Friday, November 8, 2013

Just one of Leon's Wiccan gestures given as he helps TBN's Praiseathon

 Just before I left this morning I could discern Wiccan/ Masonic gestures again being made . I taped a few minutes of the end of this man's preaching and rewound it , finding this odd hand signal that has been made by numerous other TBN preachers for years , including Billy Graham and Jack Graham . David Jeremiah's popular goddess pose , ( which seems to have been abandoned by him lately ) , was also made by Leon who featured a female guest a while ago on one of his programs , whose name was Lisa Bevere I believe , who shaped many witches' pyramids as she spoke with him and James Robison on separate programs . Again , I cannot import that picture I took along with this one this morning to this blog .

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