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Jewish Voice Does Not Represent Christ

In my own blog , " Decoding Messianic Judaism and the UMJC " , I correctly critiqued the deception of Messianic Judaism . In the book of Revelation Jesus condemns a Jewish synagogue of Satan , which is part of the church . Perhaps still on the net , The Satanic Talmud is revealed as the basis of Jewish law in the web article , " Introducing Messianic Judaism and the UMJC . " On page 6 it is stated that the Talmud ; " became the basis for Jewish law and set the parameters of Judaism from then on . " Not once in this 26 page article , which purports to reverence Christ , is the Talmud condemned for its blatant hatred for Christ . The Jewish  Halakah and Tanakh , are praised in this article . A good study of them will reveal their Satanic origins . The more modern Pharisees replaced the use of the word Talmud for the word Torah . My short two page very condensed expose regarding this deception , I believe , is a good one . I try to quote as few major corroborative dogmas given by the enemies of Christ in as short an argument as possible to substantiate my claims . The Talmudic teaching these people offer is disguised as Rabbinic Literature and other demonically inspired mini-courses with titles of ; Jewish Apocalyptic Literature , 1 Enoch , 4 Ezra , 2 Baruch , and Bible codes , which are also heavily promoted by the deceptive Trinity Broadcasting Network .   

On the net under , " Torah Study - Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia " , Torah study is comprised of ; " the Torah , Hebrew Bible , Talmud , responsa , rabbinic literature and similar works , all of which are Judaism's religious texts ." According to this website Talmudic rabbis consider Torah studies life's most worthy ambition . What should be understood on page 1 of this Wikipedia article is that those rabbis are Talmudic rabbis . Under " Origins " on page 2 of this article , admittance is made that Torah also refers to Talmud, the Kabbalah , Hasidim and other works . Talmudic rabbis will often refer to the old testament when it is convenient for them to appear sympathetic to Christianity which they hate . Many of them are guests on TBN programs .On page 2, under , " Forms of Traditional Jewish Torah Study " , Talmudic study is the focus . Also included in this " Torah " study is the reading of Rabbinical commentators , which is the rabbinical studies offered in Jewish Messianic schools and universities , as well as Jewish Universities . Though I know Wikipedia may not always be totally trustworthy , I have studied enough about this subject to know their information regarding the deception of Torah study to be correct . Jewish encyclopedias will confirm my
argument that the Talmud is king , and the old testament passé .
Supposed Christian programs such as Jewish Voice are highly suspect . This is a program supposedly operated by Messianic Jews . Their foundation is built upon charismatic quicksand . Both its originator , Louis Kaplan , and current administrator , Jonathan Bernis believe in the unbiblical
pervasive heresy of tongues- speaking . Louis Kaplan's story seems believable and sincere and in his picture he appears a very amiable and sincere man , as does Jonathan Bernis . Mr. Kaplan admits that he " rebelled against the dull monotonous , repetitious teachings of the Talmud . " He admits that as a young Jewish boy he learned that Jesus was the illegitimate son of Mary . ( I believe the Talmud articulates that lie a little more harshly . ) But it was incorrect for him to infer that it was Christians who killed Jews in the Crusades . The Crusaders were not Christians . Mr. Kaplan unfortunately attended a Full Gospel church in Jamaica , New York . He says he became closer to God by being baptized with the Holy Spirit . This is the false tongues-speaking that has infiltrated almost all churches , along with Masonic/communist/Talmudic/Wiccan doctrine .

