Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More demerits for James Merritt

In his 12/14/14 sermon , " We Interrupt This Program " , Dr. Merritt said that ; " until 1961 the only person in history that even mentioned Pontius Pilate was Luke  " , referring to the Biblical author , Luke . He then mentions that in Caesarea in 1961 a dedication of the town to Pontius Pilate was found . But regarding Pontius Pilate my old 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica had these references regarding those who had recorded facts about Pontius Pilate over 1500 years ago . I have copied them as they are presented in the encyclopedia . Here they are ; Josephus : Ant. XVIII , iii , 1,2; iv , 1,2; Jewish War , II , ix, 2-4 , Philo , ad Cainum , 38 . Pilate had been canonized in the Abyssinian church ( June 25 ) and his wife , Procla , or Procula , in the Greek ( Oct . 27 ) . Bibliography - see Tacitus, Annals XV, 44 ; G.A. Miller , Pontius Pilate , etc . ( 1888 ) ; Innes , The Trial of Jesus Christ , etc . ( 1899 ) ; Regnault , Une province Procuratorienne , etc . and Le Proces du Christ ( 1909 ) ; H. Peter , Pontius Pilatus , etc . ( 1907 ) ; Husband , The prosecution of Jesus ( 1916 ) ; Schurer , The Jewsih people in the time of Jesus Christ . For the apocryphal accounts M. R. James , Apoc. Anecdota II ( Camb. Texts and Studies , vol. v ) pp. 65-81 and the Apocryphal New Text , pp. 94-165 .

I had cut Dr. Merritt a lot of slack because he seems to want to honor Christ amid his Masonic/Kabbalistic signals always given in every sermon . He said he based his doctoral thesis on his knowledge of Luke and I was impressed with his earlier sermon " Digging Deeper  " , which left much truth unearthed , as does this sermon . He also said in this sermon that there were no records found prior to 1990 regarding the high priest Caiphas . But from 66 B. C. Rome appointed civil officers like Herod , as well as the Jewish office of the high priest . Caiphas' father-in-law Annas had been appointed the office of high priest by appointment of the Roman governor from 7 A.D. to 14 ( Luke 3:2 ) . There were more than likely Roman , as well as Jewish records of those appointments .
When I learn of your public exposure of the occult basis of the Masonic lodge , and your due Christian opposition to it Dr. Merritt I will post another blog lauding you for doing so .

Tchividjian ; A whole lot about nothing

Tullian Tchividjian's book ,  " Jesus + Nothing = Everything " is a Kabbalistic equation . He is presenting Kabbalism's Ein Sof ; Jean Paul Sartre's " Being and Nothingness " . Understandably , another of Trinity Broadcasting's false teachers , Jack Graham , heartily promotes this occult perversion of Jesus . This dialectical work infers a pantheistic / United Nations  Jesus . I believe David jeremiah had made a similar suggestion in some of his sermons years ago .

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rededication and Chanukkah

At the end of his sermons the ecumenical Billy Graham would invite his listeners to make a " rededication " of their lives to Christ . The Jewish Talmud , he seems not to oppose , is used as a basis for "rededication " through Chanukkah , the Jewish festival of lights . This eight day occult celebration begins on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev , the Jewish Christmas . This was based upon Shabbat 21 b Babylonian Talmud with its nine candle " chanukkiak " menorah .  The traditional candle lighting time is ( 6+6+6 ) , or , eighteen minutes before sunset . Nine is an occult number ( 3x3 ) . Jesus died at the ninth hour . Kislev culminates with the winter solstice .

Monday, December 1, 2014

Jack Graham Shanghaied?

