Friday, September 20, 2013

David Jeremiah Deals With The Devil

In his 9/15/13 sermon , " Disaster : The Fear Of Natural Calamity " , Dr. Jeremiah says that ; " God had made a deal with the devil...God made a deal with Satan about Job . "  Though God hates sin so much that he said , " If I were hungry , I would not tell thee : for the world is mine , and the fullness thereof , " and , though God made no compromise or deal with Satan after he had fasted 40 days in the wilderness , Dr. Jeremiah puts a Satanic slant on the word " deal " , inferring that God in essence had made a pact with the devil . This is brainwashing 202 , turning Biblical truths into lies . Dr. Jeremiah's heresy may seem innocuous , but it isn't . Christians know that Job's suffering was God's preconceived plan to reveal Job's faithfulness , though it seemed negligible .

During this sermon in which he again slyly displays Masonry's two finger rebuke , touching his nose with his pointer and middle finger , he calls the heretic C.S. Lewis a " smart dude . " A fairly good camera shot reveals the demonic Maltese / Masonic cross carved into the facets of his inverted
obelisk lectern .

He continues on with his Masonic circular reasoning , saying , " let me turn the page as we come around the circle here . " Witchcraft is well known for its use of the circle with the pentagram and the covens of thirteen witches gathered around in a thirteen foot circle while they are skyclad . His Masonry shines through again in this sermon as he refers to his own peculiar revelation of God's reasoning for the disaster he sends as " points of light . "  He uses Wicca's and Masonry's reference to Satan as " Almighty God " as he has often before .

I hope to include at the end of this blog pictures from several Wiccan books I will quote from to buttress my allegations that Dr. Jeremiah exhibits the heresies and signals of Masonry , which even Masons admit is Kabbalism . On page 113 of a book I copied pages from perhaps thirty years ago ,
whose title may have been , " The Book of Sorcerers " , witches conjure up the devil in the name of the Great God , Almighty . Dr. Jeremiah constantly refers to God as God Almighty as do many Masons . This is the quote which tells practicing witches " how to put the devil into a bottle . " ( Of course the bottle will be themselves . ) ; " Uriel Seraphim , potesta , Io , Zati , Abbata , Agla , Cailo ,
Caila , I pray thee and conjure thee in the name of the Living God and by Him , thy master and mine ; by all the might of the Holy Trinity ; by the virginity of the Holy Virgin ; by the four sacred words which great Agla said with his own mouth to Moses , Io , Zati , Zata , Abbatta ; by the nine heavens in which thou dwellest ; and by the virtue of characters said before , that thou appear to me visibly and without delay in a fair human form , not terrifying , without or within this phial , which holds water prepared to receive thee , in order that thou mayest answer what I desire to ask thee , and fetch the book of Moses , open it , put thy hand upon it and swear truth while making me see and know clearly all that I desire to know ; appear then , I conjure thee in the name of Great God , Almighty Alpha , and be thou welcome in galatim , galata , cailo , caila . "

Masonry and Witchcraft call their followers Masters and Grandmasters , and both have a " blood
brotherhood " which is based upon hatred for the blood of Christ .

Graham Wyley's , " The Illustrated Guide To Witchcraft " and another book called " The Book of the Sorcerers " , ( I believe ) , both display Wiccan wording regarding the essence of David Jeremiah's " ALL SEEING EYE . "

Dr. Jeremiah also constantly refers to Christ as " the God-Man " , which is a Satanic name used  by Origen , by mystics and by Hindus . George W. Carey and Inez Eudora Perry co-authored a book in
1920 titled , " God-Man : The Word Made Flesh . " This book is solely associated with Masonic Alchemy and  astrology . It promotes the glorification of Masonry's egg  and the  " ALL SEEING EYE " which belongs to Horus , whom witches know as Satan . Witches also refer to a " GOD-MAN IN CHRIST " as they also refer to Masonry's " light " and " the sun of righteousness . "

The same Wiccan / Masonic Maltese cross on David Jeremiah's lectern can be viewed on the web under " Knights Templar " Freemasonry . This man was apparently inducted into Masonry in 2009 .

The same Wiccan cross can be seen in my picture of page 112 of " Witchcraft Magic and Alchemy " at the bottom of the page . A Maltese cross is placed after the words Father , Son , and Holy Ghost .
This is the Masonic god Adonay whom witches and Masons both refer to as God's " only son . "
This is the god , the Loving God El , Adonay , etc .

A witch posing as a Mason could not do a better job of misrepresenting Christ as David Jeremiah .
David Jeremiah's beloved TBN ministry likes to pose questions that are meant to instill doubt about Biblical understanding by making the statement , " could it be that ....." . Could it be that David Jeremiah actually is a witch posing as a Mason ? Masonry is witchcraft . Whether David Jeremiah is a witch posing as a Mason or not is moot . Masonry is nothing less than " Christian " witchcraft . Either way , it is David Jeremiah who has " made a deal with the devil . " Witches profess a belief and admiration for Christ . Some call themselves Christian witches . They are not Christian .

I may to try to include pictures of those pages about witchcraft I referred to earlier from my Gmail . Hopefully it will work as single pages on other blogs .

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