Thursday, January 28, 2016

With respect to those who believe in a flat earth

I had never heard of the Flat Earth Society until a short while ago . I felt a fairly long response to their inquiry was needed , and that is why I am placing it on a blog .

The exponential explosion of technological " advances " of the 20th century assures me that the earth and fixed heavenly bodies are spheres . The evolution of the primitive pinhole camera resulting in satellite imagery enabled by rocketry evolving from the steam engine is undeniable . For almost 6,000 years man has pulled down his own Babylonian barns , replacing them with bigger barns , attempting to satiate the lust of his unregenerate mind , hoping , under one language again , to build a tower whose top may reach up to heaven .  And , for about 6,000 years , God allowed men to be able to actually experience not only his wrath , but also his love through unfeigned faith in his Son , the Lord Jesus Christ . He enabled the Christian to discern good and evil , truth from deception . Though he takes whom he desires at his will , the devil dose not have the power to hide all of the truth from every man . What we see and hear and do each day is real , having real consequences , and is not a fantastic deception .

Man's understanding of mathematics was phenomenal thousands of years ago . That science coupled with other so-called sciences , ( murky , shallow , inept understanding of some of the bases of God's ways , which are past finding out ) , enabled Neil Armstrong to make yet another giant leap backward for mankind . What is highly esteemed among men is an abomination with God . Man deceives himself with each earth-shaking feat like that , believing that he is evolving closer to God , although he is actually cultivating the unnecessary and ungodly fruit of the work of his own hands , alienating  himself further away . Those " advances " are , again , merely the fruition of man's ungodly lust of the mind . There will be no need for rockets or science or toiletries in the new heaven and earth God will create when speed will be unnecessary as time becomes totally irrelevant and a little child will lead men . There will be no need for electricity or barn renovation either .

If the earth were flat , ships would long ago have reached its limiting circumference  , again making that discovery earth-shaking news , but , that never happened . The sophistication of communication and other sciences , ( for example this worldwide instant blog ) , must be real and are not hoaxes . The devil has never wielded enough power to continuously deceive everyone in the world since the beginning of time .These are my own personal Biblical reasons upon which I base my rejection of the theory that the earth is flat . But perhaps God's new earth will be flat , seeing there will be no more sea or heavenly bodies , ( for there will be no more night nor need of the sun ) , and he will make all things new . Topography then will be absolutely irrelevant .

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Common middle finger pose in the television industry

We'll have to name this double cameo Billy Jack . Billy Graham made this offensive gesture many times . Jack Benny made two gestures like this while speaking with Merv Griffin decades ago . Short Youtubes of them doing this are on my YouTubes ; " Mr. Benny did this at least twice during this Merv Griffin program " , ( Jan 15, 2016 )and , " Billy Graham's Jack Benny pose " , Jan 15, 2016 . I have published dozens of ostensibly purposeful middle finger offenses made particularly by those involved with the occult Trinity Broadcasting Network . I have also published on blogs and YouTubes hundreds of other Kabbalistic hand signals made by them , including the witches' pyramid , ( made thousands of times by Billy Graham ) , the devil hand , the god and goddess signs and others . These people know exactly what they are doing . When you watch all my videos just of the middle finger only you can see how the first finger and others are always deceptively retracted at the proper time .  Ask someone to point to himself . Unless they are crafty they will point clearly with the pointer finger . This has occurred so often I can't help but mock people who do this . When David Jeremiah often pointed to both of his temples with only both middle fingers I was outraged . After seeing the double and middle finger purposeful offense made constantly by TBN preachers and Kabbalist rabbis I became used to seeing it . There can be only two reasons pseudo-Christian preachers and others like Mr. Graham him do this . Their behind the scenes Kabbalist teachers have told them they are mocking the devil himself , ( a Biblical no-no ) , or they are personally purposely offending God , thinking they are serving him .

Zondervan promotes the Talmud in its Bible Dictionary

 The only problem with this is that the Talmud is nowhere mentioned in the Bible . The occult Pharisees practiced the Talmudic " Oral Law " , the occult unwritten law passed down orally from generation to generation , as they continue to do today . Zondervan is giving credibility to the Talmud here . I know this is poor graphics , and I 'll replace the pictures with better ones when I can . I published a YouTube regarding this heresy a while ago titled " Zondervan promoted the Talmud . " 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Masonry's diamond , square in the circle

 In most westerns Masonic signals are numerous and subtle . This is about the fourth different Masonic ever evolving pyramid headband I have posted . Not long ago a swastika appeared on an Indian tent in one of  Wanted Dead Or Alive's episodes . It only stayed on the screen for a few seconds . Google related that the international occult swastika had actually been displayed on some American Indian teepees . The United Nations is based upon the occult works of co-Mason Alice Bailey . This represents Masonry's Square in the Circle , as well as Masonry's diamond seen on the Cavalryman's sleeve above . Masonic signals are abundant in all television , movies , work places , governments , and businesses . Some are subtle , some are not . 

