Saturday, April 13, 2013

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God

Many years ago The Learning Channel premiered a story titled , " My Unique Family " . This was an apologetic for witchcraft which attempted to make " Wicca " appear to be normal and acceptable , inferring that Wiccans worship the same God that everyone else does . Because almost the entire world worships Satan by default , Kendra Vaughn Hovey , ( the goddess witch in the t.v. special ), was correct by proclaiming that Wiccans worship the same god everyone else does . The film showed her young children capable of reading Tarot cards , the initiation of a witch , and portions of a mild Wiccan worship in which everyone is clothed , and not skyclad , as in many covens . It is peculiar that the Wiccan hand formation for prayer is the same as that of David Jeremiah's portrayal of the world in his magazine , " TURNING POINTS , THE WORLD  according to Jesus , " which I found on the web under David . This Wiccan prayer position for hands was also the same position that was on the news recently . It can be seen at , " No Place for Hate Week at O.S.U. -WSYX ABC6 - Top Stories " on the web at the 20 second spot , as well as on the webpage . The unusual Wiccan double-cupped hand pose of , " as above , so below " , is easily seen printed on the t-shirt proudly displayed  with the dates April 1st-5th , 2013 discernible . Satan is the prince of this world who attempts to rule below as his adversary does from above . In the song , "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands " unwary listeners are deceived into thinking that God is merciful to unbelievers , and that everyone on earth is their brother and sister . This song infers that God will not judge anyone harshly . Christians know this is not correct . And , they know that Wiccans and those who pervert the gospel , as do those of Trinity Broadcasting Network , are not their brothers and sisters .

This film also clearly displays the Wiccan goddess position made by Kendra Vaughn Hovey that
David Jeremiah has displayed hundreds of times , as has Jack Graham , Adrian Rogers , James Merritt , and dozens of other TBN devotees . Both forearms are crossed in the Masonic "X" fashion with elbows down near each side , while both forearms reach upward toward the neck in a potentially strangling fashion , the fingers forming a raven or the Masonic eagle or Phoenix , etc . You used to be  threatened with death in Masonry if you divorce yourself from it . Perhaps in Wicca , this pose has more than one meaning , including death by strangling should you attempt to forsake its Redes . David Jeremiah has dozens of almost mirror images of Kendra Vaughn Hovey's "goddess " prayer pose with smoke ascending before her . It is used in TBN's pseudo-Christian children's programs and cartoons , as it has been displayed for decades on secular television programs . Surely there is Masonic correlation in the false TBN ministries where this pose is continuously made . Since Masonry and Wicca serve the same god , I choose to stress that the Wiccan " goddess " sign made by TBN ministers is actually Wiccan . Many of TBN's Sunday morning Masonic preachers form the double-fisted , crossed arm Wiccan " god " sign also . Another Wiccan goddess sign utilized in the Wiccan apologetic film , " My Unique Family " , is the same as that of the Masonic Grand Hailing Sign of Distress with both arms bent at 90 degree angles to form the Satanic pitchfork , the unholy trinity , with the two hands at the same height as the head . Masonry and Wicca are called the Craft , and in one sense , all associated with them are brothers and sisters as the old false Christian spiritual ,
" He's Got The Whole World In His Hands "  suggests . Masonic practitioners will come up empty-handed when they try to convince the Lord they were not mixing Christianity with false gods in their own ungodly Masonic handiwork . They will be delivered into God's hands , rather than into Abraham's bosom , as the second and third chapters of the book of Revelation indicate .

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