Monday, December 16, 2013

Another middle finger Masonic rebuke by Jack Graham Sunday , December 15th , 2013

 Had Jack Graham and many other TBN
ministers and guests not displayed the Masonic middle finger rebuke so often I might dismiss this gesture as a fluke . Men like him are practiced adepts at sending signals . They point to their heads often enough with the pointer finger , so that when they do this , they expect to be given a pass . That is called misdirection . I would love to see the men who make these obscene gestures attempt to do this in front of a congressional committee or before a judge in a courtroom . Mr. Graham has done this often , as has David Jeremiah . In an article on the net , a woman named Sarah Childs displayed this gesture with Christmas lights in her front yard . According to the article , " Sarah Childs Wants To Keep Middle Finger Christmas Lights Up All Year Long " , it has been argued that her display was designed to attack her neighbor .  

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