Friday, March 16, 2018

My reply to questions regarding soul sleep

       Because I believe my study on life after death using the KJV cross references is accurate I believe it would be superfluous to quote the major verses I used to support my argument . I' ll mention a few here .
       I addressed the verses which seem to oppose my argument while believing the dozens of other Bible verses which support my argument to be persuasively convincing .
       David himself , the saint of the lineage of Christ , the Bible says is not in heaven yet . Martha knew that her brother Lazarus would be resurrected at the Biblical " last day " which occurs at the " last trump ", the time of Christ's return . Jesus said in John 25: 25-29 that both the good and bad will hear his voice and will be resurrected from the graves . Even the good , ( Christians ) are in the graves . Surely most saints' bodies will have decomposed by then . It is the spirit that also rests in the grave .
Revelation 20:4,5 state that the 144,000 virgin Jewish male believers who do not accept the mark of the beast , ( as viewed acceptable by Tim Lahaye ) , will be resurrected before all the other saints and only they will reign with Christ for 1,000 years ; " But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished . " Repeatedly the terms " the day " , " the last day " , "the day of judgment " , " the day of the Lord " all indicate that the dead in Christ are not alive yet in heaven . If they are then they are lying down because Jesus will each spirit raise up at the last day .
       You know that Jesus never erred when he told the thief on the cross that he would be in paradise with him the day he was crucified . But Jesus did not go directly to paradise after death but preached to the spirits in hell for three days . Surely the thief did not accompany him there . Those who have trusted Christ have experienced paradise at least for a short time after believing .
       And the Hebrew language has no more depth than any other language as Acts implies , wherein all nationalities of other tongues heard the same saving gospel the disciples and thousands of other Jews heard . Words like , yes, no , truth , lies etc . have clear meanings with obvious depth . Christ revealed his words to unlearned babes who had difficulty interpreting the deceptive depth of Pharisaical higher critics . Though this subject may seem moot , it is important because it is a proper rendering of the study of the word of God totally corrupted by Hollywood since its inception making the world think that each man goes to heaven after his death . Most will not .

Friday, March 2, 2018

Mark Twain's blasphemous refrains

His own words reveal that he was not a Christian man .In his letter to Orion Clemons in 1865 he admitted that his own personal religion would be deemed as blasphemy and that he placed no dependence in it . Rightfully so , he exposed the hypocrisy of Christian faith in America during his lifetime as well as the actual blasphemy meant to degrade Jesus in Jerusalem which continued to hold Christ in contempt . It may have been because he was raised a Presbyterian that his unbelief  catalyzed his irreverence . He believed much of the Bible and had respect for Christ , but as Masons are groomed , had no real saving faith in him . His title " New Pilgrim's Progress " was another mockery of Christ , though perhaps unintended . PBS had aired " Mark Twain's journey to Jerusalem : Dreamland " a few days ago . As expected , Christianity is portrayed as hypocrisy . Of course it did not reveal that its hypocrisy was crafted by Talmudic subversion of the church before Christ's birth until the present .

