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David Barton seems not to condemn Masonry

                                    David Barton : An American Christian Impostor

            Supposed Christian historian David Barton has often highlighted “ the father of American  psychiatry “ , Benjamin Rush , as an exemplary Christian . Mr. Barton misleads you regarding the heretical beliefs of Benjamin Rush , as well as many other early American Universalists and Masons instrumental in the foundation of this country .
            Interwoven here are facts about Benjamin Rush that David Barton did not disclose to you pertaining to his beloved physician Benjamin Rush . Rush , a signer of the Declaration of Independence , was a close friend of Universalist/ Illuminist leaning Thomas Jefferson . Jefferson was very comfortable with Universalists and he did not believe in Jesus’ deity . Jefferson made his own Bible , cutting and pasting what he did not Biblically ascribe to . Mr. Rush believed that one of the many causes of insanity was intense study of  “ imaginary objects of knowledge such as researchers into the meanings of certain prophecies in the Old and New Testaments .”  Though Jesus had told Christians to “ study to show thyself approved unto God , a workman that needeth not to be ashamed , rightly dividing the word of truth “,  Mr. Rush deemed that course of action worthy of incarceration in  a mental institution . Rick Warren’s sentiments are similar pertaining to the study of the second coming of Christ . The only conclusion you can draw from sentiments such as heretics like these is that they are afraid you might gain deeper insight into the truth , as Jesus said you would .
            In 1791 Rush wrote Universalist preacher , Elhanan Winchester who was a good friend . Rush said in his letter ; “ The Universal doctrine prevails more and more in our country , particularly among persons eminent for their piety in whom it is not a mere speculation but a principle of action in the heart prompting to practical goodness “ . Though not a member of Winchester’s Universalist Baptist Church , Rush was a
Universalist who was held in high esteem by Universalists . It is said he was the most notable national leader espousing universal salvation ; a very non-Christian belief . He believed in the socialist view of creating a “ worldly millennium “ held by Dominionist and Kingdom Now believers who say that Christians are to reclaim the world for Christ , not just spiritually , but socially , economically and politically . Christ never in any way requested his church to do this . He said his kingdom was not of this world . He let his own beloved Israel be overtaken more than once because of her idolatry .  
            Rush’s friend , Thomas Jefferson had said that he held many beliefs in common with Unitarians . Jefferson thought all of America might become Unitarian . Unitarian socialist Horace Mann and countless others of like mind helped spread Unitarian heresy and socialism throughout the United States until many people have finally  come to see their demonic influence here as integral in the foundation of our country . Early Unitarians denied the Triune God of the Bible , and modern Unitarians still do .
            Socialist and Pantheist Ralph Waldo Emerson was another example of heretical Masonic Unitarian ministers who believed in man’s non-existent “ upward reach “ espoused by the John Birch Society . Emerson had said that even in the non-Christian “ the Highest dwells within us “ . A Phi Beta kappa commencement speech by Emerson revealing his obvious non-Christian views may still be on the internet .
            Benjamin Rush’s friend Thomas Jefferson had taught at the college of William and Mary in Williamsburg , Va. . Mr. Jefferson , the Universalist at heart , worked with president James Madison’s cousin , ( also named James ) , to abolish the divinity school . Jefferson had learned Rosicrucian Natural principles from William Small who taught at William and Mary college . Jefferson was highly influenced by the teachings of Masonic leader Francis Bacon who deemed America , “ The New Atlantis “ . He was also influenced by the Masonic teachings of Isaac Newton , lauded by Mr. Barton . Jefferson purportedly established William and Mary’s Masonic Phi Beta Kappa which was America’s first secret society . Jesus had said , “ in secret have I said nothing “ . He had nothing to hide , but spoke openly . Why do men do things in secret ?
            Harpur college says men named Heath and Short devised Phi Beta Kappa . Controversy regarding originators is of little consequence . Jefferson was deeply involved with it . His Illuminist / Universalist leanings would have easily embraced the secret literary and philosophical , ( not Christian ) , society which produced five of the more recent Phi Beta Kappa alumni presidents whose spiritual beliefs are clearly
not Christian . Ten of Phi Beta Kappa’s original members became Freemasons . Phi Beta Kappa’s motto was  ; “ philosophy is the helmsman of life “ . For Phi Beta Kappa and William and Mary college , Jesus was not , and still is not the helmsman of life . Manmade philosophy guides the fraternity through seemingly peaceful waters which will plunge the unwary cargo of souls into hell .
            Phi Beta kappa is mentioned in A Masonic book which includes ;



                 A KEY TO THE PHI BETA KAPPA “

Masons proudly display their association of a secret society within a secret society .

Following is a list of early American Masons , Humanists ,Utopian Quakers , and Illuminist leaning men either directly involved with demonic Masonry which was publicly condemned by president John Quincy Adams and countless other true American Christians who eventually formed the “ anti-Masonic party “ in the United States , understanding its evil and corrupting influence. These are men David Barton proudly asserts are either devout Christians or give credence to Christian beliefs . The devils believe also and tremble .      

