Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Fox

Many years ago I composed a harmonious parallel to the well known song , " The Fox " . The fox prayed to the moon , as do witches . In her 2006 book , " Drawing Down the Moon  " , Wiccan Goddess Margot Adler speaks about Wicca's love for the moon , the lesser light that rules the night .
Here are a few quotes from that book ;

" It was in 1939 that Gardner , according to the story , contacted the Witch cult in England . Valiente , who , according to her own account was initiated into the Craft by Gardner in 1953 , writes that Gardner joined an occult society , the fellowship of Crotona , which constructed a community theatre called " The First Rosicrucian Theatre in England . " Among members of this occult fraternity was the daughter of Annie Besant , the Theosophist and founder of Co-Masonry , a Masonic movement for women . " ( page 58 )

Witches know the name Gardner but may not know about Masonry , which the United Nations heralds as a major force united with witchcraft in the worldwide false Christian church which will usher in the antichrist for whom they pray to the moon daily in Masonic and Wiccan Triangles .
Interestingly , she notes Masonry's Wiccan roots by mentioning a Rosicrucian theatre .

Margot mentions this about the moon on page 106 ; " Many covens also engage in more ' spiritual ' or ' religious ' workings . Many of the revivalist covens have rituals in which the Goddess , symbolized by the moon , is drawn down , into a priestess of the coven , who at times goes into a trance and is
' possessed by ' or ' incarnates ' or ' aspects ' the Goddess . Similarly , there are rituals where the God force is drawn down into the priest who takes the role of the God in the circle . "

Charismatics like Margaret MacDonald went into trances such as this . This is the altered state of consciousness sought by witches , alcoholics , and drug users . The moon , the lesser light , is sought .

She continues on page 171 regarding the moon , saying ; " It was Aiden Kelly who first made me aware that the phrase " Drawing Down the Moon " originates in antiquity . ' The Drawing Down of the Moon ' and the '  Drawing Down of the Horned God ' are , perhaps the two most extraordinary parts of Craft ritual , as performed in the covens of revival . For here , in true humanistic tradition , the Priestess ( or Priest ) can become the Goddess ( or God ) and function as such within the circle . "

Trinity Broadcasting preachers constantly exhibt Wicca's ' Horned God ' , as they do the Wiccan
' God ' and ' Goddess ' poses . Both Masonry and witchcraft are known as 'the Craft ' because both are demonically led . Humanism is actually witchcraft , by the way .

Many Christians who sing folk songs do not give much thought to the Satanic depths of  music , which itself seduces and creates an altered state of consciousness . Puff the Magic Dragon seems innocuous because it is well crafted to do just that . Who would condemn a song in which magic and Dragons are presentes as being harmless ? True Christians would .

Anyway , the following is my Christian bend on the old song , " The Fox . " I do many other things besides focusing on Trinity Broadcasting's Wiccan roots .

                                            " The Fox Who Outfoxed Himself "

The fox went out on a chilly night .
Prayed to the moon to give him light .
Didn't pray through the Son , didn't think it right ,
When he fell upon the town-o ,town-o ,town-o,
Didn't pray through the Son , didn't think it right ,
When he fell upon the town-o ,  ............( face down-o ! )

God threw him into the village pen ,
Where the Lamb and the sheep were kept therein ,
And he ate 'em like bread as they greased his chin ,
And he lived beneath the ground-o , ground-o , ground-o ,
And he ate 'em like bread as they greased his chin , And he lived beneath the ground-o.....
(subterranean condo-o ..., with tectonic biothermal sauna-o ! )

And he grabbed the Lamb whose songs we sing ,
And he slyly killed the Shepherd King,
But he did not know this very thing,
Would finally bring him down-o , down-o , down-o ,
He did not know this very thing ,
Would finally bring him down-o !

And his babbling vixen robed in red ,
Never once got out of bed ,
Laughing at the sheep she'd bled ,
Whose blood was on her gown-o , gown-o , gown-o ,
Laughing at the sheep she'd bled ,
Whose blood was on her gown-o !

So the fox ran to his brimstone den ,
And his friends were still possessing men ,
And they feared to see the Lamb again ,
And they trembled with a very big frown-o , frown-o , frown-o ,
They feared to see the Lamb again ,
And they trembled with a very big frown-o !
( I mean a really contorted grimace-o ! )

And the fox's new world order kit ,
That the villagers pulled from the bottomless pit ,
Would finally to the Lamb submit ,
And the elders cast their crowns-o , crowns-o , crowns-o ,
All creation would submit ,
And the elders cast their crowns-o !

And the vixen and the fox without any strife ,
Were thrown in the furnace for the rest of their life ,
Forced in there with a two-edged knife ,
And they chewed on their own bones-o ,bones-o ,bones-o ,
Forced in there with a two-edged knife ,
And they chewed on their own bones-o !

Now the moral of the story of the fox is plain ,
That unless you trust in Jesus' name ,
You and the vixen and the fox remain ,
Locked out of God's new town-o , town-o , town-o ,
You and the vixen and the fox remain locked out of God's new town-o !

There are Bible verses that relate to every aspect of this parody . I thought placing them next to each verse would detract from the humor .

