Monday, November 18, 2013

Jack Graham's most recent Masonic pose

 In his 11/17/13 sermon , "
Training Days " , Jack Graham formed the same modified Wiccan " goddess " pose made hundreds of times by himself and countless other TBN deceivers . Though the picture of him with his middle fingers to his temples is from a previous sermon , I included it today because I had mentioned that David Jeremiah has made this pose , not disguising it with the pointer finger of his left had as Mr. Graham is doing here . This same ungodly gesture was made by the prototype of the coming false prophet of the book of Revelation , Billy Graham . Before Christ returns Jerusalem must become the capitol of the world , as Judaism 101 and the Bible predict , and 144,000 virgin Jewish male believers from each of the twelve tribes must be killed along with the two olive trees that belong to God's garden . Dr. Graham makes an unusually long and low before he shapes this Masonic/Wiccan " goddess " sign as John 7:38 is put on the screen . He calls Peter the former coward . This slander against the rock of faith upon which the church was founded is repeated relentlessly . Though there are countless courageous acts of Peter highlighted in the Bible , men who would never have ventured into the high priest's house when Christ was being condemned to death continue to belittle Peter . Though Christ even in his human state would have been able to outwrestle Peter as the angel did Jacob , Peter would have been able to give Christ a good run for his talent . Peter was a strong courageous fisherman , as John the Baptist was a rugged , but also gentle outdoorsman raised in the wilderness so that he would not be influenced or antagonized by men who didn't really love God . Dr. Graham continues to promote the Wiccan use of circles in his advertising as seen in the hand circle above .

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