Saturday, February 15, 2014

Typical witchcraft signals from Prophecy In The News

Though TBN broadcasting repulses me , when I saw a witchcraft signal on " Prophecy In The News " recently , I thought I'd record the program . Both the host and his guest made several of the hand formations I have surely improperly named , " Billy Graham's Mummy's Ghost " ,  seen on my blogs . Joseph Prince must have been on around that time too and I knew he would insert some witchcraft poses in his heretical sermon . I just threw this picture of him in here , seeing it correlated to those signals the Prophecy host was giving . The Prophecy host also made several witches' pyramids . Most of the time I cannot include all the signals given during one program because they are at a bad angle or are too far away and they will not upload clearly . Each of these , again , as is my manner of course regarding the exposure of these witchcraft poses made by supposed Christians , is a separate pose . The TBN viewing audience , over the course of forty years , has probably been exposed to hundreds of thousands , if not millions of theses devilish gestures . These are poses that have no obvious correlation to that which is spoken . They are purposeful signals that real Christians need not be given . If the rightly divided word of truth will not change men , sending them witchcraft's signals like this will only make them worse . But these men associated with TBN cannot rightly divide the word of truth . That is why they use witchcraft's signals continuously . 

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