Monday, February 25, 2013

Jack Graham often displays Wiccan god and goddess poses

In his February 24th , 2013 sermon , " Love Does " , Jack Graham displays Wicca's God and Goddess signs in the same particular manner that David Jeremiah repeatedly does . This can be viewed in his own internet videos at , Faith in Motion . At the 12:56 point witchcraft's closed crossed fists " God "  sign is immediately followed by the Wiccan lowered " Goddess " pose while he
speaks about the good Samaritan . At the 25:02 spot , again the Wiccan " Goddess" sign is obvious .
I have edited years of sermons of Trinity Broadcasting misguided preachers who have made these signs , as well as many of them who like David Jeremiah and Jack Graham have pointed to their
temples simultaneously with both middle fingers . These are not mistakes . They either point to
witchcraft veiled in Masonry or Masonry veiled in witchcraft , both of which are idolatrous and totally rejected by Christ . I may have about an hour of some of the few second Wiccan poses edited and coupled together such as these displayed by Jack Graham that both he and several other TBN ministers have displayed in the past few years .

Monday, February 11, 2013

Heresy Is " Nothing New " For David Jeremiah

In his 2/10/13 sermon , " Beautiful In His Time " , David Jeremiah states ; "...Ecclesiastes is a very unique book in the old testament . It is not a book about life as we see it today . It is a book about life , as the scripture says , under the sun . "

I must have overlooked God's cut-off date for Ecclesiastes' relevance in the Bible , but David Jeremiah must have found it because he said that , " Ecclesiastes is not a book about life as we see it today . "  But this is what Ecclesiastes itself says in God's word ; " The thing that hath been it is that which shall be ; and that which is done is that which shall be done : and there is no new thing under the sun . Is there any thing where it may be said , See this is new ? it hath been of old time, which was before us  ", ( Ecclesiastes 1:9 ) ; " That which hath been is now ; and that which is to be hath already been ", ( Ecclesiastes 3:15 ) .

Besides openly contradicting God's word , saying that Ecclesiastes has no relevance today , David Jeremiah contradicts God's premise that nothing new occurs under the sun by adding a red herring saying , " it is a book about life as the scripture says , under the sun . " This is brainwashing double-talk . When did God change the position of the earth , so that it was not under the sun . And what relevance does that statement have to do in conjunction with the preceding heretical statement that Ecclesiastes  , " is not a book about life as we see it today ? "

His heresy continues as he states that Ecclesiastes , " is a book written by the wisest man who ever lived . " Dr. Jeremiah had discounted Jesus omniscience in his 2/03/13 sermon , saying that Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived . Jesus was a man . He himself proclaimed to be wiser than Solomon . In these back to back sermons David Jeremiah demotes Jesus to second place in wisdom's hall of fame . David Jeremiah must have forgotten that Jesus had said that he was wiser than Solomon . David Jeremiah's defenders would probably view this criticism as too harsh , thinking that Dr. Jeremiah wanted to use a non- heaven-sent man as wisdom's finest example , but the Bible espouses Jesus , not Solomon , to be the wisest man who ever lived .

When God spoke through Solomon saying that nothing new happens he made no mistake . Intelligent children can surmise this . Our sinful nature has alienated us from dependence upon God to an independent collective leaning to our own shadowy understanding of his laws of nature by which we
continue to bite and devour one another through chemical , biochemical , physical and metaphysical adaptations of previous devices .

The invention of the television and the reinvention of Wiccan ministries such as Trinity Broadcasting
have exacerbated witchcraft's incorporation into the church as Jesus warned in the book of Revelation . In that book Jesus speaks of something really new , the Earth , devoid of sin and man's
" new " machinations .

Other than these major faux pas David Jeremiah rightly divided the word of truth in this sermon wherein only one modified Wiccan god pose was displayed ,( as it is in most sermons ) , along with the Wiccan goddess pose .

Friday, February 8, 2013

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking

In his 1/27/13 broadcast television sermon , " The Faith of Commitment " , David Jeremiah again purposely gives a double middle finger gesture of rebellion and hatred for Christ and His church . You can view this for yourself on his own David Jeremiah television archves . Around the 44:23 point he points to his own head simultaneously with both pointer fingers , as normal speakers would do . But with David Jeremiah you are not dealing with the normal , but with the paranormal . Around the 47:17 spot in this sermon he displays his arrogance for the third time in a short span gesturing unflinchingly to those of us who reveal his Wiccan practices and constant heresies .

He had made this offensive gesture in his 5/20/12 sermon , " What is Faith " at the 30:32 spot .

About five months later , on October 21st , 2012 in his sermon ,  " God loves You Even When You Don't Love Him " at the 30:26 spot in the archived sermon .

Deceivers like David Jeremiah exhibit a form of godliness , denying the power thereof , leading captive silly women and men , ever learning and never able to come to the knowlrdge of the truth ; men of corrupt minds  , reprobate concerning the faith , deceiving and being deceived . He had also continued the lie that Jesus spoke more about money than anything else . Even a non-believer who read the gospels would easily be able to discern that is a lie . Pastors use this coined phrase to make giving money to them seem less painful , though it should not be painful to true believers who have found the extremely rare pastor who does not coorupt God's word , as does David Jeremiah .