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Sleep Deprivation was their in tent

Sleep deprivation is the preferred method of torture today because it leaves no visible scars . It breaks down the immune system , causes cognitive impairment , memory loss , heart defects and cardiovascular disease . It is not just used for interrogation , but is used as punishment .

Years before it became public knowledge that computers could spy on you I knew that it was being done . I knew I was being targeted by Masons before I began my blogging , I have never liked being threatened and have faced intimidators with courage at times . Their arrogance only angered me , yet , I kept the Lord as my helper , and have never retaliated as he demands . Their intentional stealthy psychological warfare waged upon me regarding sleep deprivation became evident when appeals to authorities to quell hostile noisy neighbors above me were not responded to . They knew my financial situation kept me subjected to a mentally impaired couple, ( whom they were legally bound to restrain ) , throwing items on their floor day and night above me for about 21 continuous  months . Expecting that the legal process would help me I continued to endure the torture of continuous bombardment of heavy objects above me all hours of the day and night . Thinking I could endure the torture until legal agencies did the right thing and protected me , I toughed things out , eventually realizing the torture was having a serious affect upon me . I even began to sympathize with the couple , feeling sorry for them , who revealed their savoring of my mistreatment at a closed " meeting " pretentiously to my benefit . It was at this meeting I was threatened with blackmail , which angered me , but made me realize that the anti-Christian landlords would stop at nothing . I was only hoping that all the detailed records , certified letters and testimonies of others regarding the situation would be made public . Surely I have nothing to fear of blackmail other than the revelation of one drunk driving incident I acquired when in my twenties . I was alone on a lonely road early in the morning and no accident occurred . When I saw the lights in the mirror I knew I was guilty and had no defense . My oppressors have more to lose by exposure , but I also know they have the power to frame me , etc. Surely , the United Nations' Masonic B 'nai B 'rith is as Kevin Brant said ; " Zionists control the congress , the presidency , and control key aspects of our judiciary including the Department of Justice and train our police . They have infiltrated the military, control the State Department and drive the destinations for our military interventions around the world . Christian Zionism is a major political phenomenon so one can say they exercise a great deal of control over America's churches , the Jewish churches and since Zionists control all aspects of the American media including print and broadcast media they have created the impression that Islamic churches are enemy territory . "My blog " Jerusalem , The More Corrupt of God's two Daughters " reveals Samaria , his daughter " Ahola " , and her more corrupt sister , Jerusalem , as "Aholibah ", the most corrupt of all the earth's daughters . Every topic I write about is biblically based , and is based upon Satan's Jewish communist plan from the beginning of time to subvert and destroy the Christian church . The prince of this world can also fairly well conjecture thousands of years ahead . Besides , he has the Bible as a reference , which in the bottomless depths of his impenitent black heart , may yet irritate him .

When threatened with blackmail I attempted to leave the landlords , but the process took time . I had toughed out poisoning without hospital or medical  help before , as well as other life threatening sicknesses . My wife had watched me more than once crawl on the floor for three days at a time praying to die from food poisoning .The purposeful psychological attack took its toll on me , the Christian who tried to reach Jews for Christ and was dubbed a Nazi in that apartment for doing so . I was apprised of that slander when near my departure from the willful antagonists a policeman knocked on my door and asked to talk with me regarding my social views in the torturous residence. After unashamedly letting him in to speak with me regarding the issue of slander railed against me he made short his visit by stating to me , " You don't look like a Nazi ." He seemed apologetic and shook my hand and left . I was astonished that I had been slandered as a Nazi , publicly denouncing them in my blogs and never associating with any white racist movement in any way . As soon as I moved into the hostile residence I had been slandered as a criminal . Had not a Christian woman disclosed that to me months after my new residency I would probably never have known of that slander . So, not only was I a criminal , but also a Nazi according to the slander unstopped by the anti-Christian landlords . Fortunately my wife did not have to endure this aspect of Christian persecution . Though she had begun to improve in a nursing home under the care of a male nurse who could not look me in the face the first time I met him , she one day mysteriously dramatically deteriorated and eventually died not long after her admittance . I should have immediately switched facilities after that first bad impression , but she needed immediate care and the voluminous paperwork had all been done . 

For years prior I had been subjected to psychological warfare under the same oppressors who owned
millions of dollars worth of different rental properties and had been fined for fraud . After returning from writing my blogs I noticed that Bible verses I had choreographed among nice garden arrangements were destroyed and items rearranged . These people aren't going to leave a threatening note ! Similar rearrangements of material inside my apartment, ( opened by key ) , were obvious death threats . I knew the Masonic Lodge had a history of intimidating , threatening and killing those who expose their works . But their more modern tactic was psychological warfare that would seriously impair a person mentally , if not result in a protracted death . My wife's and my identity were stolen and we were bankrupted . Different cell phones were blocked at least three times . Symbols in soap were smeared on my car windows and one car window was purposely broken .