God enabled the divergence of intelligible tongues after he prohibited early man from making his  own Babel his god, in which he would be unrestrained from doing what his sinful heart desired . The United Nations has picked up that Masonic/Babylonian trowel and has all but completed its initial work , which will culminate in a Masonic/Talmudic Babel which will be governed by a Talmudic Jew who will demand worldwide worship of himself in Jerusalem . Charismatics love Acts chapter 2 which relates the first evidence of tongues-speaking . What is clear in the Bible is that those first Christian Jewish men related the truth of Christ to other men of different nationalities in their own native tongues . In Acts 15:6 when Paul was in Ephesus , the new converts upon whom Paul laid his hands spoke with tongues and also prophesied . I have yet to see any of the fraudulent tongues speakers either interpret his own gibberish or prophesy as those early Christians did . In 1st Corinthians 14:5 Paul challenged Christians , saying he wished they all spoke in tongues , but preferred that they would prophesy , noting that one who prophesied was greater than one who spoke in an unknown tongue . If the charismatics' faith is great enough to articulate what he must Biblically sense is God speaking through him , I would like to see some real prophesy bandied . But , I won't . Besides all the prophesy necessary is contained in the King James Bible . In verse 9 of Acts 14 Paul emphasized that people needed to hear words "easy to be understood . " In verses 18 and 19 he said that he himself spoke in tongues more than  anyone else , but he would rather speak five words with his understanding , that by his voice he might teach others also , than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue . This verse clearly articulates God's low priority on tongues in the church's early days . How much more irrelevant is it now , when Babel has its single universal language of English ? In verses 27 and 28 he insists there must be an interpreter if two or three speak in an unknown tongue . In 1st Corinthians 12:30 Paul inferred that not everyone would speak in an unknown tongue , yet that is what the Full Gospel and charismatic church has emphasized for over 100 years . Most people are unaware that the Quakers and Shakers also spoke in demonic tongues and fell into demonic trances and writhed on the floor as do still some charismatics today . John Bunyan had strong disagreement with the Quakers .

Only because I had recently watched Jewish Voice in which rabbi Jonathan Cahn display the witch's triangle , which is just a modified version of the Kohan /Aaronic blessing , did I feel compelled to write a blog regarding the ministry of Jewish Voice . Rabbi Cahn , Billy Graham , James Merritt and Jack Graham of the TBN ministry have all made this Satanic gesture often . They sometimes do it in fairly quick sequences of three . Billy Graham was lightning fast in his old classics . If you record their programs and pause them as they extend their arms straight in front of themselves and pause and advance those nanoseconds of deception when they put their hands together , you will see an almost perfect pyramid being formed just as it is pictured in " Parash 31 : Emor ( Speak/Say) Vayikra/Leviticus 21:1-24:23/Gates to Zion Ministries ."  The net has many similar pictures of old testament Talmudic Jewish priests worshipping the pyramids . This is a Masonic sign , as well as a Wiccan sign . The differences in finger separation is moot . It seems that only preachers can conduct Talmudic/Masonic symphonies , orchestrating demonic choirs with just their own "demon"strative
sleight of hand , and not be publicly scrutinized for it .(  But , who controls the television industry ? ) The intent is the same ; demonic worship . The Pharisees didn't intend to worship Satan , but Jesus said that Satan was their father .

Jonathan Bernis is president of Jewish Voice Ministries International , which was formed by the hyper-charismatic , deeply deceived Jack Hayford . Mr. Hayford is also chancellor of The King's
University , which specializes in Messianic Jewish Studies .He also served five years as President of the internet Foursquare Gospel . The Foursquare Gospel was founded by a charismatic woman named Aimee Semple McPherson . Though Jesus forbids women to exercise authority over men , Aimee followed the desires of her own heart , as Jack Hayford also followed his own desires . Mr. Hayford has authored over 100 books and composed 600 hymns . I need not read the books , nor hear the hymns to know that they will contain heresy . Most of his flock spoke in demonic tongues , and no prophesies have been reported . The Crouches and Pat Boone were , and may still be members under his Satanic leadership . He apparently endorsed the alleged Mason , and obviously heretical Robert Schuller . He was also one of the original officers of the deceived Oral Roberts' Charismatic Bible Ministries . He was director of the ungodly ecumenical Promise Keepers . ( Though Jesus said let your communication be Yea, yea ; Nay , nay : for whatsoever is more than this cometh of evil , Promise Keepers trumps Christ's authority by making promises . They are liberal and extremely ecumenical to say the least .

When Mr. Hayford's own daughter confided to him that she was afraid that her own " tongues-speaking " was " mere gibberish " , Jack told her that , " the believer must first learn to speak in baby tongues before he speaks in adult tongues . " Brainwashing techniques like that do work quite often, especially in the charismatic arena .

It was reported in an October 1991 issue of the Charisma magazine that Jesus spoke directly to Jack .
Half of the TBN world has been visited by Jesus personally . And they don't even fall on the ground
blinded by his light , as did Paul . Unfortunately , he apparently relates nothing new to them .

