Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sportacus : another rigid middle finger

 On my tape of this Lazytown program the middle finger is , as usual for Sportacus , extremely rigid . Holding the apple in his right hand enables the offensive gesture . You can watch the two inner fingers of the left hand pull back as the devil hand is formed over the life size puppet's head . Though the thumb isn't retracted , the retraction of the two inner fingers suggests to me the constant Masonic display of the devil hand embedded in religious and secular programming . Look at my other videos of Sportacus' middle finger displays in slow motion . Try to mimic those motions yourself . Those peculiar digital formations are all but impossible to make without prior practice . The movements are unnatural . An earlier Lazytown blog gives my reasons for suspecting this program has a Masonic base . Billy Graham wasn't coy when he often displayed a very rigid middle finger during many of his sermons , using no props to display his offensive challenge to Christ and his church . Several of those displays are on YouTube . 
This was a peculiar marking Sportacus was looking at on a tree a while ago . I have looked at many Masonic and Wiccan symbols and none of them match this , though it could be a combination of two or more symbols . It must have significance or Sportacus would not have looked at it . I know these pictures are not clear . They are much clearer on my tapes .

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Preaching may get you killed

After his wilderness temptation , on the Sabbath day , Jesus preached in the synagogue of Nazareth where he had been brought up . He preached from Isaiah 61 : 1 and 2 and told the assembly that he was the fulfillment of that prophecy ; the physician and prophet who would preach the gospel to the poor , heal the broken hearted preach deliverance to the captives , give sight to the blind , to set at liberty those that were bruised , preaching the acceptable year of the Lord .
He told them that no prophet is accepted in his own country , and he recounted Israel's rejection of God's attempts to draw her to him , and reminded the Jewish congregation that a gentile , rather than a Jew had received God's healing by faith . Rather than accepting the truth that he uttered , all they in the synagogue when they heard these things , were filled with wrath and rose up and thrust him out of the city , and led him unto the brow of the hill whereon their city was built , that they might cast him down headlong . But he passing through them went his way going to Capernaum and preached there on the sabbath days . Stephen , whose faith enabled him to do great wonders and miracles among the people , was stoned to death after recounting the history of the Jews , properly denounced his Jewish detractors for their persistent stiffnecked resistance of God's leadership , adding that they had killed their Messiah as they had the prophets God sent them . Paul , who may have been instrumental in Stephen's murder would himself later experience similar mistreatment from perhaps former friends , who like him , had resisted the Holy Spirit , the Truth . Like Stephen , Paul also performed miracles through the forgiving grace of Christ . But the religious mafia of the day , the blind envious Pharisees , stirred up hatred for Paul in almost every town Paul preached in . Though they were of Abraham's seed , Jesus had earlier identified them as children of the devil . They rejected the truth and hated it because it pointed out their sin and required their allegiance to God through him . Like the demons , they thought they could attain greater pleasure by rejecting God's authority . Jesus told his followers that the Holy Spirit , the Spirit of truth would guide them into all truth and show them things to come . He said that the world cannot receive that Spirit because it does not know him . He said that by keeping his word they would be made free from the snare of sin . Christians are born by his word of truth . One of the many things Christians know that are to come is the death of Christ's last two prophets who will precede his return . Their powerful preaching will give birth to 12,000 Jewish believers from each of the twelve tribes . These 144,000 will also be killed because they believe the truth . Quite often , telling the truth may get you killed . But following Christ will be worth that price because that suffering is not worthy to be compared with those things that will later be revealed in them .                                                                                                                                        

Monday, June 29, 2015

Tree of Life ?

The Messianic Jewish Tree of Life Version's logo is very similar to that of the U.S. Department of Education's logo . For my money , both are headed in the same occult direction . My previous blogs tell why .  

Inverted cross in modern architecture

This inverted cross in a new home was obvious . For centuries mockery of the cross has been flaunted in homes' doors and windows . Businesses do this too . Christians understand the hatred for the cross that saturates advertising , business , education and social engineering . It is to be expected . Jesus forbids any retaliation other than exposing example like this . There will always be some excuse , such as it represents St. Peter's inverted cross , but there is so much antipathy for the real truth of Christianity today worldwide that symbolism like this can be smelled blocks away .  

Smalltown U.S.A.

