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               MGM’s 1938 , “ A Christmas Carol “ , Does Not Honor Christ


The title lays a deceptive trap that makes viewers think Christ is central in this adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale . This Hollywood deception is a classic example of brainwashing by filmmakers who continually besmirch Christ , not knowing him .

At the beginning of the film Ebenezer Scrooge’s nephew , a supposed Christian , offers alcoholic drink to his uncle Scrooge’s employee , Bob Cratchit . Though the Bible says , “ Woe unto him that giveth his neighbor drink “ , MGM prefers to bewitch the unwary by rationalizing disobedience via the spread of “ Christmas cheer “ with just one seemingly innocuous glass of wine  . Black and white television films and programs have always included drinking and smoking to the best of my memory . This is brainwashing 101 , and it has worked well .

Scrooge soon asks his nephew what good Christmas has ever done for him . He does not ask what good Christ has ever done for him , but what good Christmas has ever done for him . Christians who have researched the subject understand that both Christmas and Easter are of pagan origin , and that Pilgrims and early Christians loathed the celebration of Christmas . The nephew lauds Christmas as a kind , charitable time , and says that all humans are members of the same family , owing each other some measure of warmth and solace . He closes his feigned defense of Christ by saying , “ I say , God bless it “ , ( i.e. “ Christmas “ ) . Ungodly retailers have said Amen to that sentiment for centuries . Scrooge’s nephew vows to keep “the Christmas spirit “. But that spirit is not the spirit of Christ , but that humanly devised temporal happiness originated and perpetuated by those who hate Christ , saying bah , humbug both to him and to his church .

MGM’s employ of witchcraft is utilized when Scrooge’s dead partner , Jacob Marley’s face appears on Scrooge’s doorknob , and later appears to him in his bedroom . Christ does not primarily reach people through witchcraft , though he can allow it to serve his own purposes . Though Christ prohibited one damned soul from visiting and warning his five siblings of hell’s torment , MGM , who has no belief in hell , contradicts the Bible , as usual , and portrays Mr. Marley as one who arose from the dead to warn his old business companion about eternal sorrow . MGM’s “ hell “ is merely a forced meandering through eternity with fairly light chains while occasionally moaning . Mr. Marley tells Scrooge that he will have only “ one chance “ of escaping a similar fate . He warns Scrooge that he will be visited by three spirits during the early morning hours . These spirits are not angelic , but demonic  .

The first visiting spirit is an inferred female angel who more reflects the spirit of Diana of Ephesus  . Her nurse-like fedora is capped with a Wiccan pentagram . The rightside–up star most Americans are used to seeing , and is often placed at the top of most Christmas trees , has purposely been turned upside-down , representing the pentagram . The two horn points are prominent in the film . This is no mistake . The filmmakers know which way the star had been prominently portrayed in American history . They paid attention to the detail of Robert Morley insomuch that they retained his glasses upon his forehead for him during his eternal trek . ( A little too late for him to read his Bible now , huh . ) The republican party years ago also turned their stars into pentagrams . Witches know the five-pointed star need not be encompassed by a circle , nor merely an outline whose center is that of Washington’s Pentagon . Beneath her pentagram the Masonic Eye of Horus stands upright . But perhaps that is merely some arbitrary shape added to lend mystique to her Wiccan character . She speaks of the “ warming light of thankfulness “ , and the  “ light of gratitude to others  . “  Were she representing Christ , ( and nowhere in the Bible is a female angel mentioned ) , you might think she might praise the One who is kind to the unthankful to the evil , but she doesn’t . She says that her business with Scrooge is his welfare and reclamation . This demonic first visit exemplifies the tenets of Masonry . Reclamation through Christ and his blood is never once intimated . This witch needs no broom to transport both herself and her bewitched friend through witchcraft’s time portals , enabling Scrooge to recall happier childhood times by vicariously reliving them himself .

At 2:00 a.m. Scrooge awakes to witchcraft’s and early Egypt’s “ Green Man “ , who represents MGM’s Christmas present  , the second visiting spirit . This is the same Green Man espoused by Mr. Gorbachev’s  Green Cross International , its global green movement and its love for nature . The writers of this film adaptation provoke the Wiccan Green Man to say that he , representing Christmas , has had 1,800 brothers  , thus again mocking the true spirit of Christ . The Wiccan spirit points his Wiccan horn of plenty , ( which , as witches know , serves as a wand ) , and reverses the adverse feelings of two men about to come to blows on the street , charming them to head together to the nearest pub to reconcile . Green Man then tells Scrooge that they have business in a church . Masonry’s infamous  “ X “ pattern is discernible on the floor’s tiles . The church’s entrance is adorned with the demonic plus sign utilized in David Jeremiah’s Satanic Eye of Horus , whose pupil is a yellow cross , whose center is red , and is encompassed by a red circle . There are some good close-ups of that on the net . Satan’s Green Man later encourages Mr. Scrooge to appreciate the deception he has provided thus far , never in the least mentioning the truth about Christ’s reason for coming to earth .

As the Cratchits are finishing Christmas dinner Bob Cratchit says , “ And God bless us all “ , while the wife retorts , “ And here’s to Christmas , may it bring us luck . “  Christians know that there is no such thing as luck , and that ultimately God is in control . Scrooge then begs the Green Man to allow him to hear Bob Cratchit tell the story of Aladdin’s Magic Lamp ; an appropriate tale , for a Masonic commercial veiled in the deception of  “ Christmas . “

The third demonic spirit who visits Mr. Scrooge symbolizes death , using Satan to cast out Satan . Occult crosses, ( now  becoming more visible on businesses ) , are again portrayed . The United Nations’ Masonic hope is articulated by Mr. Scrooge when he begs the third spirit ; “ Men’s lives lead to certain ends . But if those lives be changed , will not the end be changed , tell me , that is true . “ Scrooge’s Christless repentance is his own resolution to “ keep Christmas all the year ; I will live in the past , the present , and the future . The spirit of all these shall be in my heart . I shall never forget the lessons that they teach . Tell me that this will change my future . Tell me that this is not my end ,  please. “   When Scrooge awakens from his Wiccan dream he believes he has become a new man , but there has been no transformation through faith in Jesus Christ . MGM’s Wiccan recounting slyly ends with the Christmas carol , Silent Night , hoping to quell any doubts that their Christmas Carol does not truly represent the spirit of Christ .   

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