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David Jeremiah and his en"egg"matic eye of Horus

So mote it be . There is a mote in David Jeremiah's eye he happily retains , while he promotes
Talmudic Masonry via colorful symbolism gleaming through Shadow Mountain's eye of Horus .

Double mindedness was an early Egyptian affliction , as it remains to be with its Masonic offspring today . They even called themselves Oddfellows .The older Egyptian Horus , the Sun-god , ( Masonry's god )  , was the idea of the world remaining in the demiurgic mind , born in Darkness before the creation of the world ; the second Horus was the same idea going forth from the Logos , ( Harry Anderson's false Prince of Peace knocking at the U.N. door ) , being clothed with matter and assuming an actual existence , supposedly stopping chaos altogether .

The Masonic unholy trinity is that of Light , Spirit , and Darkness , whose World Mother , ( Wisdom , Sophia , Queen of Heaven , Mother of God  , Ishtar , who holds the false Christ in her hands in Gothic paintings ) , lets a " Drop of Light " fall downward into chaotic matter . The false Mary , the Madonna , is often painted having Masonry's demonic rays emitting from her head . She is often shown with Wiccan crossed arms in Masonic X fashion just as Masonry's deceived ministers do .

According to Masonry's Albert Mackey false gods were arranged in pairs , as those of Venus and Bacchus , Jupiter and Juno , Osiris and Isis . Mackey suggests that God is hermaphroditic and is symbolized by the Masonic point within the circle , the point indicating the sun , and the circle representing the universe . I still have the sermon in which Adrian Rogers , ( who formed Wiccan
god and goddess poses with his hands and arms ) , proudly spoke of presenting the gospel to a man using the point within a circle .

Masonry's Sun-god , the all-seeing Watcher , Horus -Apollo had apparently formed Egypt by the evolution of Masonry's Mundane Egg . On the net's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry , regarding the egg , mundane , it is stated that the egg was a symbol of the resurrection and Noah's ark , and that " the world was hatched from an egg made by the Creator ." This lie ties in with the egg of Isis which was an egg of wondrous size that fell from heaven into the river Euphrates whereupon the fishes rolled it to the bank , where the doves having settled upon it , and hatched it , out came Venus , who afterwards was called the Syrian goddess - that is Astarte , the queen of heaven , whose name derivation from Anglo-Saxon Eostre is the name of Wicca's spring goddess of the dawn ; the goddess of love and war . Thus came Easter which has nothing to do with Christ , but represents pagan worship . Easter was strongly advanced by Rome . Eggs used to be hung up in Egyptian temples . The egg has been inscribed in early Egyptian obelisks and in Shadow Mountain's Eye of Horus .

According to Masonry's Madame Blavatsky , Egypt's Seb , the god of time and of Earth was said to have laid an egg , or the universe , " an egg conceived at the hour of the great one of Dual Force . "
This egg was " the Egg of the great clucking Hen , the egg of Seb , who issues from it like a hawk , " a self-generated , self created being whose Kabalistic light or Universal Soul is the " Egg of Darkness . "  She stated that the egg and the serpent are inseparable in the old worship and symbology of Egypt . That old worship is witchcraft begun by the Masonic god , the Prince of Darkness . According to " Freemasons and the Serpent " on the net , the thoroughly occult mason , Albert Pike had stated that ; " The serpent entwined around the egg , was a symbol common to the Indians , the Egyptians , and the Druids . It referred to the creation of the universe . In that same article , Albert Churchward stated that Masons were " our present Druids . " Madame Blavatsky is quoted in that article also as having stated that , " Lucifer is the Logos the Serpent , the Saviour . "
Masonry's Manly P. Hall is quoted here also , stating that  , " The serpent is the symbol and prototype of the Universal Savior , who redeems the worlds by giving creation the knowledge of itself and the realization of good and evil . " According to a Masonic site on the net called " The Builder " it is stated that a Masonic group of investigators reported that Cleopatra's needle obelisk clearly contained figures resembling snakes , which symbolized wisdom . Pictures of Masonic eggs may be found on the internet . One egg symbolizes George Washington , the Masonic leader of early America . This egg is clearly pictured on the site , " Masonic Folk Art Ostrich Egg Commemorating General George Washington ", and has occult , Talmudic symbolism inscribed on it . Clearly seen are the Eye of Horus and the pentagram , ( which needs no circle around it ) beneath the eagle . My blog on
" George Washington the Mason " should still be fairly informative .