Mr. Hayford has purportedly endorsed Eugene Peterson's heretical book , " The Message " . His school of Messianic Theology is viewable to some degree on the net . The King's University Messianic Jewish Theology instructor , Dan Juster , was president and general secretary of The Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations from 1979 to 1988 . The Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations , as I earlier alluded , is extremely heretical and has studies in the Talmud . If they are not exposing its heresies and condemning it , they are condoning it . In the School of Messianic
Theology 's " Upcoming Courses " , the Survey of the Talmud is offered . Dan Juster was given an appointment as adjunct professor at the very heretical Fuller Theological seminary . He was also Director of Tikkun International from 1984 to 2013 . Tikkun olam is a Hebrew phrase that means repairer , repairing , or healing the world . This idea was supposedly developed in the Talmudic period , and the idea was given new meanings in the Satanic Kabbalah . The phrase " Tikkun olam "
is included in the Jewish prayer Alienu which should be recited three times a day . It is used in another expression meaning , " to perfect the world under God's sovereignty . "  This is the same communist /Masonic/Talmudic/Wiccan hope espoused by the United Nations whose early publishing company was called Lucifer Press . This thought is expressed in the 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica on page 137 , which reads ; " Thirty years later , the communists were more than ever convinced that history had put on the order of the day the final and total victory of communism . This victory , according to communist doctrine held with the fervor of  religious messianic expectations , would create a world of one faith and one leadership , which would ensure the peace and security for the Soviet Union and the certainty of salvation for the whole of mankind . " This will be the kingdom of the Jewish antichrist . It's peculiar that the atheistic communists foresaw a coming messiah . Non-Jews , according to the Lurianic Kabbalah , are no help with " Tikkun-olam " . They must follow the Talmudically devised Noachide Laws mandated not very long ago , in order to obtain individual portions in the afterlife . By perfecting themselves through mitzvoth , ( good deeds ) , Jews set an example for the rest of the world to follow , being a Masonic/B'nai B'rith " light to all the nations . "

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis is associated with Jack Hayford's occult church and he is President of Jewish Voice International . He is also associated with Promise Keepers . In his three page internet article , " Messianic Judaism " Tikkun olam is inferred . He sees the supposed increase of Messianic Jews as a sign that the world receive " times of refreshing " and the restoration of all things , catalyzing Jesus ' soon return . Unfortunately , neither Jew nor Gentile has been presented the true gospel in churches or elsewhere for about a century or so , with the charismatic movement , ecumenism , and communism and Talmudism gaining control of them . His times of refreshing will be the false peace enabled by the antichrist who will not appear until the temple is rebuilt  . Rabbi Bernis  also infers that all Jewish people will be saved when he states in his next to last sentence on page 2 that ; " Through the salvation of Jewish People , ( capital P ) , Peter was saying " times of refreshing would come , according to the original Greek text , not only for them but also for the entire world . " He falsely states on page 3 that the rest of the world will not experience " life from the dead " until the Jewish People , ( capital P again , inferring superiority over all other races ) , repent and are restored to their God , nor will we see the return of our Messiah to earth . " I encourage the proselytizing of Jews , but it will be extremely difficult , for the Bible says  ; " God hath given them the spirit of slumber , eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear ;unto this day ....But that blindness in part is happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in . " Unfortunately , even the apostle Paul gave up on reaching his Jewish brothers for whom he would have spent an eternity in hell in exchange for their redemption .144,000 Jewish males will eventually be reached for Christ by Revelation 11's two candlesticks . How far away is that ? The temple must exist before that happens . Only after the decapitation of the 144,000 Jewish males and God's final plagues , ( which will include one tenth of Jerusalem falling ) , will the " time of refreshing " begin for Israel .