Shortly after moving from a fairly major Midwest city in the cornbelt to an area consisting largely of many nearby small towns and villages I began to encounter absolute strangers who purposely displayed Masonry's horned hand and used the middle finger to point to objects as if pointing to an area on a map . More than likely they were fishing for a Masonic response . A short while ago in one of those small towns , ( where Masonry is heavily promoted ) , an employee of its Social Security office clearly , purposely displayed the devil hand to me as I mentioned my Social Security concerns . In the same town a grocery store clerk on two different occasions pointed to the area for the item I was seeking with an unmistakable devil hand . That small town's list of Masonic lodges seems proportionally large . In another small town not far from that one a woman was disgusted with the disservice she said she received from the county office which I was visiting . As she was leaving , in exasperation she said that she was going to have to contact the Bonesmen . There is little doubt in my mind that her " Bonesmen " were Masons . In the community in which I live one professional man I was speaking with pointed to something using the devil hand . Another man in that community pointed something to me on a sheet of paper using his obverse , middle finger . One woman formed witchcraft's goddess sign with her hands crossed beneath her neck . I never challenged any of these people about their signals and have never mentioned the true nature of my blogs and YouTubes to anyone in the area . In another of those nearby small town libraries I experienced an odd occurrence . I arrived early one morning when just about an inch of snow fell while I was in the library . When I left a few hours later there was a small pile of snow the exact width of each bumper at my car . None of the other eight cars in that single line of cars had snow anywhere near them , and there were piles of snow that had recently been plowed in corners of the lot . I had always tried to be discreet about my work in the libraries I use to write these blogs , knowing that there is a strong likelihood that many employees may be Job's daughters or Masons . In order to get a copy of my work , or anything from the internet , one must retrieve it from that library office where it must be sorted from others' work at times . Not too long ago one of my multi stringed musical instruments became very out of tune only after I had recently played it . People who play stringed instruments know that the tension often lessens in time , but only to a small degree , perhaps half a step at most in a month or more depending on the quality of the instrument . Two days after playing that well tuned instrument the difference was immediately obvious . Having played that instrument for over thirty years I could easily discern that in order for many of its strings to seem many notes lower someone had to have come into my residence while I was gone and lowered them . Tightening them might have broken them . It was safer to lower them to make sure I got the message that worse things could be done to me . Living in a fairly large city most of my life , and even attending churches surely peppered with Masons and Job's daughters , I never encountered people who have exhibited blatant Masonic signals . Google Masonic lodges in cities and towns near you . You might be surprised to see how many there are . Small towns seem to be dominated by Masonic men and women of influence . So do the big cities . These are only arms of the United Nations' sustainable development slowly and methodically preparing the world for its New Age Avatar .

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Knowledge is not power

iShine's KIPP ( Knowledge Is Power Program ) is deceptive in the fact that it stresses ,( as do others ), that knowledge is power . The Bible says that isn't true . America's Masonic founding fathers studied metaphysics , which is defined as ; 1 : that brand of philosophy which treats of first principles , including the science of being , ( ontology ) , and of the origin and structure of the universe , ( cosmology ) . It is always intimately connected with a theory of knowledge , ( epistemology ) . 2 : philosophy , esp. in its more abstruse branches . Aristotle's writings are referenced in this definition . Epistemology is the branch of philosophy which investigates the origin , nature , methods and limits of human knowing .

There are only two power sources in the world from which knowledge is derived . The Authorized Version of the Bible tells of the One and only good God whose knowledge and wisdom surpasses our understanding . It says it is impossible for God to sin .The occult Kaballah contradicts the Bible , saying that God is both good and evil . Remember , Masonry is founded upon Kabbalism , as instrumental Masonic authors have clearly stated . Masonry's god is the devil , the father of sin , the power of darkness , the prince of the power of the air who has the power of death . In the distant future, the devil , the dragon who gives power , will enable a Talmudic antichrist to perform signs and lying wonders . Thankfully , through his sacrificial death on the cross Christ has destroyed principalities and powers .

The first mention of godly power in the Bible pertains to Jacob in genesis 32 : 28 . After wrestling with the LORD until the breaking of the day and not prevailing against him , God said to Jacob ; " Thy name shall be called no more Jacob , but Israel ; for as a prince thou hast power with God and with men , and hast prevailed . " But God warned Israel not to think that Israel's own power and might could enable the nation of Israel to obtain freedom from her occult Egyptian overlords , nor enable her to obtain great wealth . God warned Israel that should Israel abhor his judgments and break his covenant that he would appoint upon her terror , the burning ague ( a malarial fever ) , sorrow , and wasted crops , and that he would set his face against Israel , allowing her to be slain by her enemies and taken captive . He warned that she would flee when nobody pursued her . And , if after that attempt to gain her attention and she continued to rebel , God said he would punish her seven times more for her sins , breaking the pride of Israel's power .