Thomas Jefferson ( Illuminati/ Universalist leanings ) ,  Benjamin Rush ( Masonic Universalist ) , Patrick Henry , Paul Revere , George Washington , Daniel Webster , Gunning Bedford , Alexander Hamilton , Roger Sherman , Johnathan Dayton , William Patterson , John Hancock , Thomas McKean , Richard Stockton , Benjamin Franklin , Isaac Newton , James Madison , Samuel Adams .
            Though perhaps not all of these U.S. Masonic presidents may not have been highlighted by Barton , nevertheless they are  ; Washington , Monroe , Jackson , Polk , Buchanan , Johnson , Garfield , McKinley , both presidents Roosevelt , Taft , Harding Truman , Ford and Johnson . Wikipedia’s lists of Phi Beta Kappa members and commencement speakers may surprise you . Masonry and Phi Beta Kappa members cultivate the thinking elite who often become world movers and shakers . They always have . Masonic  beliefs held by these groups are not in any way Christian . Masonry has put kings in place for many centuries . The United Nations looks to the Masonic Lodge to work with the false Christian church to form the one world church and one world government which exists now . All that is needed is some fine tuning and proper helmsmanship , directing it to Jerusalem where the antichrist will reign for a short while .
            Oddly enough it was David Barton himself who led me to the proper understanding of America’s ungodly Masonic heritage . His relentless parade of Masons and those who espoused similarly non-Christian spiritual views forced me to search deeper into the thoughts and writings of Barton’s heroes . Though almost all worldly noble and honorable men , their unchristian beliefs were clearly manifested . Barton is either willfully condoning their Masonic leanings or he is spiritually blind . His intentions may be commendable , but circumvention of the truth unravels him . Mr. Barton’s unimpressive biography reveals to me the reasons for his false representation of America’s Masonic founders . He graduated from Oral Roberts University , the self proclaimed largest charismatic university in the world . The roots of the charismatic church are clearly Satanic . I have also seen him on Kenneth Copeland ‘s program . Mr. Copeland is a clearly unstable, false prophet . Mr. Barton has been featured on the similarly unstable ,  Jan and Paul Crouch false teachers’ network , unashamed to be associated with liars such as these . Mr. Barton finally admitted that many of his historic quotes were questionable . Some say that some of his quotes were actually lies .Mr. Barton’s “ Wallbuilders “ construction collapses under its own weight of loose sand by the water of the Word . Mr. Barton misrepresents American heritage as well as Christ . His untruthful leaven leavens the whole lump which only strengthens the antichrist’s feet of iron and clay he is helping to fabricate by misrepresenting the truth .   
            Coral Ridge Ministries also promoted David Barton’s misrepresentation of the truth . I believe I had seen a program where in the U.S. capitol Barton or Coral Ridge had honored the socialist and liar Spinoza . I am sure Christopher Columbus , a catholic , was hailed as a Christian, which he wasn’t . Coral Ridge ministry often tries to make people believe Catholics and unsaved Jews are either Christians themselves , or helping the Christian cause . Coral Ridge is also deceived , though their programs are usually correct regarding Christian views of political and social matters . To promote David Barton’s lies is shameful . 
            Jesus let his own beloved city Jerusalem fall into enemy hands . It was founded upon the word of God . America’s heritage is largely Masonic . If you study hard enough you will come to realize what a true miracle it was that you have become a true Christian in a country where Satan planned for the antichrist’s development to become possible through the Masonic/ Rothschild  inspired United Nations . Christianity has been Satan’s biggest foe . His plan was the utopian one he has often used , but more recently , a country supposedly espousing Christian values. This superpower was declared a “ Christian Nation “ by a Masonic supreme court judge decades ago . Though the Bible was referenced as its foundation , deceptive Masonic leaders constructed a Trojan horse of many apocalyptic colors upon which the whore of the book of Revelation will ride .
America’s wealth has long been funneled into the Rothschild dynasty that has long been preparing the reconstruction of Jerusalem’s Temple  . Federal Reserve chairmen such as Alan Greenspan , who advocated communist  “ creative destruction “ of America’s economy composed part of the funnel  that precipitated the socialist Rothschild inspired “ credit bubble “ which in Rothschild style robbed from the poor to further their own socialist agenda .   
            If you are a true Christian God will enable you to see through Trinity Broadcasting Networks’ family of deceivers whose intentions may seem honorable , but are founded upon Satanic beliefs such as those of Masonry lauded by David Barton who says he does not condone Masonry , but his works prove the opposite . His brainwashing technique is fairly good . But he had a formidable false foundation upon which to build ; that of early American Masonry . You cannot find a church in America the Masonic lodge or communists do not have great influence over , either directly , or indirectly . Communisms aims are the same as those of the Masonic Lodge , though you will hear Masons oppose communism vehemently . They are both under Satan’s control .
            The good news is Jesus had everything in control from the beginning . The lies of the Trinity Broadcasting Network along with all of its false church which call themselves Jews and are not , will be deservedly thrown into hell , never to be remembered by Christians again .


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  2. Hello John Smith, I find your article to be good. I am however surpised you have not looked into the history of the King James Bible. My husband is currently looking into translating the rest of Tyndale's work and we are avid researches of correctness of scripture in translations/versions of the Bible. Have you researched beyond the King James Version?