Saturday, November 9, 2013

TBN Praiseathon night of prophet sharing

Last night I viewed about six of TBNs false prophets as they shared their end-time deceptions with the pseudo-Christian world . Though I tuned the program in a little late , I noticed John Hagee  making his usual witches' pyramid sign . I have included many , ( not all ) , of the horned hand signals given by Bill Salus , the founder of Prophecy Depot Ministries . Mr Salus also presented several witches' pyramids during his spiel . Irwin Baxter seems to have only displayed one witches' pyramid here . These men never once mentioned the 144,000 Jewish males who will be killed by the antichrist . They speak well of Jewish rabbis who counsel them . One of the speakers spoke highly of a 12th century Jewish prophet's works . This is the time more lies were added to the ever-increasing Babylonian Talmud promoted by TBN today . Trusting in any facet of the TBN ministry is an unwise investment of your time . Following are pictures of the three men I referred to above as they form their Satanic signals . These are all separate instances , and not continued shots of one or two poses . I did the same thing with the numerous Billy Graham photos of his witches' pyramids .

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