Jesus told the unbelieving Pharisees and scribes that they had no understanding of the scriptures , nor had they the power of God . Elijah was one prophet to whom God granted power . His power did not come from his vast knowledge of scripture , similar to that of young Talmudic adepts , but his power was granted to him by God for his obedience . Elijah might not have been viewed as a powerful man , having been fed by ravens and living with a widow . It was not only Elijah's knowledge of God that gave him power , but his obedience that enabled his prayers for drought and the vanquishing of 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of the groves ( sacred to Baals ) . Because of his obedience fire from heaven destroyed two companies of fifty men each sent by Ahaziah , ( Ahab's son ) , who were sent to slay Elijah  . Elijah's mantle divided the Jordan's waters so that both he and his friend Elisha could walk over it on dry ground , as Moses had done the same . His successor Elisha received a double portion of Elijah's God-given power through obedient faith . John the baptist was another man with Elijah's spirit ; Elijah , who will precede Christ's second coming ; the spirit of the LORD of hosts .

The power of any real value is that of the Lord's , not knowledgeable man's . It was the power of the Highest which overshadowed Mary giving her God's Son . Man has not the power of his own to prevent himself from going to a Christless hell after years of the rejection of His Son . He has no power to become a son of God unless it be given him from on high . Neither Jesus , nor the disciples , nor the apostles stated that they of themselves had the power to perform miracles . Simon the sorcerer thought he could buy that kind of power , but was warned by Peter that he was in the bond of iniquity for thinking that the gift of God could be purchased with money . It is the preaching of the cross that is the power of God , which is foolishness to them that perish . The Greeks , ( today's unbelieving Masons , Talmudists and Kabbalists ) , are devoid of that power . For them Light is Jacob's Ladder by which they ascend to celestial knowledge the upper middle being in the fourth Sephira , represented by the pentagram . Paul correctly used the " power in the gospel " that God gave him . Christ's resurrection from the dead exhibited his power . His Biblical faith was his power . Knowledge alone would not have enabled him to perform the mission God had destined for him .

Talmudists , Kabbalists and Masons believe they possess " hidden wisdom " or knowledge . Had they true wisdom they would not be involved in the occult . They are like Babylon's astrologers and wise men who could not interpret the finger writing against the candlestick upon Belshazzar's palatial wall . Neither they , nor Belshazzar understood what Belshazzar's father , Nebuchadnezzar , found out the hard way . These men never humbled their hearts in faithful obedience to the most high God , but lifted up themselves against the Lord of heaven . Jeremiah tells us what made these men unwise , saying of them ; " Yea , the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming ; but my people know not the judgment of the LORD . How do ye say we are wise , and the law of the LORD is with us ? Lo , certainly in vain he made it ; the pen of the scribes is in vain . The wise men are ashamed , they are dismayed and taken : lo they have rejected the word of the LORD ; and what wisdom is in them ? " The Bible says " The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom . The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge : but fools despise wisdom and instruction . The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom : and the knowledge of the holy is understanding . The fear of the LORD , that is wisdom ; and to depart from evil is understanding . "

Jesus openly admitted that he spoke in parables veiling the hidden wisdom from the unwise . He spoke of the wisdom of God in a mystery , even the hidden wisdom , which God ordained before he made the world , which none of the princes of this world knew , for had they known it , they would not have crucified the Lord of glory in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge .
Those who recognize Jesus as God's fulfillment of the old testament , ( the nailing of the law to the tree , abolishing the necessity to keep God's laws ) , and who trust Christ's blood to take away their sins are given the hidden wisdom sought , but never obtained by ancient Greeks . Jesus spoke of those who believed in him saying ; " I thank thee , O Father , Lord of heaven and earth , that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent , and hast revealed them unto babes : even so , Father ; for so it seemed good in thy sight ...But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise ; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty ; and base things of the world , and things which are not , to bring to nought things that are : that no flesh should glory in his presence . Not many mighty , not many noble are called . "

God gives Christians " the spirit of wisdom " and revelation in the knowledge of him ...teaching every man in all wisdom " , that every Christian be made perfect in Christ through knowledge of his holy scriptures which are able to make them wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus . Jesus said that , " If any of you lack wisdom , let him ask of God , that giveth to all men liberally , and upbraideth not ; and it shall be given him . " Knowledge of God will never save you . The devil knows the name and lifestyle and genius of everyone that has ever lived  , including his confederate angels . He has made a Kabbalistic tapestry of that knowledge hoping to dupe men into thinking he has the ability to cure all diseases and to create a world of peace and good will .With all that knowledge both he and every man who remains subservient to him is beyond hope . The lust of the mind for worldly godless knowledge remains a dark curtain far different from that which the Lord split upon his Son's death on the cross . It is not what you know , but , who you know that is of the greatest significance , both in this world , and in the world to come . You need to know Christ . The best introduction to him is found in the King James Bible .

