Monday, November 25, 2013

Some of David Barton's witches' pyramids and horned hands with Andrew Womack

These images are separate shots . Clearly they are the horned hand and witches' pyramids . During his talk with Andrew Womack ( a charismatic who claims to have raised the dead ) , Mr. Womack , as do several other TBN ministers , pounds the table with his middle finger . Had not so many TBN ministers displayed their single middle finger so prominently , so often , this may seem trivial . But David Jeremiah has done the same thing often himself . This summer I spoke with two strangers who made the same horned hand signal as does David Barton here . Though they were pointing something in the distance out to me , their  little finger simultaneously raised with the pointer finger was blatantly odd . These may be Masons fishing to see if they get the proper response from someone whom they suspect may be a fellow Mason . I am not sure . Most Masons do not become aware of the depths of Satan involved in Talmudic Masonry until they have seared their conscience with a hot iron .

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