal enjoyment will be life with friends whom he can trust , having tested them ; friends whom he endowed with certain capabilities and responsibilities who through a mustard seed grain of faith proved to be worthy followers of the One they knew created them .


Thursday, January 28, 2016

With respect to those who believe in a flat earth

I had never heard of the Flat Earth Society until a short while ago . I felt a fairly long response to their inquiry was needed , and that is why I am placing it on a blog .

The exponential explosion of technological " advances " of the 20th century assures me that the earth and fixed heavenly bodies are spheres . The evolution of the primitive pinhole camera resulting in satellite imagery enabled by rocketry evolving from the steam engine is undeniable . For almost 6,000 years man has pulled down his own Babylonian barns , replacing them with bigger barns , attempting to satiate the lust of his unregenerate mind , hoping , under one language again , to build a tower whose top may reach up to heaven .  And , for about 6,000 years , God allowed men to be able to actually experience not only his wrath , but also his love through unfeigned faith in his Son , the Lord Jesus Christ . He enabled the Christian to discern good and evil , truth from deception . Though he takes whom he desires at his will , the devil dose not have the power to hide all of the truth from every man . What we see and hear and do each day is real , having real consequences , and is not a fantastic deception .

Man's understanding of mathematics was phenomenal thousands of years ago . That science coupled with other so-called sciences , ( murky , shallow , inept understanding of some of the bases of God's ways , which are past finding out ) , enabled Neil Armstrong to make yet another giant leap backward for mankind . What is highly esteemed among men is an abomination with God . Man deceives himself with each earth-shaking feat like that , believing that he is evolving closer to God , although he is actually cultivating the unnecessary and ungodly fruit of the work of his own hands , alienating  himself further away . Those " advances " are , again , merely the fruition of man's ungodly lust of the mind . There will be no need for rockets or science or toiletries in the new heaven and earth God will create when speed will be unnecessary as time becomes totally irrelevant and a little child will lead men . There will be no need for electricity or barn renovation either .

If the earth were flat , ships would long ago have reached its limiting circumference  , again making that discovery earth-shaking news , but , that never happened . The sophistication of communication and other sciences , ( for example this worldwide instant blog ) , must be real and are not hoaxes . The devil has never wielded enough power to continuously deceive everyone in the world since the beginning of time .These are my own personal Biblical reasons upon which I base my rejection of the theory that the earth is flat . But perhaps God's new earth will be flat , seeing there will be no more sea or heavenly bodies , ( for there will be no more night nor need of the sun ) , and he will make all things new . Topography then will be absolutely irrelevant .

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Common middle finger pose in the television industry

We'll have to name this double cameo Billy Jack . Billy Graham made this offensive gesture many times . Jack Benny made two gestures like this while speaking with Merv Griffin decades ago . Short Youtubes of them doing this are on my YouTubes ; " Mr. Benny did this at least twice during this Merv Griffin program " , ( Jan 15, 2016 )and , " Billy Graham's Jack Benny pose " , Jan 15, 2016 . I have published dozens of ostensibly purposeful middle finger offenses made particularly by those involved with the occult Trinity Broadcasting Network . I have also published on blogs and YouTubes hundreds of other Kabbalistic hand signals made by them , including the witches' pyramid , ( made thousands of times by Billy Graham ) , the devil hand , the god and goddess signs and others . These people know exactly what they are doing . When you watch all my videos just of the middle finger only you can see how the first finger and others are always deceptively retracted at the proper time .  Ask someone to point to himself . Unless they are crafty they will point clearly with the pointer finger . This has occurred so often I can't help but mock people who do this . When David Jeremiah often pointed to both of his temples with only both middle fingers I was outraged . After seeing the double and middle finger purposeful offense made constantly by TBN preachers and Kabbalist rabbis I became used to seeing it . There can be only two reasons pseudo-Christian preachers and others like Mr. Graham him do this . Their behind the scenes Kabbalist teachers have told them they are mocking the devil himself , ( a Biblical no-no ) , or they are personally purposely offending God , thinking they are serving him .

Zondervan promotes the Talmud in its Bible Dictionary

 The only problem with this is that the Talmud is nowhere mentioned in the Bible . The occult Pharisees practiced the Talmudic " Oral Law " , the occult unwritten law passed down orally from generation to generation , as they continue to do today . Zondervan is giving credibility to the Talmud here . I know this is poor graphics , and I 'll replace the pictures with better ones when I can . I published a YouTube regarding this heresy a while ago titled " Zondervan promoted the Talmud . " 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Masonry's diamond , square in the circle

 In most westerns Masonic signals are numerous and subtle . This is about the fourth different Masonic ever evolving pyramid headband I have posted . Not long ago a swastika appeared on an Indian tent in one of  Wanted Dead Or Alive's episodes . It only stayed on the screen for a few seconds . Google related that the international occult swastika had actually been displayed on some American Indian teepees . The United Nations is based upon the occult works of co-Mason Alice Bailey . This represents Masonry's Square in the Circle , as well as Masonry's diamond seen on the Cavalryman's sleeve above . Masonic signals are abundant in all television , movies , work places , governments , and businesses . Some are subtle , some are not .