Tuesday, April 10, 2012

David Jeremiah Mocks Christ and Shepherds

                                    David Jeremiah mocks Christ and shepherds

In this next cameo of some of David Jeremiah’s blasphemies , David Jeremiah promotes the ungodly New King James version Bible , saying , “ In the New King James version the next verse reads like this … Several hundred years before “… (and  he quotes Micah 5:2  ) .  He later says ; “ Bethlehem is an insignificant , meek , and unobtrusive place , no more than a wide spot in the road , unknown at the time Micah made this prophesy , there was no such place like this , but  Almighty God sent his Son Jesus to be born in this place , in this unknown insignificant place .”

Christians must wince when they hear lies like this . Following is a fairly accurate timeline of insignificant people who lived in insignificant and obscure Bethlehem ; 1729 B.C. – Jacob’s , ( Israel’s )  wife Rachel was buried there . ( Genesis 35:19 ) 1312 B.C. -  insignificant Boaz and insignificant Ruth and Naomi were from there .( Ruth 2:4 ) 1079 B.C. King David’s father was from there , as well as David himself , the good shepherd . ( 1st Samuel 16:11 )   Also , Samuel the insignificant prophet lived during this time . ( 1st Samuel 16:4 ) 700 B.C. or so , ( perhaps 750 B.C. ) , Micah lived preceding the prophet Jeremiah , and he quoted the prophet Isaiah . Babylon was a menace to the Jews in Micah’s day . Next this false teacher has the gall to say that shepherds were not trustworthy . Mr. Jeremiah all but lauds the Jewish Talmud referencing it as a reliable source which states that shepherds were untrustworthy as Dr. Jeremiah emphasizes that lie by giving his trademark Wiccan gestures . He also refers to the Lord here twice as “ Almighty God “, the name Masons often use . 

I made a short list of Dr. Jeremiah’s despised and untrustworthy examples of shepherds who were no worse than the shepherds who announced Jesus’ birth , yet David Jeremiah calls those shepherds ; “ ceremonially unclean , unaccepted , the nobodies of their day , untrustworthy witnesses who could not be trusted or believed , despised and looked down upon and hated . “  He then says ; “ The Jewish Talmud says of them , give no help to a heathen or a shepherd .”  Then he laughs about his own slanderous lie .

Here are some of those untrustworthy shepherds Dr. Jeremiah is indirectly , but purposely degrading ; Abel , Abraham , Isaac , Jacob , David , Job , and Moses .

Next Jeremiah reveals some tricky blasphemy wherein he says ; “ The first worshippers of the Lord Jesus Christ were shepherds ; now I have to tell you , in our culture that fact loses some of it’s meaning and therefore some of it’s wonder .”  I say , if it does Mr. Jeremiah ,  God made a mistake in revealing history’s most significant event to those detestable shepherds . God should have consulted with you before deciding to reveal Jesus’ birth to insignificant , detestable shepherds such as those nameless Biblically memorialized men . How , Dr. Jeremiah , does the fact that the first worshippers of the Lord Jesus Christ were shepherds make the significance of Jesus’ birth lose some of it’s meaning or any of it’s wonder ? Of course it doesn’t . This is a brainwashing 101 tactic that works on non-Christians . Only in Dr. Jeremiah’s and his followers’ minds is the significance of Jesus’ birth diminished by purposeful blasphemy such as this .

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