Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wiccan Socialist ?

Just before leaving this morning I heard John Michael Talbot mention the socialist mantra , " the unequal distribution of the world's wealth . " I had turned the sound down when he came on , only looking for the witchcraft signals he always makes . Most of TBN 's deceivers' talks are as foolish as his and I primarily continue to look for more middle finger gestures , which has become a waste of time now , obviously , with so much exposure . I don't go out of my way to watch him . As I turned the volume up later I heard him make the obvious socialist deception . In his "Gospel Poverty on the net , he mentions ; " the unequal distribution of the world's wealth , which in turn gives rise to violence and war . " That is why Cain slew Abel ; the world's unequal distribution of wealth ! Mr. Talbot's appearance , signals and ideals indicate to me he is nothing more than a Wiccan socialist at heart .

Smitten by the fists of love

Image result for david jeremiah blasphemy god sign

Billy Graham and hundreds of other TBN personalities have formed witchcraft's " god " sign . The bearded man at the top left is displaying the American Sign Language pose for the word " love . "
Though the devil hates God with all his being , and blasphemes him constantly , and delights in rape , and the cruel Satanic sacrifice of unborn babies through abortion , he has deep respect for the deaf and would never distort or originate any sign language symbols . In my blogs and on my YouTube uploads I have captured numerous false Christian preachers such as Billy Graham who continue to make this witchcraft sign . I can't copy the page on the net under David Jeremiah blasphemy , " Witchcraft's god pose " featuring David Jeremiah who made many of these signs . If it is still available , as it was a minute ago , you can see that I uploaded a picture of the same pose used by witches ; their " god " sign , ( but they spell it capitol " G ").

When you lovingly hug someone  , the common man , or woman , keeps their palms open when placing them on the back of the loved one . Clenched fists would not be used to convey love in that position . The crossed arms are indicative of the Egyptian Masonic "X" of death , rejection and prohibition of God's love . Fists do not represent love and are mentioned as instruments of hate and anger in Exodus 21:18 and Isaiah 58:4 . Some day Heaven's Love will smite all his enemies upon the cheek bone and break the teeth of all the ungodly . No disrespect is intended for the man displaying the ASL sign for love . It was the only example I could upload . Don't believe it when TBN preachers tell they love you . Their deaf poses are only fronts for the purposes of witchcraft and another gospel , another Jesus .

The god of munitions

In his 10/19/14 sermon , " The Beast from the Sea " , David Jeremiah said Israel will relax and let down her military readiness and  " they ( Israel ) , will turn all of their energy into building up their cultural improvements . They will refurbish and rebuild the Jewish temple . " But the King James Bible in its cross references states that Daniel's Jewish peace promoting prince that shall come , the man of fierce countenance , the abomination of desolation who shall obtain the kingdom by flatteries , who shall not regard the God of his fathers , shall " honor the God of forces  : and a god whom his fathers knew not . " The old King James reference to " forces " is munitions ; weaponry , ammunition . The Jewish antichrist will be the god with whom no one will dare make war , as the Bible says .

Since the 1990's tiny Israel has been one of the world's largest arms dealers , reportedly fourth largest in the world ahead of Britain and Germany , only surpassed by the U.S. , Russia , and France . Fear of Arabian conquest compels them to produce superior electronic and military advancements . Some of their weaponry has enabled corrupt regimes in Africa , Asia , and Latin America and criminal groups such as the Russian-Israeli organized crime in the U.S.A.  Israel's defense experts admitted long ago that they failed to "ensure proper enforcement " regarding their weaponry sales . That is hard to believe knowing their intelligence capabilities . Israel's Social Sciences department had formulated an algorithm enabling the number of people necessary to kill in order to assure the collapse of an organization or political party . As China has welcomed Israel's evil Talmud , it has welcomed Israel's military sales . Israel has walked a tightrope supplying arms to China , while keeping the support of the U.S. Trinity Broadcasting Network plays a major part in that also , never revealing Israel as the source of the antichrist .The London Observer stated that Israel had annually sold one half billion dollars worth of munitions to Iran annually years ago . Usually , official Israeli involvement is discovered , and the Israeli government disavows any involvement with those who are caught . It is reported that it is common Israeli practice to sell arms through fronts and agents . It has also been reported that  it has been Israel's policy to keep wars in the middle east continuing because the combatants are so embroiled in warfare that they don't contemplate attacking Israel . This worked to some degree . Until Christ returns Jacob and Esau will continue to spar . Tiny Israel was reported to, at least at one time fairly recently , have a larger economy than all of its neighbors combined . Israel is never going to let down her military readiness until after she has become the world's capitol through the stealth of its Talmudist machinations , and her false Christ is replaced by the real one .

