Monday, October 1, 2012

David Jeremiah calls Jesus a criminal

               In one of his sermons David Jeremiah said ; “ Did you know that even though the Lord Jesus was born in obscurity over two thousand years ago , and died like a criminal at the age of thirty-three…. “

What if one of your innocent Christian relatives had been wrongfully executed by the state , as Jesus was ? Would you say that they died like a criminal ? Of course not .

Dr. Jeremiah’s statement infers that Jesus’ character upon the cross was criminal .Though Christians well understand that Christ became sin for us , God would not have accepted a criminal sacrifice upon the cross for sin . He required Christ’s perfect , faithful , obedient , self-sacrificing submission to Himself before and during his execution . Christ’s Father required Christ’s sacrifice as one ; “ not having spot or wrinkle , or any such thing ; but that it should be holy and without blemish . “ This is the condition the church will be in when Christ gathers it together in one . Holiness hardly befits a criminal .

Though Jesus died between two thieves , Isaiah 53 states that he “ had done no violence , neither was any deceit in his mouth , though he was stricken for the transgression of his own people , and was numbered with the transgressors . “ Jesus wasn’t stricken for any criminal actions of his own , (because he never sinned), but for the criminal actions of those he came to save .

Saying Jesus died like a criminal is itself criminal . The subliminal effect this mockery imbues is the inference that Jesus was perhaps somewhat criminal before he went to the cross . Before hearing this lie would you ever have dreamed of making a statement like this ? Christians would not have . This is brainwashing 404 , and almost palatable to Christians . It is much craftier than his blasphemous wordpainting  of Jesus as a squirrel .


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