Masonry's Albert Mackey also brainwashed Masonic candidates by telling them that the Masonic mysteries were signalized by the consecration of an egg , in allusion to the mundane egg from which all things were supposed to have sprung . He called Masonry a " science of symbolism to be interpreted according to what each one supposes to be the revealed will of his Creator . " His operative Mason must construct his own temple , ( his physical and spiritual self ) , by squaring and purifying his own life , making himself fit to be placed amongst other Masonic living stones like himself , destined a place in ubiquitous Masonry , using Masonry's philosophical tools . Mackey condones the Druids' temple of initiation which was either oval or circular , the oval representing the mundane egg , or the circle which represents the universe or cruciform , in allusion to the four elements . Wicca also utilizes four elements . In the center of one of the Druids' mundane egg was the image of the solar deity . In the center of Shadow Mountain's eye of Horus are four mundane eggs , the center of which is a Masonic red square , which is the center of an occult cross . The four mundane eggs can be easily discerned . The smallest yellow  egg surrounds the occult cross . Haloing that egg is a bit larger scarlet egg which is in front of yet another yellow egg , ( though some may say it is the same smallest yellow egg , or no egg at all ) , which may also represent Wiccan horns . The fourth egg composed of two Masonic hues of blue has a shell touched by the "N" in the word " ENTRANCE" , and by the letters "GHT" in  "LIGHT " . Mackey himself stated that Freemasonry has a double symbolism ; that of light and darkness , and that the square " is an emblem of morality , or the strict performance of every duty . Masons laud the square cubicle man of unsullied integrity , the cube denoting truth . The center of Shadow Mountain's mosaic is a red square . Masons may deceive saying it represents Christ's blood , but , because of Masonry's Wiccan roots it more than likely symbolizes the scarlet colored beast of Revelation 17:3 . Talmudic Masonry vehemently hates Christ . Masonry clearly articulates that Lucifer , the light bearer , is the god of Masonry . Shadow Mountain's eye of Horus also bears a striking resemblance to Plate XXX " A DIVIDED EGG OR EARTH "  ( from the Theory of the Earth ; Thomas Burnet , 1967 ) , on the internet's , " The book of Earth ; Earth The Mundane Egg .

According to Masonry's Mackey , the colors yellow and gold indicate goodness of God , his " Divine Love " , being represented by the sun . Thus , Shadow Mountain's occult cross/egg more than likely represents the sun . That plus sign within the circle ( which rotated 33degrees would resemble the masonic "X" sign ) is also known as an occult symbol of the Earth . Masonry employs yellow corn in their architecture . To them corn , used in their ceremonies , is symbolic of resurrection . Of Gizeh's three pyramids , the core of Khufu contains yellowish limestone blocks .

Masonry's Alice Bailey suggested Christians and Masons both " must familiarize themselves with the inner significance of the various rites , ceremonies , colors and rituals and the work performed upon the floor of the temple . " Christianity has no rites or ceremonies or rituals , but witchcraft does .
Taking communion is not a rite , ritual or ceremony though it may be falsely portrayed as one .

Through the United Nations' Theosophy , Satan's " Spiritual Hierarchy " weaves all of the world's spiritual garb together , saying that each religion therefore has a portion of the truth . Masonry's Madame Blavatsky stated that ; " the seven rays of the Vedic sun deity Vishnu represent the same concept as the astral fluid or 'Light' of the Kaballists , and that the seven emanations of the lower seven sephiroth are the primeval seven rays , " and will be found and recognized in every religion . "
Alice Bailey indicated that there was no simple correspondence between her demonic rays and certain colors , though Wikipedia's Seven rays chart show Masonic blue to be the color of the second ray of " Love-Wisdom " , which is part of Masonry's false philosophy .

