Monday, April 29, 2013

Jack Graham infers Jesus was a whimp

Dr. Graham says in his 4/27/13 sermon , " King Jesus " , that ; " later in the week Jesus would go to the garden of Gethsemane , and there he would pour out sweat , blood and tears in anticipation of the cross and of drinking the cup of condemnation for the sins of the world , and with bitter anguish and agony he wept . "

That statement is an absolute lie and the usual portrayal by Dr. Graham of yet another Jesus . The Bible contains no such record of him crying about his logical request in the garden not to endure
the torture of crucifixion . As is typical of the perverted Biblical versions which followed Westcott and Hort's blasphemies , this is a blatant heresy even an adolescent would be able to perceive as deception . Who would trust in anyone who claimed himself to be God in the flesh , but cried about being crucified ? Nobody would . Supposedly Joan of Arc didn't cry , pleading for mercy prior to her
execution . Hardened witches didn't . But Dr. Graham tries to make Jesus  a sniveling coward who cried in the garden of Gethsemane . Dr. Graham had called Jesus a man's man , and a mighty man . A man's man and mighty men don't break down and cry , especially when they know their destiny . Real Christians do not make major mistakes like this .

If Dr. Graham wanted to paint Jesus as a whimpering sissy he might have used Matthew 27 :46 wherein " Jesus cried with a loud voiced , Eli , Eli , Lama sabach thani ? that is to say , My God , My God , Why hast thou forsaken me ? "  Or he might have used Matthew 27 :50 in which Jesus " cried again with a loud voice " and yielded up the ghost . The term cried obviously did not imply the shedding of actual tears .

As does David Jeremiah continually refer to Jesus as  Christian mysticism's " God-man " , so does Jack Graham again in this blasphemous sermon .

And as David Jeremiah continually fashions Wiccan/Masonic signals with his hands , so does Jack Graham in this sermon . As he says ; " we are purchased by his blood , we are possessed by his spirit . Look around you . Put your hands on your chest like right now , and say I am the temple of God . If you're a believer the spirit of Christ , the spirit of God lives in you . The church house is not the temple of God . "  Dr. Graham is brainwashing his audience here . He places his hands very close to each other across his chest . This is not the goddess pose I have captured him in before when he is on his knees worshipping Satan in his own church . But it is close enough , that as Jack Hayford told his own daughter that she must learn to speak in baby tongues until she may linguistically " progress " ,
Dr. Graham is priming his audience to perform the Masonic/Wiccan goddess sign with their hands .
Why does he tell people to look around themselves just before doing this ? This is brainwashing .
And I would never say " I am the temple of God . "

He had displayed the devil's horned hand early in his sermon when he said ; " Jesus told his disciples you're going to find this donkey , detail ...( he changes his fingers from the pointer finger and includes the little finger also extended at this point , making the horned hand ) ..the donkey would never have been ridden . "

I believe it may have been the previous sermon in which he made the same horned hand when he said ; " if God has blessed you with wealth ..( devil sign apparent here ) .. you have a high accountability and responsibility to return ..( only one finger extended now ) ,that wealth to the service of Christ . "

As Billy Graham encouraged a Masonic " dedication " to Christ , Jack Graham infers the same when he says ; " the best time to give your life to Jesus is while you're young . " Though it sounds churchy , giving your life to Christ means nothing . Believing and trusting in him and obeying him forever does . What do you have to give him before you place your faith in him ? Absolutely nothing of any value . Nothing even fit for the dunghill . A " conversion " like this is a carnal one that will not stand up to the raging streams of testing that Christian believers by faith endure .

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