A lot to lose in the lottery

One of the news programs stated January 6th , 2016 , that the likelihood of being hit by an asteroid was far greater than winning the $450 million lottery . Should it be your misfortune to own the winning Powerball lottery ticket , God may whisper to you , " This is your hour and the power of darkness . " There is a lot to lose when dancing with the devil on this terrestrial ball wherein he puppeteers its human marionettes via his three major lusts on his global merry-go-round of worldly pleasures . Usually after cashing in on Satan's ruse of riches the merry-making recipients become gorgeously appareled and live sumptuously , unwary that the prize is actually a bewitching opulent ball and chain strangling necklace . As he choreographs his Hegelian double-shuffling bait and switch , knowing that greedy gain gives him greater foothold with gamblers , he laughs knowing that most will never follow in the repentant footsteps of the prodigal son , and will eventually perish , their gains being gone . T.V. lottery documentaries give good proof of this . Perhaps some of the toughened soldiers who sought the advice of John the Baptist saw it wise to be content with their wages . Money acquired by gambling of any kind is not Biblical gain by trading . Even the somewhat na├»ve know that with any form of gambling the odds are exponentially against them . Jesus said that those who are not faithful in the unrighteous mammon , ( material riches ) , will not be trusted with the riches he let himself be crucified in order to share his true riches with him for eternity . They are people who professed to believe in him , but fell away in time of temptation , choking on the cares and riches and pleasures of this life bringing no fruit to perfection , their garments motheaten and their riches corrupted . Paul said , " For me to live is Christ , and to die is gain " , and  " what things were gain to me , those things I counted loss for Christ . " Christ warned Jerusalem in Revelation 18:17 that in one hour her , ( Babylon's ) , great riches is come to nought . The Bible states that to this day Israel remains blind to the riches Christ offered her two thousand years ago , and that he wept because he knew only a remnant of Israel would choose to follow him forever by faith .  The stakes of eternal life vs. eternal hell are not worth comparison . Only the fool rejects eternal life through Christ . Before Christ returns he will pour out his wrath upon an unbelieving earth . Some men will have gambled that he will not plague them with large meteoric hailstones because of their continuous blasphemy , but they will have been wrong . Not trusting Christ is not a gamble , but a Biblically assured loss , resulting in personal eternal reaping of the wages of one's unrepentant sins . In the last several decades you have heard news reports about healthy young men dying while playing sports , and of people who die in the manner of the eighteen beneath the tower of Siloam . Only Christ knows when you will die . The New Testament of the King James Bible has the best rendition of the words God spoke to save you from gambling away your eternal soul . Why not read it for yourself and see if they have any resonance with you ? And should you trust him , please avoid all churches and television ministry which have long ago been subverted by those who hate Christ .

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Eve ill Sand tuck Laws

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       Two day Miss is Claws manage is wiled life wrest cue arias uh round thee whorled , an doll sew thee Auto bond Sew sigh it tea Sent her care ring four thee fork hauling bird sand tree wrench ends , toot hurdle dove sand day part ridge inn neigh parity .
       Sand tuck Laws dell tin which craft , Andy flu width out Abe room . Miss is Claws seams happy er width ow dim . Sew wham eye .Yule bee two . Thee yenned .

I , John Smith , have made up several dozen oronymical stories like this , but have only put two parodies on the net prior to this , assessing their creation to be merely a whimsical cathartic diversion from the seriousness of exposing the worldwide occult church . Churches in England and in early America outlawed Christmas because they knew its origin was occult , as is Easter's . Santa , the Nutcracker , ( with its Sugar Plum Fairy ) , children's programs promoting fairies and witchcraft , Frosty the Snowman , Xmas and a thousand other supplanters long ago largely obscured Christmas' remote reverence of Christ . The United Nations' Co-Mason New Age Queen , Alice Bailey , though dead still speaks , calling for Mr. Gorbachev's needed new prophets to add to the Talmud , the Bible , and the Koran . The United Nations , through Alice , says that Jesus' incarnate visit was a failure . It is going to take generations for the world's major religions to compromise enough of their beliefs so that the coming Jewish antichrist will be readily accepted . The devil loves nothing more than to compromise . Jesus' willing sacrifice of himself on the cross was another example of his relentless rejection of compromise as well as his love for God's truth which he personified .