Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gorbachev and Graham

Mr. Graham may have actually believed Mr. Gorbachev was not actually evil when he mentioned in one of his old televised sermons that he had spoken with the ever committed communist Mikhail Gorbachev who proclaimed that Jesus was the first communist . Mr. Graham had once spoken with the world's " Mr. Green " in 1987 at a White House state dinner . Mr. Graham was then quoted by the New York Times as saying ; " It was the highlight of my time so far . Mr. Gorbachev summed up what is happening in the Soviet Union , what he believes about the future . He painted a beautiful picture of the world in which we are all brothers . " And if Mr. Graham had talked with the United Nations' co-Mason , Alice Bailey , he would have been quoted by the New York Times saying the same thing .

Mr. Graham said in this sermon that he had studied everything he could get his hands on about the occult Mayans who cut out human hearts . ( The United Nations' brotherhood of Masons may have been impressed with that . ) Oh , that Mr. Graham had studied everything he could have about communism within the U.S. government ; communism he supposedly opposed . Oh , that he had read about Mr. Gorbachev's call for a " nongovernmental commission of wise men " and a " Council of Elders " such as that which is still controlled by the Pharisees . ( Or had he ? That Council of Elders  might of necessity have made Mr. Graham a token Elder .) Oh, that he had studied the demonic depths of the communist/Talmudic machinations of Mr. Green Cross International's promotion of religious tolerance which gave a green light for Mr. Graham to preach his gospel of commitment to communist selected crowds in Russia . Mr. Gorbachev knew that allowing Mr." Facing Both Ways " Graham to preach would further enable Mr. Gorbachev's " spirit of global solidarity  ", further subverting a  beguiled world with greater depths of communism . Mr. Gorbachev's goal has always been to revive and restore communism , which is the new Federalism , which is Talmudism , whose hopes are to produce occult Christianity's " one new man . " Both men are but puppets in Satan's grand scheme .

In 2006 The Progressive Labor Party Literature regarding Road to Revolution , ( Revolution being TBN's mantra ) , stated this ; " Everyone must be a communist organizer for this to work ; we must all give and receive leadership from each other . Communism can be won only through armed struggle of workers , soldiers , students and others to destroy the dictatorship of the capitalist class and set up communism-dictatorship of the working class . " Notice that communists require "armed"
struggle . It is communists who stir up crowds and agitate situations worldwide which result in civil disturbances and rioting in which people are seriously hurt and often killed . The common protesting man or woman does not bring a Molotov cocktail to throw at police during " peaceful " protests . Communism hopes for a world of one religion under one messianic dictator ; Alice Bailey's Masonic dictator of perhaps Jewish Cohen lineage who will do away with the aspect of Gentile Masonry entirely before he proclaims himself God in the rebuilt Jewish temple .

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dispensational Dissonance

The Scofield reference Bible exacerbated the heresies of dispensationalism to the point that the church has been almost totally subverted by its lies . Cyrus Scofield was tutored by the dispensationalist John Nelson Darby who crafted the unbiblical " rapture " which had not been heard of until 1827 years after Christ's death . Did Jesus forget to tell us something ? Darby also taught Scofield about an unbiblical seven dispensations which were considered to be nonsense in his day . Darby himself was unsure about his own unbiblical additions until 1845 . After visiting an occultist named Margaret MacDonald , who falsely prophesied and spoke in tongues and made the ludicrous assertion that Christ's return would be in two stages , Darby began the Plymouth Brethren in England . Darby falsely claimed that parts of the Bible were directed only to Jews and not to Christians . He was a great influence on Cyrus Scofield who contrived a reference Bible in 1909 . Scofield received financial aid for his heretical work by a conspiratorial group in Boston known as the Secret Six . He accepted the heresies of two socialist spiritualists named Westcott and Hort who knew themselves to be heretics and doubted that their works would be accepted . Scofield's heresies are documented in the works of Charles Trumbull and Joseph Canfield who was influenced by Scofield .

From the very beginning dispensationalism was considered a cult . Scofield's dispensational chart from the Divine Plan of the Ages , ( still used in a form by today's churches thanks to dispensationalists like Tim LaHaye and Hal Lindsay ) , was based upon the heretical ideas of the Jehovah's Witness Charles Taze Russell who believed in three dispensations . Serious dispensationalists who say they believe in the King James Bible occasionally have the temerity to tell those who do not believe as they do that they will go to hell . These people are wiser than seven men who can reason with them . It will take prayer and fasting to enable them to realize the truth they say they find in the King James Bible . Arguing with them is an exercise in futility and is unbiblical also .
Their beliefs are as heretical as those of Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses and it is wise not to associate with them because they are in essence unbelievers who pervert the Word of God . Heresy is listed as one of the sins in Galatians 5:20 which will prohibit entrance into heaven .

