Monday, February 24, 2014

Jewish Voice and Tisha b'Av Repentance

Not long ago Jonathan Bernis had Sandra Teplinsky , a Messianic Jew , on as a guest who referred to " Jewish tradition " in her " Day 25 : Tisha b'Av Repentance " , seen on the net . Jewish tradition is what Jesus referred to as the practice of the Pharisees . She knows about the Talmud . She says that Christians can release God's word " which assures that Israel will be saved . "  She also states that Christians are called to release Christ's redemption . Christians do not " release " Christ's redemption , and not all Israel will be saved , but those who reject the Talmud and accept Christ will be saved . She attended the Talbot School of Theology . Though there is more than one Talbot School of Theology , both more than likely offer the same courses of " Rabbinic thought " , which is Talmudism . On the net , page two regarding Messianic studies offered under Talbot's School of Theology , these occult courses are offered ;

" Rabbinic Literature - Readings in Mishna & Talmud " , and " Rabbinic Theology " . Rabbi Bernis never challenges anyone regarding the Talmud's blatant occultism or its blatant hate for Christ .

In her " Light of Zion " ministry , " The Overlooked Messianic Jewish Root of Christmas "on the net , page two of two , she says ; " And we really don't need extensive training in the Talmud or Mishna , or any other extrabiblical text , for that . "  My point here is that she used the word  "extensive " regarding training , as if a general reference to the Talmud would be acceptable . Why mention the Satanic Talmud at all ?

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