On the net under " Masonic Blue The Color of Freemasonry " , Masonic educators state that their favorite color blue is " the color of the starry decked sky " just as do Talmudists . They also say that blue is a " sacred color " , referring to the Jewish techelet whose blue color needed to have been verified by the Talmud . It is also stated here that their Masonic blue was incorporated into their own Religious form of Sun Worship in that their Masonic god , ( or one of them ) , Amun was " painted
light blue . " They mention the color blue's importance in Druidism as its symbol for truth . Alice Bailey's Satanic works are covered in blue . Masonry's first three degrees are blue degrees . Masonry's Albert Pike , who defined Freemasonry as " the Kaballah in active realization , or the Magic of the Works " , also stated that the color blue was essential to Masonry . This internet article praises the Talmud as Rabbinic Judaism's central text . This is true . However they deceive you , or are misinformed , when they say the Hebrew Bible is second in importance  . Jews have stated in their own Jewish encyclopedias that the Talmud is supreme and the Hebrew Bible has no relevance today . Talmudic Jews disregard Moses altogether actually , though they may give him lip service for
appearance's sake , just as the Pharisees did . The article also mentions that "techelet" blue is the color of the Israeli national flag . Witches are drawn to the color blue and have recently fawned over blue fingernail polish . The Masonic inspired United Nations' flag is blue . The U.N. 's love for blue is espoused by Alice Bailey's Hindu love of the illuminating light of the fifth Logos , the fifth chakra , Lucifer, Masonry's actual god . Alice Bailey's New Age symbol of her Lucis Trust logo was invented by her Masonic husband , Foster Bailey . This symbol , according to Lucifer Trust is " set in a limitless field of blue , which signifies the sphere of life expression of our solar logos ...superimposed upon the triangle of new age forces is the five pointed star of Christ . The star is blue because it represents as much of the solar quality to which humanity can respond . "  The Masonic flag of the Grand Lodge of Indiana is blue with the Talmudic X pattern incorporated into it . In some Witchcraft covens being skyclad bue is essential . Skayclad is a Wiccan term for unclothed . Talmudists say that Menachot 43b refers to the deep blue color of sapphire resembles the color of the throne of glory . The Jewish Theological Seminary's commentary by Rabbi Marc Wolf , ( Parashat Shelah Lekha ), states that the Talmud specifies the color blue is of prime importance to Jewry . Blue seems to be the dominant color in David Jeremiah's television ministry . Even from a distance his eye of Horus appears to be more blue than any other color , as does his background , carpeting , and message prompts which appear to have an oval or egg-shaped contour .

On the left side of Shadow Mountain's deceptive Masonic eye of Horus , the Masonic obelisk is evident . Even a young child who had investigated a few Highlights for Children booklets could see that . Albert Mackey states in his " Symbolism of Freemasonry that it represents phallic worship ,
" a peculiar modification of sun-worship , which prevailed to a great extent among the nations of antiquity . " He continues to say that the circle of generation needed to be perfected by a symbol of " the female generative principle , the Cteis , a circular or concave pedestal , or receptacle , on which the Phallus or column rested , and from the center of which it sprang " . The early World Peace Prayer Society of the United Nations had a six sided occult Peace Pole obelisk within the U.N. The flag atop the obelisk would be recognized by a child also , but more than likely the child would not understand it's Masonic symbolism . It is a hieroglyphic symbol of a penant which referred to Egypt's gods as " Ntr " or "Ntjr " . This was an emblem of divinity . To the right of the obelisk could easily be surmised to be symbolism of the three pyramids of Cheops , again stressing Masonry's importance of the number three , as well as Kaballism .  The Masonic apron/envelope's left corner begins at the first turquoise blue area at the right side of the second yellow Masonic egg . Masonry has employed egg and dart molding in much of it's old architecture . And perhaps the 16 visible pedastals beneath the Masonic artwork are Mackey's "Cteis " receptacles on which the artwork seems to rest . Perhaps two are hidden from view , which would infer the Talmudic triple six used in Talmudic jewelry around the world . I may be stretching it to suggest that the orange mundane egg in Shadow Mountain's occult eye may have attached to it the shaft of Masonry's Hiram's key , which is covered by the Jewish Kaballah , Masonry's true foundation . I also think of the obelisk as Satan's perpetual worldwide inspiration for the Masonic Talmudic restructuring of Babel proudly promoted by the United Nations . Enlarged pictures of the demonic artwork , as may be viewed in Galatians 4: What Symbols Can Tell You #1 : The Eye of Horus , may also suggest the contour of Masonic bee's wings whose top portions are in the above blue and the wing separation may be intimated at the apex of the suggested pyramids at the bottom . The winged suggestion may also represent a butterfly , inferring transformation or metamorphosis to Masons . The occult meaning of butterfly signifies reincarnation . Adrian Rogers made a great theatrical display of this " Christian " transformation of caterpillar to butterfly in one of his sermons . The website , " Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library " shows Masonic trays whose motifs were of butterfly wings . On Google , there is a site called masonic butterfly with a clear connection of butterflies to Masonry . The occult rock group P.O.D. has interesting information that may be correct , though I have not investigated it . Quite often occult groups go to great lengths to discern the truth regarding the lies they disseminate . The site is named , " What about the P.O.D. Symbol ? "  On one of their albums is a " tiny female spirit with butterfly wings " whose arms are crossed in the same occult fashion that TBN ministers constantly exhibit .Shadow Mountain's red mundane egg may also suggest a Masonic looking glass whose handle continues beneath the Talmud . Nothing in this demonic mosaic truly represents Christ or Christianity . Masonry will not do that .

