Saturday, November 2, 2013

John Hagee has probably made this horned hand sign hundreds , if not thousands of times

 This poor photo of John Hagee shows his fingers close in seconds to display the horned hand . Putting his thumbs out in the bottom picture does not exempt " Mr. Israel " , ( as he is called by TBN ) , from his perversion of the gospel . He had purposely closed his thumb by the second or two delay after the first photo to reveal his true allegiance in the middle photo . How many times has he been told el diablo is not the sign for " I love you ? " Most Trinity Broadcasting mainline preachers have made the el diablo sign numerous times .
Some boast of their understanding of Latin , Greek and Hebrew . But they can't seem to remember that this hand formation represents worship of Satan , their supposed adversary . What possesses them to continue to do this ? Or, perhaps , rather , who ?

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