Rabbi Bernis is unashamed to appear as a guest on Sid Roth's television program . I've only watched it a few times , discerning the charismatic bend of Mr. Roth , and his extremely heretical beliefs . On Monday , April 15th , 2013 I happened to watch Jewish Voice that I had not watched for years , also discerning its similar heretical views . His guest was rabbi Jonathan Cahn who had written  a heretical book regarding harbingers of America's downfall as being similar to God's warning to Israel . I could compose a more pertinent book about that scenario , but as far as I am concerned , America's Masonic foundation ensured its demonic moral demise . God had proclaimed Israel to be twice the daughter of hell than her sister Samaria in the Bible . America is a product of Talmudic planning and influence . Trinity Broadcasting programs epitomize this fact . Jesus warned men not to be called rabbi nor to cover their heads while praying . Messianic Jewish rabbis are disobedient to these commands . They believe they are special and rabbi Bernis spells Jewish believers with a capital " B" .

Rabbi Bernis says Christians have forgotten that the gospel is first to the Jews . That is absurd . Christians who know their Bible , ( and all Christians should ) , don't forget that major Biblical fact . This is brainwashing . He also says Jesus is waiting for Israel to be saved  before he returns  The Bible does say in Romans 11:26 that " all Israel shall be saved . " This means that all who trust Christ will be saved . It is unbiblical and absurd to state such heretical dogma . Only after the 144,000 are martyred and judgment comes upon Israel will a remnant finally believe .  Rabbi Bernis insists in his book , " A Rabbi Looks At The Last Days " that Jesus simply cannot come back until he is invited back by his Jewish brethren . He says that Jesus' return is dependent upon the church returning to the Jewish roots of the faith . Ideas like this get the antichrist's foot in the unwary mind's door . For decades false preachers have promoted Jewish practices of wearing prayer cloths , speaking in the original Jewish languages , and doing all things Jewish to supposedly enable a closer relationship with Jesus and to ensure a more expedient return . Unfortunately they do not want you to remember that Jesus warned of trying to be perfected by the flesh , having begun in the spirit .

On the net , under , " Messianic Objections / Jewish Voice Ministries International " rabbi Bernis
condones the Talmud by referring to it in objections 8,12,13,24,27,31 and 34 . On one of his programs he indicated Jews were expecting their Messiah . He showed a picture of Menachem Mendel Schneerson , which may still be seen on " Welcome Moshiach/Flickr-Photo Sharing ."
He never mentioned that Mr. Schneerson was a powerful anti-Christian Talmudic scholar ; a child Talmudic prodigy who was an " illui " , or best . He was an authority on the Satanic Kabbalah and Jewish law . His younger brother Dov Ber was also an accomplished Talmudist , as was his youngest brother Yisrael Areyeh Leib . Menachem had mastered the Talmud's 5,894 pages by the age of seventeen . He also studied the rabbinic literature , ( unbiblical ) , which is offered at Messianic Jewish schools everywhere . He was fluent in both the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds .

Continuing on regarding rabbi Bernis' online " Messianic Objections " article ,  he says in Objection 9 that Isaiah 53 refers to Jesus suffering for Israel , yet he does not mention that Isaiah 53 also refers to Gentile believers . His preoccupation with fellow Jews is apparent .

In Objection 22 he says the words " kiss the son " are actually not quoted in the new testament , but one of the greatest of the medieval Rabbinic commentators , along with some noted , modern Hebrew scholars argued for the kiss the son rendering . "  Besides calling a Talmudic scholar great here , he contradicts God , in essence,  saying that God did not put the words " kiss the Son " in the Bible . God wrote it . We Christians accept that fact . Why doesn't  the rabbi ?

It appears that Rabbi Bernis begrudges acknowledging that Jesus is Lord . Though the Bible states this clearly , and often , proclaiming that Jesus is God , rabbi Bernis seems to purposely confuse people in objection 29 . He says the objector is " mistaken in thinking that the New Testament ( or Christian translations of the Hebrew Bible ) , make the claim that the opening verse of Psalm 110 means that Jesus is LORD ( Yahweh ) . "  Surely , this is exactly what God meant when he inscribed that thought in the Bible through Hebrew writers . God the Father , God the Son , God the Holy Spirit are the One God . Ezekiel 13:9 states ; " And my hand shall be upon the prophets that shall not be in the assembly of my people , neither shall they be written in the writing of the house of Israel neither shall they enter into the land of Israel ; and ye shall know that I am the Lord GOD . "  God writes his name as Lord here , not LORD . How dare this man lie , telling people that Jesus is not the LORD . Jesus said he that hath seen me hath seen the Father . How could this Messianic rabbi forget about Jesus' Jewish name Emmanuel , God with us ; one Lord , one faith , one baptism ? What doesn't the rabbi understand ? Why does he dare challenge a major Biblical fact in the Bible which he says he reverences ?