John Nelson Darby believed in Alice Bailey's " Coming  One . " This obviously will be the antichrist . The United Nations' occult theosophy is based upon her works . The occult New King James Bible , ( touted by many preachers today ) , also tells of " the Coming One " in its Luke 7 :19 and 20 , and in Matthew 11:3 . Alice Bailey spoke of Satan's " Coming One " in her book , " The Externalization of the Heirarchy " several times . Djwahl Khul penned through her ; " The Great White Lodge is the abode of the lesser Avatar who is in close touch with the Christ ...the Coming One ...the rider on the white horse . " In section III , Forces Behind the Evolutionary Progress of the Race , The Doctrine of Avatars , May, 1941 , Satan spoke through her again saying ; " As we enter the momentous month of May this year , I have asked myself if there is any way in which I can arouse the world aspirants and my disciples to a truer appreciation of the immanent significance of the presented opportunity , and also if there is any way in which I can simplify and make more real to you the Doctrine of the Coming One - linked as it is to the teaching of every great religion...religion has emerged from the realm of the mystical into the clearer atmosphere of the occult ...that ( at major moments of world need ) God reveals Himself Through Appearances , through a Coming One ...The antiquity of the achievement of this Coming One is to be found in the name applied to him , which is found in so many of the world Scripture . " In her Satanic prayer called " The Great Invocation " her false Jesus' name was later replaced by " The Coming One " . On the net's , " John Nelson Darby Waited for " The Coming One " these quotes of Darby are found regarding his and Alice's " Coming One " ; " Thus time is brought in in connection with him who is eternal - the coming One - who is , was , and is coming ... One who was ( had revealed himself in previous ages to the earth or to men , to the Abrahams and Moseses of old time ) , and at the same time was the coming One who would make good everything revealed of and by Himself ...The axe is at the root of the trees , the fan is in the hand of the coming One ...True faith , in the midst of such a system , never rises so high as the glory of the coming One ... Innocence , man without law and lawless , promise coming in as a thing apart , man under law , under priesthood , obedient royalty with law , sovereign unlimited royalty over the world , prophets to recall to law and to foretell the coming One and judgments ...the Almighty , Jehovah , the coming One , the God who is coming...The character of God here is Jehovah , the ancient of days , who is , and who was , and is the coming One ...He presents Himself in Nazareth , His natural home on earth as the fulfillment of the coming One in its moral blessing . "

Monday, August 25, 2014

Joseph " Bailey " Prince

Though I don't track this deceiver ,whose middle finger gesture I captured and put on a blog a while ago , I think of him once in a while . His book , " The Power of Right Believing " , has echoes of Alice Bailey's " Light of the Soul " , which lists the Buddha's Noble Eight Fold path as having ; Right Values , Right Speech , Right Mode of Living , Right Thinking , Right Expression , Right Conduct , Right Effort , Right Rapture ( or True Happiness ) . Those " Right " thoughts may be found at Amazon's , " Light of the Soul " beneath Kindle , Hardcover, Paperback . Alice Bailey also spoke of a " right belief " ,  "right practice ", and " right human relations " . His teaching is nothing but " Christian " occultism , as is hers . The occult TBN ministry also hosts " Right Connections " through senior pastor Gloria Williams .

Greg Laurie Playing In The Pigpen Cipher

Knowing Greg Laurie to be a heretic who exhibits the same witches' pyramid and other Masonic signals as Billy Graham and most of TBN's array of false teachers , I discerned a parallel between Masonry's WXYZ Pigpen /Masonic Cipher seen on the net and Greg Laurie's logo . I didn't have time to examine most of Galatians 4 blog on the net , " A Video Warning About Greg Laurie " ,  but I noticed this comment regarding Mr. Laurie's strange " Christian " logo . One person commented that his " X " logo was an inverted square and compass . The net's Pigpen /Masonic Cipher 's WXYZ with W's and Z's dots look strikingly similar . Just a fascinating coincidence ; Witchcraft and Zohar !