I had said in an earlier blog that perhaps the young choir members were unaware of the Masonic
forces at work within Shadow Mountain church . I believe that more than likely many of them , if not all of them , have been brainwashed in Masonry's myths , and may be later tapped as Adepts . Surely they must wonder at the bizarre eye of Horus beneath which they sing . I think it will be a while before Alice Bailey's miracle working , mind-reading Adepts arrive on the scene . Masonry must fulfill its self-mandated mission of helping to rebuild Jerusalem's temple so that their Lucifer may occupy it for a short while .

Jesus said in secret have I said nothing, and that Satan's kingdom was full of darkness , just as is the
" Egg of Darkness . " God is light , and in him is no darkness at all ; if we say that we have fellowship with him , and walk in darkness we lie , and do not the truth . Masonry cannot comprehend the light
it espouses to know because it loves darkness rather than light . Talmudic Masons are among the rulers of darkness of this world delivered unto chains of darkness to be reserved unto judgment .
The light that is in them is darkness . There is no light in them . They are raging waves of the sea to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever .

Freemasons and the Jesus Seminar in the Southern Baptist Convention is an excellent website which reveals Masonic control and influence in the churches and elsewhere .

For the websites I referred to earlier , I myself will put in a disclaimer for them , knowing they may not agree with my revelation of Shadow Mountain's Eye of Horus . I know this blog is crude , but the information in it is reliable . I must use a library computer for about three hours per visit and do not travel to the library every day nor type well at all . I apologize to anyone who may have emailed me . I have not even looked at my email for some time now . My desire is to expose the extent of Talmudic Masonry worldwide , and encourage Christians to distrust the adulterated Bible versions that followed the King James version Bible . As God warned the Jews not to battle their Babylonian captors , I suggest the same . It will take a while for Jerusalem to become the world's capitol as Jews and the Bible says will happen . The Bible also says not to hate Jewish Talmudists or the Jewish people themselves . Most Jewish people are not aware of the depths of Satan behind Talmudism taught in most of their synagogues . Masonry will need to continue to morph more into Talmudism so that the Jewish antichrist will have little trouble proclaiming himself to be God in the Jewish temple .The Jews anxiously anticipate the false Messiah as is evidenced in pictures of Jerusalem's streets . The fascinating fact is that God is allowing Talmudic sophistry to be identified clearly . It would be futile to attempt to stop it . The best thing to do , I believe is to give acquaintances and friends the real gospel and an old King James Bible and suggest they hide themselves away until they have well digested it . I would also try to reveal to them the deceptions of the world's largest and most powerful false ministry of the Trinity Broadcasting Network , which should be renamed the Talmudic Broadcasting Network , leading souls to hell .

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