Christopher Bollyn's superlative works regarding this topic are well worth inspection . His is the most informative and detailed exposure of  "Aholibah's " works which result in her big brother ruling the world from Jerusalem in the time when the socialist devised and controlled United Nations will have united the world's religions and politics under communism's messianic hope , as I have quoted several times in my blogs . I found it fascinating that communism's hope in the 1960 Encyclopaedia Britannica pointed to a " messianic'" repair of the world through the unification of religions and governments . So, the godless communists had " messianic expectations . " Right !  And Mr. Greenpeace Gorbachev's desire for new spiritual prophets was simply a rogue spiritual effort for peace . This is the quote from the 1960 Encyclopaedia Britannica on page 137 under Communism Primitive regarding communism's godless quest to control the world which they were doing through Talmudism at the time ; " Thirty years later , the Communists were more than ever convinced that history had put on the order of the day the final and total victory of communism . This victory , according to communist doctrine held with the fervor of messianic expectations , would create a world of one faith and one leadership , which would ensure the peace and security for the Soviet Union and the salvation of the whole world . " That is Talmudic brainwashing using the subtlety of Christian " salvation " as another rhetorical ploy . That is The Jewish Tikkun Olam , the repair of the world without Christ : communism realized .   

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The difficulty in finding a trustworthy church

The 20th century's socialist " new evangelism " secured heresy's dominance around the world . Billy Graham was one of its greatest promoters . Television and radio so called Christian evangelism exacerbated the dilemma of heresy within the church as Paul had warned two thousand years ago . Heresy was rampant within the early church and has been exponentially magnified since that time . The Trinity Broadcasting Network , based upon the occultism of uninterpreted tongues , was , and remains the major promoter of Biblical subterfuge . Paul spoke in tongues more than anyone else , yet , he himself downplayed their importance by stating that he would prefer to speak five intelligible words than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue . He preferred rather that Christians would prophecy . But those subverting the church will not emphasize that spiritual point . TBN  preachers and guests for over forty years have Masonically signaled relentlessly . Heresies abound along with the truth , yielding both sweet and bitter waters . The unBiblical " Rapture " is taught as gospel truth through the occult TBN , The Christian Broadcasting Network and in most churches today .

Dispensationalism promoted by John Nelson Darby , a heretic who heralded the arrival of " the coming one " is another fallacy . The Satanically inspired and led United Nations asks its friends to pray for the false Christ , their " coming one . "  They ask for internet strangers to combine in thought prayer groups of Masonry's beloved " three "  dubbed as " Triangles " . The New King James Bible also calls Christ the " Coming One " . The demonic triquetra graces the occult New King James Bible promoted by televangelists like David Jeremiah and other TBN pastors . Lengthy expositions of the New King James Bibles' corruptions are available on the net . The beloved Scofield also promoted dispensationalism . and his heresies have been revealed on the net also . The United Nations' Alice Bailey had said that Jesus failed during his earthly mission . The United nations eagerly awaits the arrival of the New King James Bible's " Coming One . "It clearly states in Alice Bailey's book , " The Externalization of the Hierarchy " that Masonry will control the churches eventuating a one world religion .

All translations of the Bible made since the corruption of the King James Bible , particularly that of the 1861 Westcott/Hort translation contain major errors , including additions and deletions . Westcott and Hort admitted themselves to be heretics . Proof of that can also be found on the internet . They were both Darwinian socialists . They themselves doubted their corruption would be accepted . Publishers who hated Christ ensured it would be . Modern translations usually do not contain the marvelous cross references given in the earlier King James Bibles .

Older Christians agree that finding a church that has not been infected with major heresies is impossible . And even the smaller churches can be just as corrupt . Though we know that Christ warns us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves we are overtly or covertly excommunicated from churches in which we find blatant heresy and pastors refuse to accept Biblical truth .Small group King James lovers I have found promote the heresy of the " Rapture " as well as teachings of other misled preachers .

Monday, April 16, 2018

More Masonic signals

                              Masonic pose several in his " The priority of a Disciplined Mind "
                              and again later the Masonic crossed arms single fist pose is made
He has yet to lose the peculiar habit in 2016 in his " Moody's founder's Week " sermon of scratching his face with the midddle finger . That was failry common among TBN preachers and guests years ago .

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If your soul is thirsty

In the last day , that great day of the feast , Jesus stood and cried , saying , If any man thirst , let him come unto me , and drink . He that believeth on me , as the scripture hath said , out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water .

The United Nation's false Christ

This occult image of Christ represents Alice Bailey's United Nations' false Christ who will through his policy shall cause craft to prosper in his hand : and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many . ..For when they shall say Peace and safety ; then sudden destruction cometh upon them , as travail upon a woman with child ; and they shall not escape . Jesus himself said that he did not come to bring peace but a sword during his first visit , and will rule the world for 1,000 years with a rod of iron upon his return . Then he will make a new heaven and a new earth throwing the former away .

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