Masonry's Zohar and Cabbalah

When exposing some of the pervasive heresy of the Christian church I try to include works of the heretics themselves . Knowing I will be accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ for each exposure , I
attempt to be accurate and brief . I am only one of thousands of Christians who has warned of the evils of the Kabbalah woven into the tapestry of today's false church , clearly and best represented by the TBN ministry . Pat Robertson's CBN exhibits Masonic leanings and numerous heresies also .It has been Talmudic manipulators who controlled Kabbalistic based Masonic lodges throughout the world that have manipulated the churches, as Alice Bailey predicted , so that most unwittingly believe that Talmudism is acceptable within the Christian church . Talmudic hand signals have been obvious and abundant , as well as Talmudic references and blatant heresies .

Under the net's " Judaism 101 : Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism " it is stated that " Mysticism and mystical experiences have been a part of Judaism since the earliest days... Jewish mysticism is known as Kabbalah , part of it was written in the Zohar . " ( page 1 )

Page 2 of this Talmud apologetic states ; " In the middle ages many of these mystical teachings were committed to writing in books like the Zohar . Mysticism is an integral part of the Chasidic Judaism , for example , and passages from Kabbalistic sources are routinely included in traditional prayer books ... Kabbalah was popular among Christian intellectuals during the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods , who reinterpreted its doctrines to fit into their Christian dogma . " To say that Kabbalah was popular among Christians is a lie . Bible believing Christians knew it to be Satanic . It was unbelievers whose beliefs coincided with those of Masonry who brought that heresy into the church . Masonry is based upon the Kabbalah and Zohar , as its own apologists state .

Page 2 continues to state ; " I do not mean to suggest that magic is not a part of the Kabbalah . There are certainly many traditional Jewish stories that involve the use of " hidden knowledge " to affect the world in ways that could be described as magic . The Talmud and other sources describe supernatural activities to many great rabbis ... If you see any books on the subject of  " practical Kabbalah " you can safely dismiss them as not authentic Jewish tradition , because , as these stories demonstrate , this kind of knowledge was traditionally thought to be far too dangerous to be distributed blindly to the masses ... Jesus performed his miracles using Kabbalistic techniques learned from the Essenes , a Jewish sect of that time that was involved in mysticism . " I must add here that Christians know that Jesus performed his miracles through faith in the power of his Father , and not through the power of witchcraft practiced by Kabbalists . Many Christians also know that the Talmudic " hidden knowledge " is that sought by those who enter the Masonic lodge . Most Masons do not persue the magical depths of Satan Jesus spoke of in the book of Revelation . But some do , and will not be allowed into heaven for doing that . Unless repentant later , becoming unequally yoked with unbelievers in Masonic lodges will prevent people who accepted Christ as Saviour from entering heaven . Throughout the Bible God condemned the Jewish race for its practice of Egyptian , ( Masonic ) , witchcraft , as he does in the book of Revelation . The Gentiles have followed in suit by the time of Christ's return so much that there will be no Gentile believers when he returns to set up his  "kingdom of God on earth ", toward which the United Nations , Kabbalists , Communists and  Masons are all working , while openly stating Christ was a failure . The Talmud's false Christ will precede Jesus , claiming to be God himself in the rebuilt Jewish temple .

The 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica defined Kabbalah as ; " Hebrew from " he received " signifies  " reception " or " doctrines received by tradition ", applied originally to the Prophets and Hagiographa as opposed to the Pentateuch (cf. T.B. " Rosh hash-Shanah 19:a ) . The term sometimes included the oral traditions embodied in the Mishnah , and was finally applied to a group of hidden doctrines dealing with the nature of the Deity and his relation to the world ...Its claims to history preceding the 11th century are well founded . "

The Encyclopedia's inference that Masonry has direct association with the Kabbalah is seen in the statement under " Emanations " regarding the Kabbalah ; " The relation of the infinite to the finite is achieved by the means of emanations proceding from the Deity as rays from a luminary . " I add that  Masonry's , and Theosophy's focuses are those of light , luminous rays , hidden doctrines , and the light bearer , Lucifer . The Kabbalah is known as " the Theosophical interpretation of the Hebrew scriptures . "

On the net's " The Kabbalah and Freemasonry it is stated that the Kabbalah is rooted in witchcraft, " the ancient Egyptian Mysteries " which were passed down orally . It claims that the Kabbalah is intimately connected with the symbolic science of Freemasonry and speaks of the " Lightning Flash " of enlightnement , as well as the " Third Eye " which enables psychic powers . Does the light bulb turn on in your head now ? If so , make sure you are not studying the Kabbalah or Masonic material .
TBN's pet word " Shekinah " , it says on page 13 of 16 of this article ," is a Talmudic concept representing God's dwelling and imanence in the created world . "

