Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Further revelation of Jeremiah's enlarged "eye"

Dear Tom , I looked again at Shadow Mountain's " Resurrection Concert " aired on 4/12/12 . Unless you find this magnified t.v. shot you will not be able to discern what I believe to be logical  interpretations of it's
Masonic/Wiccan messages . Around the red circle that surrounds the demonic straight-armed Balkenkreuz cross appears to be the Wiccan crescent moon / double horn symbol colored yellow . The Masonic apron or envelope touches the yellow tip of the crescent's top right . The Masonic apron or envelope is composed of two light blue mosaic pieces and two darker blue mosaic pieces on the right . I have a picture of 1754 Masonic symbols which includes what appears to possibly be an envelope or two , but may represent three dimensional triangles or something else . As Jeremiah is fearless regarding his Wiccan arm and hand gestures , so are Masons today . I had long suspected Satan's G.A.O.T.U. inferred god to be a goat . On the internet , Masons promote  " Goatriders U.S.A. ...Who's Next " BBQ apron . The envelope resembling Masonic Blue apron is featured here too I believe . The words Grand , Architect , and Universe cannot be found in the Bible , as you probably already knew . Included in black around an incorporated "egg " shaped design of the demonic eye is written in black part of Psalm 119 : 130 ; " The entrance of thy words giveth light " , yet another Masonic reference . 

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