Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jewish Voice Calls Jesus A Pig

Jonathan Bernis smiles as his guest rabbi Itzhak Shapira promotes his new book , " The Return of the Kosher Pig . " The only one known to have been lain in a manger was Jesus . Those who hate him spread around the phrase , " don't be a dog in a manger , " leaving the subconscious mind to think of Jesus as a dog . There is no place in the Biblical recounting of Jesus' birth that a dog ever entered a manger . These charismatic deceivers who say they love God's word , both mock Christ as they refer to him as a pig , whom they deem kosher . The word pig is not found in Strong's concordance .

Rabbi Shapira  tells of his experience in Israel , while at age seven , he was repulsed by the cross when he was "asking to be the Roundtable Knight . " He had been taught to hate the cross apparently . Throughout their conversation the two misled men speak of the Jewish sages . Rabbi Shapira also mentioned the expansion of the Torah , which Talmudic Jews and wise Christians understand is the Talmud . The Bible will not be expanded , or added to , but the Talmud Torah is ever-expanding through demonic telepathic reception .

Rabbi  Shapira says he studied Jewish writings . He did not articulate " the old testament " regarding God's own testimony that he would visit this earth as a man . Jewish writings are the words Talmudists add to their occult Talmud , which they themselves call the Torah . Rabbi Bernis said that rabbi Shapira researched material " that most people are totally unaware of " , and that he went back into some very unique Jewish sources . The old testament is not necessarily unique , and is well known . Rabbi Shapira also refers to a great Jewish scholar of the Middle Ages . Jewish scholars of the Middle Ages are well known for their Talmudic contributions .

Although proof of Christ's deity is abundant in the old and new testaments , rabbi Bernis commends rabbi Shapira for digging deeply for proof of Christ's deity in those unbiblical Jewish writings . Jewish Voice's commercial for Mr. Shapiro's book says that ; " it uncovers Hebrew scripture and ancient Jewish literature rarely seen . " Obviously , this is not the Bible .

Rabbi Shapira says every Jewish word has two meanings , and says that the word pig in Hebrew is actually the Hebrew word for " return . " The inference here is that of swine returning to the slop .

Rabbi Bernis says rabbi Shapira's book was based upon traditional Jewish views . The word " tradition " carries much weight with the Jewish Pharisees still in control of Jewish minds today .
Rabbi Bernis gives me much reason to surmise that he has fairly extensive knowledge of the Talmud . He himself is a rabbi , and to my knowledge , most , if not all , rabbis have received some instruction regarding the Talmud .

Rabbi Shapiro says he bases all he believes upon the work of the " sages " of the last 2,000 years . Nothing has been added to the Bible for 2,000 years . Rabbi Shapira did not say he bases all he believes upon what Jesus said , but the work of the " sages " , who are understood by Jews to have been Talmudists . Rabbi Bernis is proud to say that the faith of Judaism is based upon the argumentative capability of Jewish " sages . " Rabbi Shapira is right . Jewish words have two meanings . Talmudic Jews may infer that the " prophets " were the " sages " , all the while fully intending to convey the thought that the sages were the wise men who contributed to the Talmud .

The net's " Edutainment Weekly 's article , " The Sign of the Swine " , seems to buttress my argument by saying ; " the pig deceptively represents itself as being kosher ... while covertly concealing its " dark side . " "  This is what it appears to me these two men are doing , by deceptively representing themselves as being kosher , they infer that Christ is a pig . There is only one reason to do that , and that is to blaspheme . The Bible doesn't infer in any way infer that Jesus was a pig or swine . Though " chazer " may also mean return , calling Jesus a pig reveals the " dark side " of the deceptive Jewish roots ministry . I have given good reasoning for stating that the Jewish roots movement is deceptive in my blog ; " Jewish Voice Does Not Represent Christ . "

Years ago the movie " Babe " featured a shepherd pig . Was that merely irony that the world's most famous shepherd may have been subtly mocked as a pig ? When the word "babe" is used most Christians immediately think of Jesus , the " babe " in the manger . Oddly the shepherd pig's friends were " Fly " and " Rex " . Of course I may be construing something unintended , but , " king of the flies " may have been a subliminal message sent via that film .

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