Monday, February 11, 2013

Heresy Is " Nothing New " For David Jeremiah

In his 2/10/13 sermon , " Beautiful In His Time " , David Jeremiah states ; "...Ecclesiastes is a very unique book in the old testament . It is not a book about life as we see it today . It is a book about life , as the scripture says , under the sun . "

I must have overlooked God's cut-off date for Ecclesiastes' relevance in the Bible , but David Jeremiah must have found it because he said that , " Ecclesiastes is not a book about life as we see it today . "  But this is what Ecclesiastes itself says in God's word ; " The thing that hath been it is that which shall be ; and that which is done is that which shall be done : and there is no new thing under the sun . Is there any thing where it may be said , See this is new ? it hath been of old time, which was before us  ", ( Ecclesiastes 1:9 ) ; " That which hath been is now ; and that which is to be hath already been ", ( Ecclesiastes 3:15 ) .

Besides openly contradicting God's word , saying that Ecclesiastes has no relevance today , David Jeremiah contradicts God's premise that nothing new occurs under the sun by adding a red herring saying , " it is a book about life as the scripture says , under the sun . " This is brainwashing double-talk . When did God change the position of the earth , so that it was not under the sun . And what relevance does that statement have to do in conjunction with the preceding heretical statement that Ecclesiastes  , " is not a book about life as we see it today ? "

His heresy continues as he states that Ecclesiastes , " is a book written by the wisest man who ever lived . " Dr. Jeremiah had discounted Jesus omniscience in his 2/03/13 sermon , saying that Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived . Jesus was a man . He himself proclaimed to be wiser than Solomon . In these back to back sermons David Jeremiah demotes Jesus to second place in wisdom's hall of fame . David Jeremiah must have forgotten that Jesus had said that he was wiser than Solomon . David Jeremiah's defenders would probably view this criticism as too harsh , thinking that Dr. Jeremiah wanted to use a non- heaven-sent man as wisdom's finest example , but the Bible espouses Jesus , not Solomon , to be the wisest man who ever lived .

When God spoke through Solomon saying that nothing new happens he made no mistake . Intelligent children can surmise this . Our sinful nature has alienated us from dependence upon God to an independent collective leaning to our own shadowy understanding of his laws of nature by which we
continue to bite and devour one another through chemical , biochemical , physical and metaphysical adaptations of previous devices .

The invention of the television and the reinvention of Wiccan ministries such as Trinity Broadcasting
have exacerbated witchcraft's incorporation into the church as Jesus warned in the book of Revelation . In that book Jesus speaks of something really new , the Earth , devoid of sin and man's
" new " machinations .

Other than these major faux pas David Jeremiah rightly divided the word of truth in this sermon wherein only one modified Wiccan god pose was displayed ,( as it is in most sermons ) , along with the Wiccan goddess pose .

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  1. Good grief, that's your heiressey on David Jeremiah? Weak very weak. Better ask God to show you your own heart, and sees what's happening in there.