In his 11/30/14 sermon Jack Graham commended communist China's growing Christianity . He said there are now 100 million Christians there , and that China is printing its own Bibles . If the Christianity in America has been covertly controlled by Talmudists since its inception , how much more Chinese Christianity where the Talmud is highly promoted ? The Chinese government regulates and monitors , ( with television monitors ) , all activity of state sponsored and approved churches . Catholicism and charismatic churches , ( always rejected by Bible believing protestants ) , are the major churches there . And the state prints the Bibles used in government sanctioned churches . Surely another Jesus and another gospel are presented there . This false Christian movement will only help pave the way for the false Christ . Jack Graham is a fairly articulate and educated man . Surely he can't really believe that the largely charismatic and statewide Catholic church will promote true Christianity .

Tullien Tchividjian: Graceless

Max Lucado had a while ago inferred that Christians must remain in a perpetual state of sin . Everywhere in TBN backdrops and in books the suggestion of Kabbalism's pyramid appears , as in Mr. Lucado's " A " in GRACE . Tullien Tchividjian , as his grandfather , perpetuates that abominable heresy of constant graceless Christian failure . In his 11/30/14 sermon on Romans he uses the old cliché , " even if our fallen finite minds can't figure out everything . " Deceivers use this deceptive idea often in order to suggest that they alone have the answer to the dialectic they process to their followers . He says that you cannot put God in a box , saying that Romans chapter nine substantiates that lie . But the ark , ( a chest , a box ) that was able to float , as did Moses as a child , was an example of the longsuffering of God and his provision of salvation for those who obeyed him . The ark of the covenant was a chest which contained the tables of the law , and for a long time contained the golden pot that had manna , and Aaron's rod that budded . Of course these items had no major significance regarding God's nature . And the new Jerusalem is in the form of a cube ; a box . But men like Mr. Tchividjian can't see the significance of God's preplanned perfected limits . And they don't want to set limits for Christians , as God does . They think outside the box .

Pastor Tchividjian talks of giving up control of our lives but doesn't emphasize that we need to do just the opposite , keeping our hearts with all diligence , and consciously becoming totally obedient to Jesus . He talks of giving up control in the vein of " let go and let God " , a baseless , fatalistic relinquishing of godly ambition . His vocabulary usually contains the socialist term " radical " regarding Christians , suggesting they become so . He emphasizes God's ONE WAY LOVE , inferring that the love need not be a two way love . He says that is what One Way Love is ; one sided . This is Talmudic brainwashing . He says that Christians are all losers and are continuing failures and bad people . I'd have loved to see him tell that to the disciples . But he is laying a trap for the naïve and the unwary today . His major theme in this sermon , is again , the hopelessness of living a victorious Christian life . He says he at first hated Romans chapter nine . He apparently still not only hates Romans nine , but all the rest of the Bible which he continually denigrates via his dialectical sermons .

