Monday, February 25, 2013

Jack Graham often displays Wiccan god and goddess poses

In his February 24th , 2013 sermon , " Love Does " , Jack Graham displays Wicca's God and Goddess signs in the same particular manner that David Jeremiah repeatedly does . This can be viewed in his own internet videos at , Faith in Motion . At the 12:56 point witchcraft's closed crossed fists " God "  sign is immediately followed by the Wiccan lowered " Goddess " pose while he
speaks about the good Samaritan . At the 25:02 spot , again the Wiccan " Goddess" sign is obvious .
I have edited years of sermons of Trinity Broadcasting misguided preachers who have made these signs , as well as many of them who like David Jeremiah and Jack Graham have pointed to their
temples simultaneously with both middle fingers . These are not mistakes . They either point to
witchcraft veiled in Masonry or Masonry veiled in witchcraft , both of which are idolatrous and totally rejected by Christ . I may have about an hour of some of the few second Wiccan poses edited and coupled together such as these displayed by Jack Graham that both he and several other TBN ministers have displayed in the past few years .

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