In objection 33 it might have been wise for the rabbi to mention the miracles Jesus performed as proof of his deity . Jesus said the works that I do they testify of me . Oddly he did not use this major point as a rebuttal to this objection 33 .

He again lauds later rabbinic , ( Talmudic ) , writings , as well as the unbiblical Dead Sea Scrolls in objection 34 . This comes as no surprise .

In my blog " Jerusalem A Reproach " I quote the major Bible verses that articulate God's reasons for telling Israel that Israel will become a reproach to the entire world . Rabbi Bernis may not like to admit that Biblical fact . After Christ pours out his wrath upon her for her disobedience and continuous practice of witchcraft , ( Talmudism ) , he will make her the center of the world's worship , and then will come tikkun olam ; not until . That will last for 1000 years . Then God will make a new earth and new Jerusalem , discarding Jewish and Gentile traditions and Gog and Magog's
last desperate grasp at sin .

In my blog " Jerusalem Receives God's Wrath " , I do the same thing in about one and one half pages , Biblically proving that Revelation 11:8 specifies Jerusalem as " that great city " in which the two candlestick witnesses are killed ; the city " which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt where also our Lord was crucified . " God will recompense Israel for killing the prophets he sent them .
Why do you think he wept over Jerusalem saying that she would remain blind because she knew not the time of her visitation  ? He said he would leave her desolate and he has . He is going to chasten her severely through God's last two prophets whom Jerusalem will slay because they loved not the truth . Just as God chastens the sons he loves he will chasten Jerusalem severely . The net article , " Judaism , Zionism and Freemasonry " has some good documentation regarding Israel's origination of Freemasonry , which is Talmudism , which is communism . The antichrist will be the world's most adept witch who must have had some knowledge of the Talmud , ( which may be a mile thick by the time he arrives , because it is a living breathing document just like the American constitution ) , and will wield his Wiccan prowess , peacefully , at first , from Jerusalem . Jonathan Bernis may never agree with that , but it is true .

Unless you discipline yourself to a lengthy Bible study with a trustworthy old King James Bible that is loaded with cross references you will not agree with my conclusions more than likely . I can easily appreciate that . It is an extremely arduous process to keep a running study regarding the subject of the antichrist's nationality . I only persevered because of the continuous heresies and lies purported by
pastors I listened to in churches and the deceptive works of Trinity Broadcasting television . Finally , after almost all of my Biblical investigation was concluded , I developed an easier format for study .
I typed out all the books of the Bible with much space in between so that I could keep easier track of applicable verses . Many are duplicated often . The work is extensive , but you have the truth as your motivator and guide . The cross references were probably as meticulously examined for accuracy as was the King James Bible itself  . Making that book with a small army of believers was a monumental task . The men who composed it feared God . The men who made the translations such as Westcott and Hort's and others that followed that heretical work did not fear God . If you truly trust Christ he will guide you into all truth . He said he would . He said that if you had faith as a grain of mustard seed nothing would be impossible for you . I've never moved a mountain or cursed a fig tree and see it wither , but I believe God led me on major studies like this . The paper trail is in the King James Bible , which those who hate Christ disdain . You will not be able to easily gain the truth from other versions . Check the comparisons of other versions on the net . Words are added , deleted and changed by men who did not fear God . Though he loves his children , he always wants them to have not only reverence for him , ( which modern preachers incorrectly call fear ) , but actual fear for him who will allow you to erase your own name from his book if you so desire .


  1. Just a question? Humbly, in your research of who God is, do you feel He would be more offended by christians who did something in ignorance, like tongues which are in the bible, or christmas, easter, and mayday, which are not, and based on the compromise of early christians to merge the table of God with the table of demons? He who does not know will be beaten with few stripes. The nicene council is a part of our past that needs to be explored, that led to the king james bible. I read new king james also, but I realize our history as christians is too shaky to point a finger at anyone.

    1. My God is Love and forgiveness as He stated

    2. And Christ is God , not at all represented by anyone associated with the occult Trinity Broadcasting Network .