Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jack Graqham Again Grossly Misrepresents Christ

In his May 19th , 2013 sermon entitled " Drops of Grief  " , Dr. Graham , iterates , as in a previous sermon , that Jesus cried in the garden of Gethsemane , acting as a sniveling coward who was afraid to face the cross he himself had constructed before the foundation of the world . Graham says this ; "
And while we cannot explain it , what we can do is worship him , worship the one who unreservedly , completely , chose to give his life for us . We see him weeping and crying and even sweating drops of blood . " 

Liars like Dr. Graham seduce the unwary . Men like him lie to themselves so much , that they come to believe their own lies , searing their conscience with a hot iron . He and David Jeremiah are brothers in crime regarding blasphemies like this one .

He later says ; ...This is reality . Jesus could in fact have walked away from the cross . He was tempted . What we can see here is the battle of the wills ; the will of the Father , the will of the Son , and even the will of Satan , because in the midst of this sorrow , Jesus is wrestling with the power of darkness . It is a kind of cosmic conflict that is taking place at that moment in this quiet garden in the dark night of Jesus' soul . And , so , he could have left , he could have slipped out of the darkness and gone back to Galilee , or to Nazareth , his home town and taken up the shop of his earthly father Joseph , and just lived a quiet life away from all this Messiah business and just turned from the cross . This wasn't just a set-up , this isn't , this isn't a phony experience , this is real . He could have yielded to the temptation , but he chose , this is what makes the cross so wonderful . Jesus chose it for you and me . "    

This is yet another of the long string of lies purported by " Talkative " Jack Graham . Jesus was not tempted to rebel against his Father's lifelong guidance and perfect will . He knew the old testament by heart because he had written it . He knew he was to be crucified . Perhaps he thought for a moment he had overlooked a portion of scripture that might enable him to escape sin's penalty
on a Roman cross . Jesus was never tempted to forsake his Father's will , nor did he cry about it at any time . What he once did cry about was the eternal loss of liars like Dr. Graham who continuously
misrepresent him . And he wasn't wrestling with Satan . He was pleading with his Father that there might be another way to fulfill scripture . There was no temptation to disobey his Father . And , occultists like to apply the word " cosmic " to Christ as Dr. Graham does in this sermon . The antichrist is the United Nations' Cosmic Christ .

Not long after that lie he says ; " Here it is . God chose his love . He chose the cross , while he could have walked away . "  Adrian Rogers had made the exact same blasphemous statement himself in a sermon . But this is typical of TBN preachers, and this is why I continue to point out these obvious
heresies , so that perhaps a few will turn from liars like this , many of whom are Masons .

Jesus could never have walked away from the cross . But men who think themselves Christians may walk away from Masonry , when God reveals Masonry's Satanic nature to them .

And Dr. Graham , I would love for you to provide Biblical proof that Jesus had the option to
forsake the cross . You can never do that . Christians understand that . You are a liar .

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