Friday, May 4, 2012

Inspector General Masonic sign on History channel

Years ago the History channel ran a program about the Masonic Lodge . Though my blog pictures are crude from taping the show , then photographing a paused picture from a cheap cell phone and emailing it to myself ,you can see the similarity of David Jeremiah's overextended version of his Wiccan signals which also correlate to the Wiccan " goddess " pose . The picture after this blog is of the Masonic Inspector General  .
Hopefully , the picture after that will be David Jeremiah's similar pose . I do not own a computer , and I just taught myself how to text a few days ago . I do not posess technical skills , but I do believe in the Bible , and God enables me to share this information with others . I have put my condensed studies of communism on Blogger only to give enough information to validate my claims of Satan's use of communism to pave his way to the rebuilt Temple's seat .

I would encourage anyone not to waste time tudying  communism's intricacies , because they are only Satan's newer spin on his Babel , which the United Nations calls itself . I would like people to realize that witchcraft is pervasive in the church , and that David Jeremiah seems to lead the way under the guise of Christianity . What explanation for his Wiccan mosaic and constant Wiccan signals will he give ? His blasphemies are obvious to those who know Christ .

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