Friday, February 8, 2013

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking

In his 1/27/13 broadcast television sermon , " The Faith of Commitment " , David Jeremiah again purposely gives a double middle finger gesture of rebellion and hatred for Christ and His church . You can view this for yourself on his own David Jeremiah television archves . Around the 44:23 point he points to his own head simultaneously with both pointer fingers , as normal speakers would do . But with David Jeremiah you are not dealing with the normal , but with the paranormal . Around the 47:17 spot in this sermon he displays his arrogance for the third time in a short span gesturing unflinchingly to those of us who reveal his Wiccan practices and constant heresies .

He had made this offensive gesture in his 5/20/12 sermon , " What is Faith " at the 30:32 spot .

About five months later , on October 21st , 2012 in his sermon ,  " God loves You Even When You Don't Love Him " at the 30:26 spot in the archived sermon .

Deceivers like David Jeremiah exhibit a form of godliness , denying the power thereof , leading captive silly women and men , ever learning and never able to come to the knowlrdge of the truth ; men of corrupt minds  , reprobate concerning the faith , deceiving and being deceived . He had also continued the lie that Jesus spoke more about money than anything else . Even a non-believer who read the gospels would easily be able to discern that is a lie . Pastors use this coined phrase to make giving money to them seem less painful , though it should not be painful to true believers who have found the extremely rare pastor who does not coorupt God's word , as does David Jeremiah .

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