Monday, November 17, 2014

James Merritt didn't dig deep enough

In his 11/16/14 sermon , " Digging Deeper " Dr. Merritt continues to display Kabbalism's  reference to the oral law as he digs an open grave for those who have not yet discerned the untrustworthiness of the heretical Bible versions spawned by the 1861 Westcott/Hort Bible . He says his doctoral thesis was based upon his sermon which reveals the validity of the book of Luke . Dr. Merritt is not a stupid man and I expect that the documentation for his thesis is well founded . His work seems impressive . The downside of his presentation is the unspoken inference that all Bibles are now trustworthy . He did not point out the long accepted worthiness of the King James Bible , nor did he hint at the changes made after it . By not doing those things he failed to dig deep enough so that men may find the truth in a trustworthy source , but may accept the errors contained in Bibles printed after it . The downside of his incessant demonic signaling is obvious to those of us who have to some degree studied Kabbailstic witchcraft used in Masonry . When TBN associates , such as himself , hold up a Bible with seeming reverence you do not know which version they are promoting . Almost all of TBN's plethora of preachers have quoted the occult New King James version of the Bible .

David Jeremiah , the unjust judge

This deceiver continually exhibits his inability to rightly judge the truth of the word of God . As he continues to display witchcraft's signals during his corrupt sermons he again perverts God's word in his 11/16/14 sermon , " The Judge " .  The very premise for his sermon is based upon the heresy of a false rapture , always rejected by those who truly know Christ . He lies when he tells his listeners that there will be two different judgments performed by Christ . He stated that ; " There will be no believers at the great white throne judgment . Believers are at the judgment seat ( of Christ  [ inferred ] )  right after the rapture . " . He said that the people before the great white throne are all unbelievers , but not the believers .." Everybody at the judgment seat of Christ is a believer " he says ...and adds that " no one will be innocent at the great white throne . "

But , again , the Bible this man says he believes , proves him wrong . God gives no indication at all that there will be two separate judgments , just as it does not stipulate that Christ's return will be in two stages , as John Nelson Darby falsely proclaimed . Jesus did not challenge Lazarus' sister Martha when she stated ; " I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day . " Martha used the article " the " , inferring that there would only be one resurrection .

Acts 17:31 speaks of a singular day of judgment for both good and bad on a particular day ; " Because he hath appointed a day in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained . " On one day only will God judge everyone in the world, both good and bad . This verse does not say the bad in the world , or the good in the world , but clearly infers both .

Repeatedly " the day " infers the single day of judgment , as in John 12:48 which reads ; " He that rejecteth me and receiveth not my words hath one that judgeth him : the word that I have spoken , the same shall judge him in the last day . "

Dr. Jeremiah mentioned that the secrets of men will be made public . Surely he knows that the supposed secret signals he continues to give while preaching will be exposed . His comrades who had displayed the same "secret signals " for thousands of years along with the oral law will see them too . He even quotes God's word about his own calamity when he says ; " In that day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel . " Dr. Jeremiah uses the singular " day " and unwittingly asserts that all men will be judged on that day , contradicting himself . The phrase in that verse he quotes , " the secrets of men " of necessity indicates all men , not specifying simply either the good or the bad .
1st Corinthians 3:13 again states that everybody's work will be judged on one day ; " Every man's work shall be made manifest for the day shall declare it , because it shall be revealed by fire , and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is . " Whose work will be tried on one single day ? Not just either the good men or just the bad men , but ... every man's .
John 5:25-29 indicates that all will be judged at one time ; " Verily , verily , I say unto you , the hour is coming , and now is , when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God : and they that hear shall live . For as the Father hath life in himself ; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself ; and hath given him authority to execute judgment also , because he is the Son of man . Marvel not at this : for the hour is coming , in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice , and shall come forth ; they that have done good , unto the resurrection of life ; and they that have done evil , unto the resurrection of damnation . " Jesus said there would be one specific hour , therefore one specific day in which the dead would be judged ; the good and the bad ; all that are in the graves , which precludes immediate ascension into heaven after death for believers . Believers come out of their graves .
Hebrews 9:27 stipulates a single judgment for all men ; " It is appointed unto men once to die , but after this the judgment . "
Jesus told us what that judgment would be like in Matthew 25  in which he states; " When the Son of man shall come in his glory , and all the holy angels with him , then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory ; and before him shall be gathered all nations ; and he shall separate them from one another as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats . And he shall set the sheep on the right hand , but the goats on the left . Then shall the king say unto them on the right hand , Come ye blessed of my Father , inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world ; Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand , Depart from me ye cursed , into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels . " All men of all nations of all time will be judged according to these verses . Sheep and goats are mixed together and will be separated in " the day " of judgment . Even song parodies hinted that there would some time occur a " judgment day . " It seems that even the ungodly sense that .
Dr. Jeremiah said that because of Revelation 20 :11 the earth and heaven fled away and that the great white throne judgment would not take place on earth or in heaven , but speculates that it will take place on some distant neutral planet . He says it can't take place in heaven because no sinner can enter the presence of God there . The greatest sinner of all time challenged God face to face in heaven regarding Job though . Dr. Jeremiah must have forgotten about that . Jesus' revelation to John about end times occurred in heaven and all action centered around it . Revelation 20 : 11 and 12 indicate that the great white throne judgment is still in heaven ; " And I saw a great white throne and him that sat on it , from whose face the earth fled away ; and there was found no place for them . And I saw the dead small and great stand before God ; and the books were opened : and another book was opened which is the book of life : and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books , according to their works . " Those books were in heaven according to John . The judgment took place in heaven according to John . The heaven and earth will not flee away until God has judged every man he created . Since God and his Son are the temple of the new Jerusalem , ( the new heaven and earth ) , no new sinless planet need be fabricated . Wherever God goes ultimate power and holiness go with him . When God makes heaven and earth flee , all memories of his judgments of sin will flee with them , for both Him and His children .
His onscreen Bible verse of John 5:29 displays the King James Version's " Son of man "  as " Son of Man ", another example of again distorting the word of God . 


