Friday, April 12, 2013

No merit for Doctor James Merritt

I tried to give pastor James Merritt of TBN's Touching Lives great latitude before assessing his obvious Masonic involvement . I believe it must be all but impossible for those in high positions within the Southern Baptist Convention , and elsewhere , to advance unless they acquiesce to the mandates of the Masonic Lodge .

Dr. Merritt  continually makes the same Wiccan /Masonic goddess signs that David Jeremiah , Jack Graham and other Masonic ministers do . If you pause some of his sermons at the point where he puts his arms straight out in front of him , then crosses them with his thumbs and fingers forming the Kohan triangular demonic pyramid , the pyramid will be clear . I have one sermon in which he seems to be looking down at his own hand formed pyramid , confirming that he is forming it correctly . Billy Graham used to do this often and as lightning fast as Dr. Merritt . Jonathan Burnis of Jewish Voice makes this symbol also .

Because he seems to be sincere about his espoused love for Christ , as do other TBN preachers , I resisted blogging about his apparent Masonic alliance . When he recently , in April of 2013 I believe , quoted Rick Warren , saying , " Friends of God tell their friends about God , " I drew the line . Dr. Merritt made no apology for quoting the blatantly obvious liar Rick Warren . In the same sermon he also mentioned that Adrian Rogers was his mentor . I had posted several pictures of Dr. Rogers making Wiccan god and goddess poses , the purposely dramatic portrayal of what may have been a Masonic Phoenix , the demon hand sign , and the use of demonic triquettas in one Christmas background . There is no Christian excuse for saying that you properly represent Christ while advancing demonic philosophy through Talmudic Masonry .

Dr. Merritt was president of the Southern Baptist Convention from 2000 to 2001 , and is a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville , Kentucky .

The website  , " The Road of Freemasonry - Social , Religious or Cultish ? / Delivered by Grace " , claims that , " The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary offers Masonic scholarship to students ,  and , that , unknown thousands of Southern Baptist Convention members are also members of Masonic organizations . "

The website , " Freemasons and the Jesus Seminar in the Southern Baptist Convention states that the total membership of Masonry in the United States is composed of 37% Southern Baptists , and that in the year 2000 over one thousand Southern Baptist Convention pastors are Masons . They also have a " Cooperative Program " , that to me , purposely hints of communist influence . In essence , this article echoes what I have stated for years , that Freemasons control everything . They did not state , as I have , that Freemasonry is controlled by the United Nations , which is controlled by direct and indirect Talmudic influence . They do , however , mention that Freemasonry is rooted in the Jewish Kaballah , which is easily confirmed by Masonry's standard proponents . They also estimate that 400 to 500 thousand Baptist men are Masons , among which are many well known Southern Baptist leaders . An informative and impressive list of past Southern Baptist Masons is revealed in this website .

On the site , " Why I'm not Southern Baptist " one person stated these reasons why he was not associated with the Southern Baptist Convention any longer ;( 1 ) Until 2004 the Southern Baptist Convention was one of the chief members of the World Baptist Alliance , an organization almost as radically liberal as the National Council of Churches in America and the World Council of Churches .
(2) The Southern Baptist Convention also associates in ecumenical ventures in its close association with ecumenical evangelistic crusades sponsored by Billy Graham and Luis Palau . (3)  Jack Graham ,( who was president of the Southern Baptist Convention) , lauded Mel Gibson's , " The
Passion of Christ " , which reportedly contained unbiblical material . Adrian Rogers reportedly praised it too . ( 4) Deacons actually control the churches with power that exceeds that of the pastors whose unhappy wives may also have very strong influence . (5) Worldliness is rampant in SBC churches and schools . (6) In 1995 two professors at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary , in Louisville , Kentucky , ( from which Dr. Merritt was graduated ) , told Baptist Press that Southern Baptists shouldn't fear the charismatic movement . (7) Jack Taylor , a former SBC vice-president lauds the Satanic mannerisms of some charismatics who have laughed uncontrollably , barked like dogs , and fallen prostrate on the floor as did the old holy rollers . (8) Billy Graham condoned the charismatic movement also and calls the demonically driven Crouches good friends . (9) Adrian Rogers' son David works with charismatics who practice private tongues . (10 ) Dwight McKissie , a trustee of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary admitted to speaking in tongues in his " private prayer life . " (11) Southern Baptist physician Dr. James Holly , who led the attempt to root out Freemasonry , said , " Southern Baptists have become the first denomination that essentially blesses the Masonic Lodge  " , ( Christian News , Dec. 20,1993 . )

I have noted that Dr. Merritt's program is associated with Salem Communications  Company , whose programs I have discerned are pseudo-Christian .

In a later sermon Dr. Merritt preaches a sermon honoring Masonry's goat . His sermon entails this
portrayed upon the screen ; " G.O.A.T ." , Greatest Of All Time . What irony to promote Masonry's goat  which must be ridden by initiates , bruising and seriously hurting them , prior to being threatened with death at the point of a gun should they betray their new Masonic faith . ( See Goat Rider )

Christians know that God has revealed as much about himself as he wants them to know this side of heaven . We know the past and the future . Trinity Broadcasting's cast of Masonic preachers are obviously signaling good vibrations to their fellow craftsmen . These men must be precursors of Alice Bailey's Adepts who are imbued with Biblical , rather Talmudic , knowledge , which as Alice says , the rest of us could not begin to comprehend .

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