Friday, September 27, 2013

And poppet in the oven for baby and me

In " The Illustrated Guide To Witchcraft " I referred to in my blog " David Jeremiah Deals With the Devil " , this picture of Poppets , or Devil Dolls is displayed . This is a direct quote from page 74 shown here ; " This is straightforward ill-wishing black magic .... The use of a poppet , made of clay , wax or cloth , has always been associated with witchcraft . Often mistakenly referred to as ' Devil Dolls ' they have been ritually and magically used for many different purposes , ranging from the piercing of these figures to cause death or disease to the compassionate magic called upon to bring lovers together . "  So much for the Wiccan rede , " An harm ye none ! " Witches used to , and may still , eat " the flesh of a child who had never spoken articulate words the witches' own tongues would be prevented from articulating . "  At Forfair in 1661 Helen Guthrie stated that she and some others dug up the body of an unbaptized infant , ' and took several parts thereof , as the feet , hands , apart of the head , and a part of the buttock , and they made a pie of it , that by this means they might never make confession ( as they thought ) of their witchcrafts .' Most don't know that witches too practiced a form of baptism which varied from dipping the head in water to a mere sprinkling , and total immersion was not recorded .
At Wiccan baptisms the " reborn " witch is given a new name . As are Masons , new witches were made to " swear very solemnly that they will never accuse one another , nor report anything which has passed among them . "   In  " The Mysterie of Witchcraft " written in 1617 , it is stated that , " the Devil sets his seale upon them. This is commonly some sure " marke " in some secret place of their bodies , which shall remain sore and unhealed until his next meeting with them , and then for afterwards prove ever insensible ."  Often the mark left becomes a Masonic blue . The mark is quite painful at first . The Devil himself later comes again and takes the pain away . This may be the false healing observed today in the charismatic and other churches . The Devil can harm people in order to legitimize the occult practices of a so-called "Christian" church . I had met someone who told me that although they did not use drugs nor believe in Christ , they used to attend a charismatic church so that when the pastor laid hands on them they would " get high . "  In old Wiccan ceremonies everything was black . Their torches were dipped in resin or pitch giving a Masonic blue flame . The chief witch was " disguised as a black goat and displayed the sacred bread on his horns ; he took the sacred wine and sprinkled it on the kneeling people , while they cried out in chorus , " His blood be on us and on our children . "  Some witches become so dedicated to Satan that they are proud to be martyred by torture , and go joyfully to their own execution , longing to be with their master , having renounced heaven's Master . They have usually danced " the ring dance " whose central figure would usually be a male , such as Robin Goodfellow , compassed about by thirteen other witches . This dance was in the form of a circle so often represented today by " Christian" churches , as has David Jeremiah's and The Trinity Broadcasting Network . Page 75 tells the reader that " Spell-casting , whether it be done by a coven or an individual witch , is carried out within the magic circle or a protected , consecrated space . " Jack Graham doesn't mind suggesting the use of a circle . Some " Christian " churches still practice this circular Wiccan " ring dance " today . And Tim LaHaye of Shadow Mountain church has propagandized that Christians may receive " the mark " and still go to heaven . That is an obvious lie .
And Masonry's beloved mascot is a goat . 
Notice the cross atop the poppets' coffin . Witches are not afraid to hide behind a cross or the name of Christ . And when using a crystal ball to look into the future their " third eye vision " may come about . Masons also seek that " third eye vision . " In the net's " Gallery 10 : Poppets and Doll Babies " are pictured . Also on the net's " Poppet & Fetch ...Making and Using ...Spells , Rites , Info & Lore in Crafting , Collecting & ..." , description is given regarding the Wiccan presentation of her poppet to her deity after casting her circle . ( Notice , witchcraft is called " Crafting " just as Masonry is referred to as " The Craft ." )  On  some of the pages the witches' goddess sign is described having " the hands upon Her Heart "  , just as David Jeremiah , Jack Graham , James Merritt and countless other TBN preachers also display both hands crossing their hearts . Of course they would deny any association with witchcraft, but Masonry's own written history would prove them wrong . Poppets aid witches in performing spells and may be given names . Summoning them can be done by " simply uttering or thinking its name mote it be . " On the net's " Brainfeed - Mind Candy press release " poppets are presented as something fun for children . This is merely brainwashing children into becoming witches . They are correct when they say Wiccan pet monsters have become a " global phenomenon " for " global kids " . That is global Talmudism . The Masonic world works alongside them with their Wiccan signals which must be wittingly or unwittingly accompanied by curses . It would be naive to think that today's Masonic preachers have not been brainwashed into thinking something demonic when they often grit their teeth or present their witches' pyramids , god and goddess signs in anger . Look closely at their faces when they make these Masonic signals . They are often hostile . The reason people follow them is because they speak authoritatively and speak about Christ . The Masonic Christ is another Jesus , another spirit , and another gospel . Their preaching demeanors do not represent the calm compassionate love of Christ . The devil loves to quote the Bible . This is their cover . Most may not actually be aware of what they are doing . But as was proven long ago , that communists had subverted the church , do you think they have ever discontinued that practice ? Behind communism is Talmudism . Talmudism is the " new " Christianity that encourages Wiccan practices spoken of by Alice Bailey and her " Adepts "
in the church who reveal the Bible's hidden secrets and meanings through Masonic colors and
rituals . Puppets like David Jeremiah and all of TBN's false prophets , (who are Biblical " tails " ),
are forerunners of Wiccan priests to come whose world goodwill efforts to bring about Wiccan global peace will be accompanied by miracles . Witchcraft is prominent in both the secular and pseudo-Christian world . Through Talmudic puppeteers witchcraft's and Masonry's influences will exacerbate until Masonry's efforts will be superseded by those of the Talmudic Jewish antichrist who will sit in the rebuilt temple of God proclaiming that he is God . To Jews the Talmud is king and Moses is disdained though he is quoted . The time of the Gentiles seems just about over , as " Christian "
Masonry evidences . How many similar years of silence may there be until only 144,000 virgin Jewish males will be taught the truth of Christ and be faithful until death just before Jesus returns ?

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