He reveals perhaps a love for the atheistic socialist Jean Paul Sartre when he said that God's grace for him was " existentially amazing to me . " God's grace has nothing to do with nebulous , anarchistic existentialism . He says it is foolish for Christians to keep themselves as the center of their Christian journey . This is another dialectical tact to throw Christians off the well beaten path trod by Christians for two millennia . Though Christ needs to be the very model and center of one's devotion , if one does not continually examine himself and make sure he is in the faith by orienting his thoughts and deeds for Christ , he is not going to grow in Christ and will be like the man with one talent who hid his one talent in the earth , for which Jesus condemned him to hell . Tullien lies when he says " living for God " is not to be the focus of the Christian faith . But there are hundreds of Bible verses that counter that lie . He states ; " the focus and the foundation of the Christian faith , hear it from me now , is not living for God . The focus and the foundation of the Christian faith is the glorious , counterintuitive reality that God lives for us in the person of Jesus . Without that there is no Christianity . " This drivel is the similar dialectical deception used by the socialists who paved the pathway for pastors like himself . It's hard to believe he wasn't ,( and still is ), a disciple of Jean Paul Sartre . He condemns all Christians who have denied themselves and were martyred for Christ by saying that Christians had better not hope that the focus of the Christian faith is " living for God . " Again , this is Kabbalistic brainwashing . He forms a few Kabbalistic witches' pyramids in this sermon too as he has done countless times before . ( Some of them are in my YouTube videos .) He says he felt silly that " he would ever want to shift the spotlight from God's actions for me to my actions for him. It made me feel silly . " ( Tullien will feel even sillier on judgment day . ) His new age gospel is evident in his reference to God as " an organic God . " He lies when he tells Christians that their identity is not anchored in their obedience to Jesus . He promotes a foulmouthed false brother named Francis Spufford who likens Jesus to a pedophile who crawled out from under a rock ; a blot and a joke . Spufford is quoted as having Christians " coming in , as it were , through the side door , rather than bashing down the front door ", thus suggesting Christians climb up some other way . It was said of Spufford that he rejects Christian traditions such as the " theological concept of hell " and their Biblical rejection of " gay rights . " Hell is not a theological concept , but a Biblical reality . And the only rights gays have are the rights to enter that hell if they remain unrepentant . It is not , according to Mr. Spufford , his desire to win souls . He says that Christianity may be " a mistake . " The mistake is his own .
Pastor Tchividjien was interviewed by pastor James Merritt's son Jonathan in 2013 . Mr. Tchividjian is quoted as saying that " Preoccupation with our performance over Christ's performance for us hinders spiritual growth because it makes us increasingly self centered and morbidly introspective . Sanctification is forgetting about yourself . " Mr. Tchividjian apparently doesn't understand that Christians are not constantly preoccupied with their performance . There is nothing morbid about being Biblically introspective and dying the morbid death Jesus suggested to his followers . And sanctification is something Jesus did to himself that his followers might be sanctified through the truth , which totally evades Mr. Tchividjian . God said he would magnify and sanctify himself when he shakes Israel when Gog comes against her in the latter days . Sanctification is not forgetting about yourself , but has to do with consecrating and purifying and making holy God's altars , vessels , houses , fields , tabernacles , priests and saints . But Mr. Tchividjian would have you believe otherwise . His perverted perspective of sanctification is clear in his statement ; " When I honestly acknowledge the ways I've gotten worse , it's actually a sign that I may be getting better . " But God's word , which he distorts , says ; " Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound ? God forbid . How shall we that are dead to sin live any longer therein ? "
Jesus said by their fruits ye shall know men . The fruit of men like Mr. Tchividjian is obviously false , and three times more malodorous than his grand fathers' .

Doesn't he know ?

In his 11/30/14 sermon , " Thankful For What " , David Jeremiah remarked that when he and his wife see someone praying before they eat their food in a restaurant he immediately knows that those people are brothers and sisters . He adds that ; " Nobody who does not know Jesus prays for their food . " It is hard to believe this world celebrated author doesn't know that witches and Mormons and pagans also publicly pray before meals . Witches are called prayer warriors . More than likely those people actually are his brothers and sisters . His Eye of Horus is still displayed , but he has limited his Kabbalistic signs more recently .

Monday, November 17, 2014

James Merritt didn't dig deep enough

In his 11/16/14 sermon , " Digging Deeper " Dr. Merritt continues to display Kabbalism's  reference to the oral law as he digs an open grave for those who have not yet discerned the untrustworthiness of the heretical Bible versions spawned by the 1861 Westcott/Hort Bible . He says his doctoral thesis was based upon his sermon which reveals the validity of the book of Luke . Dr. Merritt is not a stupid man and I expect that the documentation for his thesis is well founded . His work seems impressive . The downside of his presentation is the unspoken inference that all Bibles are now trustworthy . He did not point out the long accepted worthiness of the King James Bible , nor did he hint at the changes made after it . By not doing those things he failed to dig deep enough so that men may find the truth in a trustworthy source , but may accept the errors contained in Bibles printed after it . The downside of his incessant demonic signaling is obvious to those of us who have to some degree studied Kabbailstic witchcraft used in Masonry . When TBN associates , such as himself , hold up a Bible with seeming reverence you do not know which version they are promoting . Almost all of TBN's plethora of preachers have quoted the occult New King James version of the Bible .