Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Casting a circle from point to Powerpoint ?

It is at about this point in his  " Revolution " sermon that Jack Graham suggests that people draw a circle around their life , inferring that one needs to imagine himself in the circle . This is an appropriate Halloween related message on October 28 , 2012 . Had he not followed by giving the Wiccan goddess pose , his peculiar theatrics might not seem so ghoulish . Only witches cast circles around themselves in their demonic worship . I do not suggest that people look too closely into witchcraft . Even Michael the archangel replied to Satan , the Lord rebuke thee . Many charismatics and witches have not paid heed to that lesson and paid a terrible price for it , losing their lives and souls . Satan is always working in the false church today . Christ is in control , but don't put the Lord to a foolish test . " Casting circles " is an integral part of witchcraft and the charismatic and false global church today . Christians should never do that , even figuratively . Jack Graham's circular logic , however , promotes casting circles , apparently drawing one imaginative circle from point to Powerpoint around himself , making one complete revolution . This is one revolution Jesus warned you to avoid . He , as well as many of Trinity Broadcasting's cavalcade of false teachers and communists , try to portray Jesus as a " revolutionary ."  It was not Jesus who was the revolutionary , but Satan who revolted against God in heaven . Christianity is not a revolutionary movement , but one of obedience to Christ . Only the devil wants people to think of Christ and Christianity as revolutionary .

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