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A lonesome traveler inded

     God had said at the beginning of creation that it is not good for man to be alone , so , he made Eve to be his companion . Eventually Eve fell prey to the devil's temptation to wander from God . Eve then persuaded Adam to travel along with her after her one small step for a man , and one giant leap ( backward ) for mankind . From that point on man had lost his sinless nature and broke fellowship with his creator simply by acquiescing to his help mate's lust for greater immeasurable joy she had already experienced with her creator and companion . Now the souls of God's first two created humans were emptied of godly joy and replaced with anguish and sorrow . They had become stepchildren of God's greatest enemy . Their new stepfather's dream proved to be a nightmare .
       By God's grace a gentile named Abraham chose to believe that God would repair his damaged heart and grant him a family whose similar heart would be innumerable . But man's wavering faith caused his new Jewish nation to travel aimlessly through desert trials for forty years . God had promised his new family of believers that he himself would visit them one day in human form , sacrificing himself not only for the sake of those who followed him while he lived there thirty three years , but for the sake of those who would believe the words he had spoken prior to and long after his earthly appearance . He did not inherit man's unbelieving heart , but had inherited his Father's heart and mind that had to be contained in an earthly human form . Because God could never be destroyed he had to somewhat limit himself regarding his mission to sacrifice himself as the innocent lamb who would enable those who believed in him to become a part of Abraham's family .
       Throughout his life Jesus knew that his Father was with him and that he was not alone . But all men who have not believed Jesus to be who he said he was , and have not repented of their sins do feel alone , though perhaps surrounded by family and friends . They sense that they were created for something better . Jesus said that unless you trust and obey him you have no life in you ; you are spiritually as dead as Adam and Eve were after they coveted something they thought might be better . Even the devil's spiritual comrades , as was Legion , detest being alone . They travel great distances to possess a host's body .
       Jesus urged his followers to acquire friends who would take away the sting of loneliness and help them up when they fell . He himself would be that helper , saying , " Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest . Take my yoke upon you and learn of me ; for I am meek and lowly of heart : and ye shall find rest unto your souls . For my yoke is easy and my burden is light . "
       God had cited this about his newly formed Jewish family ; " Thus have they loved to wander , they have not refrained their feet , therefore the LORD doth not accept them . " He also spoke this through his prophet Amos ; " Behold the days shall come , saith the LORD GOD , that I will send a famine in the land , not a famine of bread , nor a thirst for water , but of hearing the words of the LORD : and they shall wander from sea to sea and from north even to the east , and they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD , and shall not find it . " The Rothchilds ensured that famine of manna would be the dearth of the earth , from sea to shining sea , forcing travelers to continually walk through Judges' 5:6 deceptive byways leading to Proverbs' 6:11's poverty that comes as an armed man in the greatness of Isaiah 63;1's strength , wandering as blind men in Lamentation's 5:14's streets polluting themselves with blood . God had warned his own chosen family of Jews that " They shall be wanderers among the nations ." Fortunately , Jesus is narrow-minded enough to keep and preserve those who travel on his Biblical path to heaven .  
       The United Nations' Masonic push for global religious unity is constantly pushed by travel programs on television . This statement made by Master Mason Mark Twain of Polar Lodge #79 of St. Louis is heralded in one of the numerous programs ; " Travel is fatal to prejudice , bigotry , and narrow-mindedness . " And the Masonic-based , ( Talmudic ) , United Nations wants to ensure that Jesus is seen as the most prejudiced narrow-minded bigot ever to have lived . The U.N.'s library of Alice Bailey blasphemies does nothing but degrade Jesus . She called him a failure who will be succeeded by her occult Christ for whom her organization has laid the groundwork .
       Except for a short ride on a donkey through Jerusalem and a few boat rides Jesus walked most of his life , not traveling extremely far from his birthplace . Though he traveled from heaven to earth and back again , his God ordained travels only entailed Judea . He correctly refused at first to help a woman who was an outsider . He focused his mission solely upon the world's tiny population of Jews . He claimed to be God . To his detractors , that was the ultimate bigotry . He also told his traveling detractors that compassed sea and land to make disciples of their own that they were hypocrites and that their worship of his Father was a sham .
       Through feigned admiration other detractors say that Jesus never wrote a book , held an office or had a family . But his book , the Bible , tells of his office and family he has predestined to spend an eternity with .
       The term traveler was well known as a code word for socialists . Television travel programs have always enticed the viewer to accept the occult religions of the host country . Those who travel down those false paths are lonesome travelers without the guidance of the one who traveled from heaven to earth to sacrifice himself on their behalf . His best book , the King James Bible tells of his travels and mission . The New Testament is worth the read .       

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Super Pyramid

Whether intended or mot , the occult Superman who flies without a broom , bears occultism's and Masonry's ubiquitous pyramid formed countless times by Billy Graham and most of the TBN network of occultists for over forty years .The two originators of Superman , ( Shuster and Siegel ) , were children of Jewish immigrants from the Russian empire . It is said the parents were of influence and it is conceivable that Superman's originators had some knowledge of the Talmud . The 2013 film " Man of Steel " was great propaganda paving the way for the coming Jewish antichrist . Grace Hill Media suggested that this Golem hero epitomized the word of God . Dr. Craig Detwiller  PhD. of Theology wrote an essay entitled " Jesus  the original Superhero " . Jesus was not , and is not , a superhero , but Emmanuel , the God who visited the Jews as he prophesied , and was largely rejected by his own who refused to receive him . Superman's Kryptonian birth name " Kal-el " suggests Elohim , Emmanuel , who like Moses was received by gentiles who raised him . Superman's code of ethics was similar to the Mishnaic values of " truth , peace and justice " , the false values of socialism and tikkun olam touted by the Jews who largely reject truth today. The reproduction of a Prague Golem below perhaps purposely suggested the mark of the beast in the forehead . Kabbalism's beloved pyramids point downward , as does the early Superman's logo . Revelation's false prophet will also form a Golem which will come to life and do miracles . Superman television serials stated that Superman epitomized " truth , justice and the American way . " Crypto-Jew ( from Krypton ) , is applicable in the case of Superman . In at least one episode Superman clearly lied . Today's children are being raised as witches through television , schoolrooms , music , the arts , businesses and governments . The Jewish dragon Golem will have no need of Elon Musk's BCI , being able to read minds , as practiced in military intelligence forces around the world .