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Tree Of Life Bible response

In my blog ," Jewish Voice does not represent Christ " , I stated that the Torah can also be taken to mean Talmud , which has long been the very basis of Jewish life , as reported by old Jewish encyclopedias of mine , as well as other sources . The old testament and Moses have long been discarded , though when it is convenient for some , the old testament is referenced . The top pic is of Jeffrey Seif regarding his YouTube Tree of Life Bible . Tree of Life Bible had contacted me regarding my inference that their new Bible version may have connection with Kabbalism . They also asked me if I had any questions about their translation . Just minutes ago I lost an entire page of this work and have to retype it . I have other irons in the fire and responding to these people is an unwanted interruption . The top pic is of Jeffrey Seif forming the occult curse, the witches' pyramid , the Birkat Kohanim made by the Jewish priests in white . This was made during his online presentation of the Tree of Life Bible .The Jewish priests' fingers are separated just as the tarot devil's hand is in the Kohanim blessing formation . Why would Jews form a witches' pyramid . It is the basis of witchcraft symbolism . Trinity Broadcasting is notorious for its endless presentation of this occult symbol , which surely will be defended by these people . On the net , " TLV/ Tree of Life version - TKUG Sponsorship " Robert Morris is pictured with Jeffrey Seif and Jack Hayford of Kings University . Robert Morris is well loved by the occult Trinity Broadcasting Network , and I have placed his picture on blogs making the similar witches' pyramid . There is no godly power in making this occult triangle . It is similar to the occultism and uselessness of Catholics crossing themselves . Faith alone will save you , and will protect you from the devil . Hand gestures will be of no spiritual help and will yield no spiritual blessing , but rather a curse . In one of Tree of Life's online presentations the long rejected tetragrammaton is promoted . And they refer to " all who believe , for Jews and gentiles, ( non-Jews ) , alike . " But the Bible states that all who believe in Christ are Jews . I am a Jew by faith in Christ , though I was an unbelieving Gentile as Abraham was . They mention the  Tanakh , which can also be taken to mean the Talmud . Though the 1611 King James Version , ( not their apparently beloved occult Septuagint ) , was a marvelous translation , they suggest that through folks like them , now " Jewish order " is being restored . I should think that the greatest opposition to the Talmud and Kabbalah and Masonry would come from Jews who say Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour . To date I have yet to hear any " Messianic Jews " make that opposition . Rather , I see the opposite ; that the remarks of Talmudic Jewish priests go unchallenged  by them . The Kabbalist Michael Rodkinson , in his " History of the Talmud " stated on page 70 that ; the Talmud was ; " The source from whence Jesus of Nazareth drew the teachings which enabled him to revolutionize the world ...the Talmud ...the tradition of the elders to which he makes frequent allusions . " That is blasphemy .The Kaballah is also referred to as the Tree of Life . Trinity Broadcasting's beloved " Shekinah " , is the B'nai B'rith's Tree of Life's bride whose male lover is the composite of the nine upper sefirot : Israel , whom I clearly and Biblically articulate in my blogs will gestate a Jewish antichrist precipitated by Kabbalism's " Brotherhood of Man . " After viewing the children's program " Odd Squad " I took a picture of the Department of Education's Tree of Life logo  with the same Tracfone I put the above pictures on today . I made seven attempts to put that similar logo on my gmail . It would not go through , though the phone message said it was sent and received . That never happened before . But that is typical of the difficulty I have making my blogs . When the Tree of Life Version association openly condemns the Talmud , Masonry , the Dead Sea Scrolls , the charismatic movement and Trinity Broadcasting they will only have begun to gain an inkling of my trust . The Babylonian Talmud's Berakoth 32 mentions " the tree of life  " also . As one responder to their " Tree of Life Bible : The New Covenant Messianic Jewish Family "put it ; " the text itself should be left as much as possible, untouched by an agenda " , inferring apparently that he thought the Tree of Life Bible organization had an agenda .