Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Masonic Mother Earth

In his April 7th , 2013 televised sermon ," Ready Or Not ", Jack Graham made these remarks about birth pangs ; " ... once they begin multiplying and intensifying you know the baby is on the way . And that's the kind of illustration that Jesus gave regarding  Mother Earth , that , that , the birth pains are developing , and as they intensify and amplify in the last days , you can expect that Christ will come . Look up , for your redemption is drawing near . "

I do not listen to Trinity Broadcasting preachers that much any more , because they are all corrupt in one way or another . Jack Graham is the first preacher I have ever heard refer to the Earth as our Mother . I have never heard any Christian say that Earth is their Mother , for they know that would be
blasphemy . There have been books written about pagan Mother Earth . Methodist Abingdon Press put out a United Methodist hymnal supplement titled , " The Faith We Sing " , around the year 2000 .
This demonic cacophony contains pagan songs such as , " She Comes Sailing On The Wind " , which infers that God is woman , as Egyptian Masonry suggests . Mr. Graham may have liked the one titled , " I Am Your Mother ( Earth Prayer ) " . Masons might be drawn to the hymn , " Wounded World That Cries For Healing " . This song laments the earth's " wounded systems " . The hope to repair the world politically and socially before Christ's return is that of Masonry and Talmudism .
They are working for a " world that's new " hoping to renew it by singing songs such as the included " Song Of Hope . "  Masons focus on " Light " . Their god is the light-bearer , Lucifer . On March 21st , the vernal equinox , spring reaches its midpoint and the period of daylight time increases . It is at this time that the Masonic pagan " sun-god " celebrates marriage with the young maiden goddess who will have birth pains nine months later , again becoming the " Great Mother . "  Earth Day actually occurs on April 22nd each year , and was originated by Satan in 1970 . The devil , being green with envy , feigned environmental issues as his pretense for the establishment of this Wiccan observance .  

Both the 1945 and year 2000 versions of Alice Bailey's , " The Great Invocation " , appeals to Masons who hope for the antichrist's Light , Love , and Power to bring the B'nai B'rith / Masonic Plan to fruition on Earth . Though there is only One Master , Masons , who un-biblically call themselves Masters , are awaiting their " Coming one " who will  " guide all little human wills " , according to this United Nations prayer . The United Nations covets the prayers of Wiccan Triangles of three to accelerate the arrival of their New King James version , " Coming one . "   " One " is another of God's names in the King James Bible in Isaiah 57:15; " For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity , whose name is Holy ."


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