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

cartoon constant promotion of witchcraft

The newer young witch with a pentagram wand is Pinkalicious . Again , the devil , the dragon , is promoted as a friendly protector for children . Children today have little chance of resisting witchcraft which is promoted in the media , in schools and businesses . This is the aim of the occult United Nations with its Talmudic unseen wand , preparing the world for its much later collective worship of its Talmudic dragon who will control the world from Jerusalem .

Pac-Man and the Talmudic tree of life

These same symbols have been backgrounds for the occult Trinity Broadcasting Network of Masonic ministers for decades . The above pic is of the Tree of Life window in the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam . The pic below is another Tree of Life window in the same building .
Pac-Man promotes not only witchcraft , but Talmudism's " Tree of Life ". Pac-Man's sly way of introducing children into the practice of witchcraft is its promotion of eating berries , like the ones falling from Pac-Man's occult " Tree of Life " , which is actually the tree of death . Eating the berries enables the Pac-Man and his friends to consume ghosts , ( which is an early inducement to demonic possession  ) , and gain supernatural , ( oddly Biblical ) , powers of transformation and abilities .

Rupert Murdoch Is No Christian : Zondervan A False Flag

       Rupert Murdoch's father married the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family , ne'e Elisabeth Joy Greene . Through her connections her husband Keith Murdoch jumped from the position of reporter to chairman of the British owned newspaper where he worked , enabling himself to buy two news papers and a knighthood of the British realm . He obviously wanted to conceal the fact that his pious mother brought Rupert up as a Jew . Rupert Murdoch's New York Post newspaper zealously supports Zionist extremism . He has been honored by the ADL , the United Jewish Appeal , and the New York based , Museum of Jewish Heritage . He is a close friend of Ariel Sharon. He promotes an international Jewish community . James Wolfensohn , president of the World Bank , raised cash for him when he expanded his " kangaroo mafia " in the United States .
       Rupert Murdoch is reported to be television's " most powerful man in the world " with the capacity to reach more than 110 million viewers across four continents . " He controls a huge portion of the mass media in the U.S. , including the New York Post and the Fox cinema television network . His international media network owns more than 175 newspapers and magazines on three continents , publishes 40 million papers a week and dominates the newspaper markets in Britain , Australia and New Zealand .
       He has long-standing relationships with key individuals who gained possession of the World Trade Center shortly before 9/11 . A rightwing British journal , " Candour " , edited by A. K. Chesterton reported this of him in its June 1984 issue ( vol. XXX, no . 6 ) ; " Spotlight ( a rightwing Washington weekly published by Willis Cato ) in fact examined Murdoch in considerable depth in no fewer than three issues , 30th January and 6th and 13th February ( 1984 ) . My friend Ivor Benson whom I regarded as a very judicious observer and commentator , reckoned , along wit Spotlight , that his meteoric ascent was completely artificial , and that he was a front for far more powerful super-rich subversives , Michael Friborg , Armand Hammer and Edgar Bronfman , " all of them super-rich ' Zionist Mafia ' to quote Benson who added : " By comparison with these three Murdoch is just an ambitious midget who has been given the job of drawing all attention away from those who make the real decisions " . ( Benson's Behind the News , March ,1984 ) . This is a prime example of the unseen hand which controls the world through Talmudic shills and operatives working in governments , businesses , the arts , etc .
       Rupert Murdoch is also a best friend of the very secretive Arnon Milchan , the Mossad's Hollywood man in the middle , an undercover operative weapons producer and film producer who oversaw the illegal development of Israel's nuclear weapons program , and a close friend of Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu . Murdoch is a best friend of Disney's Michael Eisner and Warner Brothers' Gerald Levin . Many in the world are not aware that Israel is the world's 4th largest arms dealer and that the Bible states the Jewish antichrist's military power will be unbeatable .
       Rupert Murdoch owns the occult Zondervan Bible publishing company based in Grand Rapids Michigan . That company published books for deceivers like Rick Warren , Tim LaHaye , Eugene Peterson , Brian McLaren , and Shane Claiborne . Murdoch's News Corporation which owns pornographic channels for his BSkyB subsidiary give more evidence of his Crypto-Jew character .
Changes of wording and addition and deletion of words in his Bibles are what Satan has been happy to make since the occult Westcott Hort socialist Bible of 1861 flooded the market , helping send many to perdition as did its precursor the American Bible Society of 1816 which deceived many with its Good News Bible and other deceptive translations and fronts of good works . It is because of the deception of liars like the patsy Mr. Murdoch that I urge the reading and memorization of the 1611 King James Bible whose history of authoritative authorship is overwhwelmingly convincing .