Monday, August 17, 2015

More recent witches' pyramids displayed on television

Some have inquired about the witches' pyramid formed by Billy Graham during every sermon of his I have ever viewed . Included is an actual photograph of a pair of witches displaying the witches' pyramid . These are some of the witches' pyramids I captured on video in the last week or so . These are from ; Star Trek , whose blasphemy says that this Kohan Curse represents " One " . God is the only person whose name is  "One  " , and only Masons , Kabbalists and witches misrepresent him with the witches' pyramid . Spock gains the respect of the space hippies looking for a lost planet , " Eden " , as he speaks of an ungodly " One " while forming the witches' pyramid . Lazytown's Stephanie makes a couple pretty obvious pyramids while in a pup tent with two boys . Another of Charlie Rose's guests makes the pyramid several other of Charlie's guests have made previously . Curious Traveler forms a curious triangle during a recent show . Somebody suggested that anybody could unintentionally make hand gestures like this while speaking , even with their hands raised over their head . That thousands upon thousands of these hand formations embedded in television programs were simply unintentional would be miraculous .

Monday, August 10, 2015

Masonry: Land of the Lost

I caught a piece of the 7/25/15 airing of the " Land of the Lost " which promoted Masonry's philosophy of everybody working together for peace and brotherhood . This program advanced the Kabbalist lie that ; " everything has some good in it ; all we have to do is look for it . " This aligns with Kabbalism's belief that the serpent , ( the devil ), is actually good . Almost all children's television programming has been Kabbalist propaganda . This program's base is that of Alice Bailey's adept superior life on other planets . It is saturated with Masonic parallels and witchcraft .

Friday, August 7, 2015

Another coiled serpent

Variations of the coiled serpent abound today in the universal world of witchcraft . Nine itself is an occult number . Harry Potter helped seal the world's Wiccan deal regarding the mesmerizing of generations .The Masonic Kabbalah continues to portray the garden of Eden's serpent as holy .

Eye of Horus in children's program

In this children's program the Eye of Horus is above the boy's left shoulder . perhaps kids just naturally draw figures like this on blackboards today . This is clearly and purposely the Eye of Horus .To the right of the girl is the same pie stopping pattern used by Odd Squad ; eight triangles in a circular form . The uncapped pyramid , the hexagon ,the triangle , and diamonds used in sorcery today are brainwashing tools for children . The pentagram is above the girl's right shoulder .

 This is Odd Squad's eight triangle pie throwing stopper . I am unsure what program the blackboard occultism was used in . It was not Odd Squad . I just happened to notice the occultism as I was changing channels . The triangle , ( pyramid ) is also used endlessly today in commercials and regular programming .

Curious George Masonry?

 I only watched a couple of George's shows . The two men purposely forming a triangle in the top picture are trying to signal George to push a triangular button . The black and white pic below it represents the 7th Masonic Royal Arch Degree of the triangular three times three . I find it curious that this body symbolism was used to relay a message to George . I also find it curious that George's friend's middle fingers are retracted here haplessly forming two devil hands . It is also curious that as George enters a friend's home the only picture shown is that of a pentagram . And you'd have to be paranoid to surmise the cowboy hat is similar to that of a wizard's .

Loan Ranger Masonic Pigpen Cipher

Though many American Indians believed in the four winds , this circular badge strongly mimics the Masonic pigpen cipher . In many of the old cowboy programs Indian chiefs' headbands were equilateral triangles , more representative of pyramids than teepees . Much Masonic symbolism was incorporated into television programs long ago , as it still is today . It would have been a little too obvious for the producers to have added the letters wxy and z to the Indian logo .

Friday, July 31, 2015

Common serpent coil

Just happened to watch some Walker Texas Ranger episodes recently . During the show's final credits the adaptation of the Texas Ranger badge above is shown . Most people would pay little attention to this curled serpent . That seemingly insignificant little squiggle is constantly displayed on Me TV , and all television programming . It is symbolic of early America's Kabbalistically imbued " Don't Tread On Me " Gadsden  flag pyramid shaped serpent . Kabbalistic symbols , catch phrases , and Masonic tradition have bewitched America from its very inception . ( Google pics on Texas Ranger badges and see the coiled similarities ) . B'nai B'rith Masonry rules America , as well as the United Nations . The world's " One New Humanity ",(constantly suggested by hand signals through false teachers like Billy Graham ),will be the amalgamation of B'nai B'rith and Western Masonry . Christians have long noticed that coming . The Kabbalah , Talmud , the Bible and Judaism 101 all predict that the world's capitol before Christ's return will some day be Jerusalem . My 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica states that there is a religious messianic expectation of a world of one faith and one leadership resulting in communism's salvation of all of mankind . The real Messiah has already been here . The B'nai B'rith is preparing the world for the false one . Masonry's god is the serpent , Lucifer . Stating that Moses' rod became a snake consuming the three occultists' snakes is a Masonic ruse , intending to hoodwink people into believing that the snake represents God . Kabbalism teaches that , saying that God is both good and evil . Chuck Norris' mentors and friends have been of the charismatic Word Faith movement . He promotes the heretical Joel Osteen , Rick Warren , David Barton and Billy Graham and the unbiblical Dominionist hope .  I have to turn the channel when I see the Rangers walk into the nightclubs filled with scantily clothed women . All the westerns and other programs with saloons and bars display similar ungodly temptations . All television is actually ungodly . Even the documentaries promote occultism and condemn Christianity . Christians know what the Bible says about lusting . For years even the news programs have featured female reporters displaying much cleavage . The excuse for lagging viewership is lame , but understandable for a world that hates Christ . If your eye offends you cut it out . You can escape this temporal quagmire of sin through acceptance of and adherence to the Author of the Bible . For more than six years I have promoted its trustworthiness and constant use . And the King James Bible is the one I deem most trustworthy . You will not find real peace unless you do that . Below is a Masonic symbol used in the show Walker Texas Ranger and another of the dozens of coiled serpents used in advertising today . That coiled serpent is also a form used by Kabbalists and also represents the Satanic 666.

This Masonic image behind Sheree Wilson on the show with the circle within a pyramid surely seems Masonic , which would be much in line with Texas . The actual building used is the Tarrant County Courthouse in Fort Worth pictured above . From viewing pictures on the net of this building I cannot discern that the image is actually one on the building or if it was superimposed . Stephen F. Austin , the Father of Texas , was elected Worshipful Master at San Felipe in 1828 . For a while masonry was considered imprudent in Texas . A little later only less than two percent of the population of Texas filled about 80% of government offices , as was normal for early America . The Masonic influence in America remains to be overwhelming . Kabbalists help keep it that way .

The pictures above display of Kabbalism's circle within the occult pyramid .The circle is an integral part of witchcraft .

Kabbalism uses both the pyramid within the circle and the circle within the pyramid . Numerous examples of the occult display of the circle within the pyramid can be found on the net .I apologize for my poor quality photos .