Thursday, November 14, 2013

Joseph Prince's middle finger rebuke and witches' pyramid

 Until I looked at websites that I assumed would articulate the numerous heresies of Joseph Prince , I was reluctant to display this picture of him in one of his TBN recent telecasts in November , 2013 . Men like him pervert the gospel of Christ , drawing the unwary after them . It is difficult to capture the nanosecond in which liars like this make gestures like this , but clearly here , his middle finger is singularly extended . I have blogged many other pictures of liars who say they know Christ , and are TBN star preachers who have done the same . I had only watched him once before , easily discerning his heresies in only one program . I do not have a computer nor good , nor constant television reception . I appreciate others who have taken the time to enumerate his heresies Biblically . I actually heard him say recently that " the opposite of holiness is not sin . " This is the kind of ridiculous attempts at deception David Jeremiah has used often . Only people who do not truly know Christ will believe his lies .

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