Why Max Lucado can't stop sinning

In his blog , " Beware of Max Lucado " David Cloud states that " Max Lucado is committed to Church of Christ doctrine " , and he states that Mr. Lucado has a strong relationship with  " Pepperdine University and Abeline Christian University , both staunch Church of Christ institutions . " He tells of Mr. Lucado's desire for " Denominational Harmony " , as does the ecumenical Billy Graham . He quotes Mr. Lucado's statement ; " the sin of disunity causes people to go to hell . "

In my blog , " The Communist Leanings of The United Church of Christ ", I related some of the numerous communist affiliations of the UCC that can be verified . Mr. Lucado's soft spoken , seemingly friendly character is like that of John MacArthur who says there is no power in Jesus ' blood . No wonder Mr. Lucado can't stop sinning . He doesn't believe Christ's words . And being " committed " to a belief is the incessant deception used by the heretic Billy Graham .

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Max Lucado can't stop sinning

I have only watched one or two of his programs and I have watched him make several of the same witchcraft signs given by TBN personalities . I heard only a few minutes of his sermon today in which he challenged Christians to try to stop sinning for 24 hours . Then he whittled down that challenge to one hour , then strained it down to five minutes . He said it couldn't be done and that only Jesus Christ lived the Christian life . Charles Stanley and Billy Graham had both previously barked that dogmatic lie . If you ever truly trusted Christ did you stop sinning for a few seconds ? Surely you did . Jesus died to take away your sins and he continues to forgive them as you walk and fall occasionally . The old testament major personalities were often pronounced righteous , ( sinless ) , with God by faith . Surely the disciples refrained from sin by faith for more than five minutes at a time , while they walked with Christ during his ministry and even more so after his ascension into heaven . Deceivers like Mr. Lucado , ( who displays the cross fallen down in his sermons ) , continually try to deter Christians from living a victorious Christian life with heresies like this . He , Billy Graham and others of their ilk often present the correct gospel , but the devil doesn't mind their work , for he knows if listeners follow false leaders such as these the listeners will accompany him to hell . Living the Christian life can be and has been done by all the old and new testament saints . Overcoming is the hurdle that deceivers like Mr. Lucado don't want to see you leap over , nor even approach .

Out of the abundance of the heart

I had earlier stated that I would only load pictures of middle finger gestures on my blogs because the other witchcraft signals were so constant and abundant it seemed pointless to load more . I could only load here a few of the middle fingers given by TBN personalities that I had placed on blogs and on YouTube previously . This is just a reminder of the middle finger gestures made . This is a fairly good list of men I exposed who displayed the double middle finger gesture to the temples ; David Jeremiah ( twice ) , Jack Graham ( twice ) , Billy Graham with one middle finger but both fingers to temples . This is a list of men who blatantly displayed single middle fingers ; Billy Graham over one dozen ,( eight consecutively in black and white sermon ), Jack Graham , David Jeremiah ( several ) , Michael Rood ( two ) , Joseph Prince ( two ) , Fulton Sheen (3) , Paul Crouch , Andrew Wommack ,
Kenneth Copeland , Charles Stanley , Danny BenGigi ( several ) , Ken Davis and many others . From the public library computers I use many of these have been "x'd " out . Men who use the deception of counting using odd positions with the middle finger are ;  Charles Stanley ( twice), Dr. John Tolson , Paul Crouch , David Jeremiah ( twice ) . I loaded a picture of Jan Crouch and another of a woman guest at the Crouch ranch doing the same . David Jeremiah and Kenneth Copeland each pointed to the Bible with their middle fingers . I placed on Blogger and YouTube over 200 pictures of these men forming witchcraft's " witch's pyramids " , Masonic "X's " , witchcraft's god and goddess signs ,( which also have meaning in Masonry) , witchcraft's devil hands , and a sign I have surely incorrectly have labeled as " Billy Graham's Mumy's Ghost " . Blasphemous signals like this and other oocult signals given by TBN personalities reveal their true allegiance . Surely , the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands .

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kabbalistic secrets of the Psalms

The Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit.
The Innocent, holy blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, cleanses us from all sin and give you spirits of eternal rest and peace through Jesum Christum the Son of God.

Therefore, may the spirits of Jesus Christ redeem you from all pain and suffering, and give us the treasures that are here, through the shed blood of I. N. R. I. Eel Elyon Jesus Christi Eheyoha. Amen.1

The above passages are from " The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses ( Part 2 ) " on the net . The Maltese cross used by the TBN ministry , and which used to be very apparent on David Jeremiah's lectern , is used in Masonic lodges . The Maltese cross is occult , as are the mystically manufactured books of Moses ,which are used in Jewish Kabbalism . Pages 4 and 5 of this article display witcgcraft's circle within a circle and Masonry's triangle within the innermost circle . To the best of my memory that inner circle and triangle is one of Masonry's honored degrees . This is part of the occult Jewish Kabbalah . According to occult Jewish beliefs there are three lost books of Moses named the 7th , 8th , and 9th . Those who practice Jewish witchcraft say that it is better to speak in the Hebraic language .

 In 1694 the Monks of Wissahickon , or , " The Woman in the Wilderness " were witches who practiced in Pennsylvania . In 1720 in Pennsylvania there was a revival of esoteric Theosophy and Rosicrucian mysticism which became German Enlightened esoteric Christianity  , which has spawned today's worldwide false Christianity . It has been the Kabbalist belief that by purposely pronouncing and invoking certain names of God , preferrably in Hebrew , or Yiddish , that one's wishes would be granted by another force . This false notion is prescribed by TBN's Jewish Christians who seem to have no opposition to the occult Talmud .

It has been proclaimed by " Christian Kabbalists " that the greatest and most genuine Kabbalists of the Jewish nation were nearly all followers and disciples of the blessed Saviour of the world . Their esoteric Kabbalistic letter substitution is a formula for forming supposedly " holy names " and it is given the name " gematria . "

The oral recitation of some Psalms is often used by witches , as I mentioned in an aerlier blog . Olive oil , or the  " oil of gladness " may be used to anoint the body of the person involved in this occult practice . Witchcraft has always employed Biblical practices in order to seduce the unwary . For these witches the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet form the " Tree of Life ", which describes the path God took into this world , and the way back to him . Masonry's favorite book , the Zohar , contains the secrets to the hidden meanings of the Hebrew letters and certain words that have mystical power .

The Kabbalistic Mason , Albert Pike , still revered by southern Baptist Masonic preachers , said that , " The Kabbalah is the key of the occult sciences . "  ( I can't help but remember the Youtube keylike gesture Billy Graham made while referring to the Dutch boy putting his finger in the dike ) . The Kabbalah's tetragramaton , ( four letters which supposedly stand for the occult name Yahweh ,( but actually signify witchcraft's Earth , Water , Wind and Fire ) , are exemplary of today's rabbinic continuing mezmerization of any true remnant of Christ's church now remaining on earth . It is beyond irony that Masonry's  " X " has been used to describe today's church , calling it " Xtian ."
Wise Christians know that the Kabbalah was devised by Jews who helped develop worldwide Masonry , so that Masonry's B'nai B'rith and the western world's Masonry would destroy the true Christian church , enabling the false Messiah prayed for by witches around the world through the auspices of the United Nations ,( Masonry's Gentile base ) , which will be supplanted by the anticipated Kabbalist base in Jerusalem .