Under " What Religion Do You Profess " on the net it is stated ; " Freemasonry says that the truth is to be found not in the Bible but the Kabbalah . " Under wikipedia's " Zohar " it is stated ; " the purpose of the Zohar is to help the Jewish people through and out of the Exile and to infuse Torah and mitzvot ( Judaic commandments ) with the wisdom of Kabbalah for its Jewish leaders . " I add that informed Christians know that the real Jewish Torah today is the Talmud . The same article says that ; " the Kabbalah's teachings are in essence a revelation from God to the Biblical patriarch Abraham , Moses and other ancient figures , but were never printed and made publicly available until the time of Zohar's medieval publication . " The Encyclopedia stated the Zohar's production preceded the 11th
century . Talmudism actually began in the garden of Eden . Satan's temptation of Eve was the beginning of the oral ( unwritten ) Talmud passed down orally as the practice of witchcraft . In Masonry it has been stated that Masons are allowed to repeat that which is written , but not that which is spoken . Why the secrets ? And why the flood of Talmudic hand gestures of  witches' pyramids , El Diablo's , middle fingers  and myriads of other obvious hand signals given by TBN preachers who present a Talmudic gospel ?

Jesus said of the Talmudic Pharisees ; " Full well ye reject the commandment of God , that ye may keep your own tradition , making the word of God of none effect . " And Christ spoke through the apostle Paul who warned ; " Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit , after the tradition of men , after the rudiments of the world and not after Christ . " Remember , Kabbalah means  " tradition " .

Monday, August 18, 2014

John Bunyan dismissed the " Rapture "

At least in my old cassette tape rendering of his Pilgrim's Progress recorded by Christians Listening in 1988 through Paraclete Press , read by Stuart Spencer , Bunyan dismisses the " Rapture " as a fallacy . In chapter 20 of this version , as Christian talks with Ignorance about reaching heaven's gate , it is stated ; " The pilgrims then began to inquire if there was no other way to the gate to which the men answered yes . But only two , Enoch and Elijah , had been permitted to tread that path since the foundation of the world , and no others will until the last trumpet shall sound . " There may be other versions of this particular rendition which has 23 chapters and 266 pages , and was mildly edited by Hal M. Helms .

TBN pastor Jesse Duplantis proclaims himself more powerful than God

Mr. Duplantis' blasphemy may still be able to be seen under TBN's " Pastor Chip and Polly Radke from God's House. "  Apparently this charismatic preacher's charismatic faith wasn't strong enough to prevent his wife's admission to a hospital . But his faith was strong enough at one point to demand her life saving equipment be detached . In fact it was so strong that he could disobey Jesus , setting a wonderful Christian example by apparently threatening hospital staff who properly refused his absurd demands , as security was sent in to suppress his disruption . Pastor Chip boasts as he says that he was bigger than the nurse who may have tried to quiet him , and boasts again , saying , " Don't mess with me " , bringing glory to Christ in his own way . Pastor Chip doesn't apparently mind worshipping a man in the mafia or popish style , as he tells of kissing pastor Duplantis' hand when he visited the couple in the hospital . During this ungodly reminiscence , Mr. Duplantis says this ; " God told me something . He said , Jesse , I have .. I'm God . I have the power to take your life , but I don't have the authority to do it . I said , what did you say God ? He said I have the power to take your life , but I do not have the authority . I told you death and life is in the power of your tongue , not my tongue , so speak what you want . " As pastor Chip and Polly and Mr. Duplantis stand praying , Chip twice utters several monosylabic words , ( TBN tongues , reminiscent of " scat " words in old songs ),  which are of course not interpreted . The TBN audience then claps and falsely praises God after this major blasphemy .This is typical of the insanity that reigns in the charismatic church . Men like this think that every thought they encounter emanates from God himself . Discerning Christians know better and lean not unto their own understanding . This type of thinking reflects the demonic work of Talmudists who endlessly add their own commentaries to the ever expanding Talmud which continues to govern today's Pharisees who govern the false church worldwide . Rather than casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God , bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ , Mr. Duplantis , and many charismatics , accept such demonic suggestions . The devil has duplicated deplorable liars like Mr. Duplantis , and planted them in the duplicitous TBN network , depleted of truth it appears to disseminate . Pastor Chip's wife still has a bit of a speech impediment she says . Had he not disrupted the work of doctors for whom he probably previously prayed regarding his wife's health , her speech impediment may not have occurred . TBN pastors pray that people in wheelchairs who visit this network of deceivers will be able to throw their wheelchairs away the minute they step out of their vehicles onto the TBN lot . If I were starving of hunger I would not ask the TBN network or anyone who promotes it for a crumb of bread .