Saturday, February 28, 2015

Odd Charlie Rose Pose

Charlie oddly makes the same Billy Graham's Mummy's Ghost hand formation , ( Kabbalism's " One New Man , One New Humanity " ) , displayed millions of times on TBN for the last forty one years .
His guest , Zanny Minton Beddoes , Editor in Chief of " The Economist " , often makes a similar pose .  Mr. Rose leans heavily to the left , as does all public broadcasting . 

Black and White Wicca

This terrible picture was taken from The Learning Channel's , " My Unique Family . " The young woman here has just been awarded her Wiccan black and white belt , signifying her acceptance into Wicca as a witch . This signifies that their god is both bad and good . That is the essence of Kabbalism and Masonry . Magicians used wands that were both black and white . The chessboard black and white floors used in TBN's occult children's programs are both black and white . Wiccans believe in both black and white magic . But they only supposedly use the good or white magic . God looks at that an entirely different way . The Wiccan prayer hand position is unusual here , in that the over and under, above and below theme is suggested , perhaps with some power captured within .

Pentagrams more and more in advertising

For the past decade or more upright pentagrams in commercials and children's programs have become overtly Satanic , the common man unaware that witchcraft has totally taken control of almost all aspects of life . The star above represents Satan in Masonry . Often , even in some Wiccan flags the encircled star is still upright . Bold Satanic churches display the pentagram as it is above .
These Wiccans for Religious Freedom cunningly display stars in both positions . Again , I apologize for the terrible picture . I add even poor pics like this in my crude blogs in order to hopefully further make previous points . Surely others have published entire volumes of books regarding some of these subjects I cover . In the bottom picture the Wiccan church of  the Learning Channel's , " My Unique Family " , the star , though occult , is upright .

iShine's KIPP logo seems Masonic

As I had mentioned in my YouTube exposure of iShine , these two logos are quite similar . Both are occult . Kipp is associated with iShine's educational aspect .The top medallion is the Kabbalistic Tetragrammaton of the Grand Master of Masons 1978-1979 . The bottom is Kipp's . Again , just a funny coincidence .

Friday, February 27, 2015

Strong's Concordance missed one

Looking for something else in my Strong's Concordance I found a mistake . That is how I noticed so many Kabbalsitic signals within the occult TBN ministry . On the first page of my old Strong's it reads ;

                                           1977 36th Printing of this Concordance

                                          The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

              Showing every word of the text of the common English Version of the Canonical Books ,

                                         Every occurrence of each word in regular form

The word " wherewithal " in Psalm 119: 9 was not in my concordance . It's not earthshaking news , but , is an example of peculiar things that catch my attention , and that most people miss .

Monday, February 23, 2015

Suggestions for new Christian believers

Because Christianity worldwide has been supplanted by Kabbalistic witchcraft , largely through Masonry , it is all but impossible to find a church anywhere that does not reject the following hereises ;
The Rapture
Ecumenism ( promoted by the Masonic Lodge and B'nai B'rith )
The charismatic movement
The Dead Sea Scrolls are trustworthy
Women preachers are acceptable
The King James Bible is not totally trustworthy
Versions of Bibles influenced by the heretical Westcott/Hort renditions are trustworthy
You can never be sinless ( Billy Graham and others espouse that Biblical heresy )
You cannot lose your salvation
Long hair is acceptable for Christian men
Jesus was a " revolutionary "
Nothing else need happen before Jesus' return
Rome , ( not Jerusalem ) is Revelation's Babylon
Socialism's World Council of Churches is trustworthy
Belief in the U.N.'s and Billy Graham's extra terrestrial beings is Biblical
Christian witchcraft is Biblical
Catholicism , Mormonism and other cults are somewhat Christian
Television and  radio Christian evangelism is trustworthy
Sin isn't really that terrible and need not be continually dealt with personally
And many more

If you have truly trusted Christ as your Saviour here are some good suggestions for growth and security in him ;

Go with your gut . If something doesn't seem right with a church or someone who says they know Christ , something probably is wrong . Don't be fooled by the pastor's or a layman's knowledge of the word of God . The devil knows it backward and forward in every language . He is not timid about using it to deceive . You need to know it well .
Find a King James Bible and study the controversy about its authority . Westcott and Hort were two socialist leaning unbelievers who developed the heretical model for Bibles used primarily in the U.S. today .
Don't join a church if it condones these heresies the church has always rejected . Again , it will be all but impossible to find one .
Do not allow anyone to " lay hands on you . " This has become an occult practice , as has speaking in tongues .
When you hear a pastor promote a heresy , privately and courteously ask to speak with him alone about it . Pray about it . Winning him over to your side will , again , be all but impossible without lengthy Biblical courteous challenges .
Constantly examine yourself to see whether you are in the faith . But doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs .

Anti-communism quashed

The reason communism , ( Kabbalism , the new Federalism ), was not eradicated in the United States is because America's very roots are Kabbalistic . Though Christianity's truth was disseminated in early America , Masonic Kabbalism prevailed . In my blog , " A Novel " , Chapter 3: Faithful Reveals the History of the Unfaithful , I give a concise explanation for this , as does my blog , " Conspiracy : A Biblical Fact . " Boston's Society of Christian Socialists founded in 1889 was a Masonic / Kabbalistic conspiracy pushed by Pennsylvania Quakers who practiced the Masonic Rite of Perfection .( This is totally antithetical to God's required Biblical perfection through true faith in Christ ) . Since then Masonic dupes and committed Masonic politicians have continued to groom nations into becoming servants of Kabbalism .
Opposition to communism seemed vociferous through J. Edgar Hoover's administration , but outrage against socialism stopped with his control of the FBI . J. Edgar Hoover is alleged to have been a 33rd degree Mason . In 1955 the U.S. government Printing Office in Washington D.C. printed ; " A Handbook For Americans , The Communist Party of the United States of America , What It Is , How It Works " . It gave a rough explanation of the communist conspiracy's psychological warfare . It is unfortunate that Joe McCarthy was exonerated long after his death . His allegations of American communism were proven to be true . Communism and Masonic Kabbalism are first cousins with the same misled " tikkun olam " hopes , which will one day actualize ,( as Talmudists predict ), for a short while in Jerusalem , the future world capitol .