Why we prefer the King James Bible

This is also known as the authoritative version which was translated by some of the most learned men of the time who debated in Greek and Latin . The unwary today are impressed by deceitful preachers who convey the meanings of a few Latin and  Greek words which can be found in concordances . I doubt that any of today's false teachers could debate in Greek or Latin . The King James Bible translators predecessors John Wiclif and Willian Tyndale were demonized for translating the truth of God's word so that the common man could hear God gladly . Those men feared God and worked to the best of their God-given abilities to accurately translate each word . In good King James Bibles , where there seems to be some ambiguity , the root reference to a word is usually given . God wanted a continuing witness of himself so that men might still be saved .

The Bible used by the Puritans , the Geneva Bible , brought over on the Mayflower, had changes in similar measures to that of the blatantly corrupt 1861 Westcott/Hort translation of the Scofield Bible which became the basis for heresy in the world's Christian churches today . King James hated the Baconian Rosicrucians and published a book attacking them . He also hated the use of tobacco and would not have endorsed early America's production of it . There are several books written about the attack of the KJV of the Bible which reveal the deletions and obvious corruptions of both the Geneva Bible and the 1861 Westcott/Hort heresies . Now the Masonic Masters of Wisdom , ( mere pawns of Kabbalistic princes of chaos ) , continue to corrupt an already defiled church through Kabbalistic hand signaling and promotion of Bibles not representing the actual truth of God . The Trinity Broadcasting Network is one of the major sources of disinformation  regarding Christianity . I continually implore new and older Christians to look at the works of those of us who have exposed its purposeful deceptions , and to refrain from viewing that network , other than pointing out to others its demonic foundation , which is lower than the grave .

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Talmudic lobbying in the hotel lobby

Though China has demonized the Bible as a subversive weapon capable of the overthrow of the North Korean government , the South Korean government has touted the occult Talmud as a national classic , making it a mandatory part of school curriculum . Through centuries of suggestion , Talmudists have so whetted the appetites of oriental leaders that they have relished the secret of success of the Jewish people nurtured by its Talmudic focus . Talmudic study has been necessary in Jewish universities and synagogues since before Christ came to earth  , and has been used as a major ecumenical tool for the basis of common world goals , preparing the way for the Jewish antichrist .  Kabbalists have so bewitched the world's cultures that Talmudic books such as , " The Eight Most Valuable Business Secrets Of The Jewish " , are quite popular in China . Talmudists have encouraged the construction of the Talmud Business Hotel Taiching which places a copy of " Talmud-Business Success Bible " in each room as the Gideon Bible was  placed in American hotel rooms years ago . The Chinese have acquiesced to the occult business practices of Talmudists , promoting books such as " Crack the Talmud : 101 Jewish Business Rules " , " The Illustrated Jewish Wisdom Book " , and " Know All of the Money-Making Stories of the Talmud . "

Revelation 18 tells us that Israel , the whore of Babylon who sits as a queen which caused all nations of the earth to commit fornication with her , made the earth's merchants rich through the abundance of her delicacies . Eventually those kings of the earth who committed fornication with her , and thus lived deliciously with her , shall bewail her and lament for her when they shall see the smoke of her burning in the hour of Christ's judgment for her rejection of him . The apostles and prophets who were killed by her are told by God to rejoice at his avenging of their blood upon her . In one hour that great city , Jerusalem , which reigneth over the kings of the earth ; MYSTERY , BABYLON THE GREAT , THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH , drunken with the blood of the saints and with the martyrs of Jesus , will fall .

As the Jews continually add to the Talmud through occult rabbinic clairvoyance , they will always keep the choice depths of Satan to themselves , gaining world superiority . Jews anticipate another Christ to come in Christ's name , to sit in Israel's rebuilt temple . God had temporarily given them up to their own lusts , letting them walk in their own crafty counsels through Kabbalistic beliefs . Only when Christ returns , and after he has avenged the blood of his church upon her will a remnant of Jews finally recognize him as the actual Messiah . Trinity Broadcasting preachers propagandize Alice Bailey's deception that " the appearance of the CHRIST is imminent . " They say all scripture preceding Christ's return has been fulfilled , using a demonically contrived " rapture " as the basis for ignoring all the scriptures in Matthew 24 that proves them liars . Talmudic study probably already has enabled Satanic miracles to have been secretly performed . Many false prophets will come before Christ performing them . It's going to take a while for Jerusalem to become the world's capitol . Talmudic " Christians " behind the scenes want to divert your attention upon the hope of being " raptured " so that Christians will continue to give obeisance to todays world dominating occult TBN ministry which paves the pathway to hell for the unwary .

