Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jack Graham's lectern , enough to make your neck turn

                        As above , So below , Jack Graham knows what witches know .

                                          Masonic planned , his lectern stand
                                          Cult cross and crown erect ,
                                          False cross and crown turned upside down ,
                                          The obelisk detect .

                                          Witchcrafts's god and goddess signs ,
                                          Displayed in Wiccan poses ,
                                          Reveal the Mason's ancestry ,
                                          The priests who challenged Moses .

                                          As above , so below
                                          Symbols in plain sight ,
                                          A Mason's mind twice overturned ,
                                          Cannot see things aright .

                                          The obelisk takes precedence ,
                                          Cult cross turned upside-down ,
                                          Plunging toward the fires of hell ,
                                          A now inverted crown .

Masonry's Manly P. Hall told Freemasons to constantly " be on the lookout for concealed meanings hidden either in parables and allegories or in cryptic arrangements of numbers , letters , and words . "
Alice Bailey had inferred this also , particularly for her false Christians .

The incessant cryptic caravan of Masonic /Wiccan signals radiated by Bensalem's Pharisees who might seem to appeal more to the common man are easily discerned by Christians .  Though we do not perhaps uncover every deceitful aspect of these cryptic arrangements , we understand enough of them to be assured that witchcraft , veiled in Masonry,  is either wittimgly , or unwittingly,  employed in cryptic sermons , gestures and props .

Through a television screen , the nebulous bottom of David Jeremiah's blatant " Eye of Horus "
is puzzling . Before I became aware of his Masonic bend I tried to discern what that bottom portion was inferring . I rationalized that it may heve been a Hebrew translation for Jesus . Clearly it isn't .
One aspect stands out at the bottom left ; the obelisk adored by Masons .

Both Masons and witches adore the pyramid . Witches will perform the witch's pyramid with their hands , ( almost exactly as Talmudic priests do with their Kohan blessing ) , believing that any energy they send out returns to them threefold . Witches and Masons both raise their arms at 90 degree angles in praise of their gods and goddesses . Masons are told this unusual old cowboy , " hands up "
position is the Grand Hailing Sign of Distress . Some witches may pray , (as seen in " My Unique Family " [ of witches ] ) , with the right hand above , but not touching the left hand below , as in the similar Masonic Entered Apprentice rite .

Jack Graham's Masonic signals and heresies are almost as blatant as David Jeremiah's . Could it be that his lecturn inverted is exactly as the prose above describes ? Talmudists say that Christ will burn in hell forever . They hate Christ and his church and still work inside it to destroy it .They control Masonry because they were the fathers of it and communism .


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