Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just a few more of TBN 's witches' pyramids during their Praiseathon

 The recent TBN Praiseathon featured many preachers whose faces I have occasionally seen on their channel , but whose names I have not cared to learn . David Jeremiah displayed one pyramid during his appeal for money for them . The Occidental male whose picture follows Dr. Jeremiah made several witches' pyramids during his presentation and he is in the last blurry picture along with Joseph Prince who gives no interpretation to the demonic tongue he is
speaking in after drinking Jesus' blood in communion . The black preacher was very animated and made several witches' pyramids . Joseph Prince said that the church he attended when he was young had warned Christians not to take communion if there was sin in their lives . Here is just one example of how Mr. Prince's brainwashing technique works . Though it was Biblically proper to warn people not to take communion with undealt with or unconfessed sin , Mr. Prince craftily quotes 1st Corinthians 11 , and says , " let a man examine himself and so let him eat and let him drink ". Mr. Prince then states that the churches' teaching was " erroneous . " He says , " examining yourself is to know  what , what is the bread that you are holding in your hand , what is , what does it typify , and the wine , or the cup , what does it represent ? To judge yourself , to examine yourself , to understand what these elements are . And ( talking? ) about judging yourself , here's how you judge yourself , by the broken body of Jesus , I judge myself healed by the shed blood of Jesus . I judge myself forgiven . It's not just introspective searching whether you have sinned . " This is the David Jeremiah bait and switch brainwashing technique of first quoting a Bible verse , and then turning it's meaning totally around . Mr. Prince does not want you to be introspective about your sin . By including the word " just " when he talked about introspection he makes himself appear to have agreed with the Bible but he immediately said that the church ( which had earlier taught the correct attitude of communion ) was faulty in its teaching . Teaching like this helps sear the conscience with a hot iron . And since he had previously stated that , ( as David Jeremiah espouses ) , all your past and future sins are forgiven , why go to the bother at all about any introspection of recent sins ? And before this animated manipulator speaks in a fraudulent tongue that I have heard Rod Parsley , Benny Hinn and other deceivers speak in , ( with no interpretation ) , and in between his constant " Amen"s , he lies when he tells you " the more you partake of the Lord's supper , the younger you become  " , and that people have received healing by taking communion at his church . And often in the background window pictures the pyramidal tops of buildings are portrayed . He also calls Christ's body and blood " elements " . Nowhere in the Bible will you find any suggestion his body and blood are called elements . But witches have " elements " whose colors also have meanings , as do the colors in Shadow Mountain's Eye of Horus .

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