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wiccan Socialist ?

Just before leaving this morning I heard John Michael Talbot mention the socialist mantra , " the unequal distribution of the world's wealth . " I had turned the sound down when he came on , only looking for the witchcraft signals he always makes . Most of TBN 's deceivers' talks are as foolish as his and I primarily continue to look for more middle finger gestures , which has become a waste of time now , obviously , with so much exposure . I don't go out of my way to watch him . As I turned the volume up later I heard him make the obvious socialist deception . In his "Gospel Poverty on the net , he mentions ; " the unequal distribution of the world's wealth , which in turn gives rise to violence and war . " That is why Cain slew Abel ; the world's unequal distribution of wealth ! Mr. Talbot's appearance , signals and ideals indicate to me he is nothing more than a Wiccan socialist at heart .

Smitten by the fists of love

Image result for david jeremiah blasphemy god sign

Billy Graham and hundreds of other TBN personalities have formed witchcraft's " god " sign . The bearded man at the top left is displaying the American Sign Language pose for the word " love . "
Though the devil hates God with all his being , and blasphemes him constantly , and delights in rape , and the cruel Satanic sacrifice of unborn babies through abortion , he has deep respect for the deaf and would never distort or originate any sign language symbols . In my blogs and on my YouTube uploads I have captured numerous false Christian preachers such as Billy Graham who continue to make this witchcraft sign . I can't copy the page on the net under David Jeremiah blasphemy , " Witchcraft's god pose " featuring David Jeremiah who made many of these signs . If it is still available , as it was a minute ago , you can see that I uploaded a picture of the same pose used by witches ; their " god " sign , ( but they spell it capitol " G ").

When you lovingly hug someone  , the common man , or woman , keeps their palms open when placing them on the back of the loved one . Clenched fists would not be used to convey love in that position . The crossed arms are indicative of the Egyptian Masonic "X" of death , rejection and prohibition of God's love . Fists do not represent love and are mentioned as instruments of hate and anger in Exodus 21:18 and Isaiah 58:4 . Some day Heaven's Love will smite all his enemies upon the cheek bone and break the teeth of all the ungodly . No disrespect is intended for the man displaying the ASL sign for love . It was the only example I could upload . Don't believe it when TBN preachers tell they love you . Their deaf poses are only fronts for the purposes of witchcraft and another gospel , another Jesus .

The God of forces

In his 10/19/14 sermon , " The Beast from the Sea " , David Jeremiah said Israel will relax and let down her military readiness and  " they ( Israel ) , will turn all of their energy into building up their cultural improvements . They will refurbish and rebuild the Jewish temple . " But the King James Bible in its cross references states that Daniel's Jewish peace promoting prince that shall come , the man of fierce countenance , the abomination of desolation who shall obtain the kingdom by flatteries , who shall not regard the God of his fathers , shall " honor the God of forces  : and a god whom his fathers knew not . " The old King James reference to " forces " is munitions ; weaponry , ammunition . The Jewish antichrist will be the god with whom no one will dare make war , as the Bible says .

Since the 1990's tiny Israel has been one of the world's largest arms dealers , reportedly fourth largest in the world ahead of Britain and Germany , only surpassed by the U.S. , Russia , and France . Fear of Arabian conquest compels them to produce superior electronic and military advancements . Some of their weaponry has enabled corrupt regimes in Africa , Asia , and Latin America and criminal groups such as the Russian-Israeli organized crime in the U.S.A.  Israel's defense experts admitted long ago that they failed to "ensure proper enforcement " regarding their weaponry sales . That is hard to believe knowing their intelligence capabilities . Israel's Social Sciences department had formulated an algorithm enabling the number of people necessary to kill in order to assure the collapse of an organization or political party . As China has welcomed Israel's evil Talmud , it has welcomed Israel's military sales . Israel has walked a tightrope supplying arms to China , while keeping the support of the U.S. Trinity Broadcasting Network plays a major part in that also , never revealing Israel as the source of the antichrist .The London Observer stated that Israel had annually sold one half billion dollars worth of munitions to Iran annually years ago . Usually , official Israeli involvement is discovered , and the Israeli government disavows any involvement with those who are caught . It is reported that it is common Israeli practice to sell arms through fronts and agents . It has also been reported that  it has been Israel's policy to keep wars in the middle east continuing because the combatants are so embroiled in warfare that they don't contemplate attacking Israel . This worked to some degree . Until Christ returns Jacob and Esau will continue to spar . Tiny Israel was reported to, at least at one time fairly recently , have a larger economy than all of its neighbors combined . Israel is never going to let down her military readiness until after she has become the world's capitol through the stealth of its Talmudist machinations , and her false Christ is replaced by the real one .