Monday, February 24, 2014

Voice of Prophecy promotes Masonry...signals I referred to on YouTube

 Pastor Gary Stearman and guest Tom Horn seem to concur regarding the occult Masonic reverence for the ungodly book of Enoch . I have recorded a portion of that statement on YouTube . As they both send Masonic signals , Mr. Horn also mentions the unaccepted Apocrypha , and it is proudly displayed in this program , along with his new book , " Zenith 2016 " , in which Masonry's Eye of Horus is also hawked . Masonry is based upon Egyptian witchcraft . Masonic literature and the United Nations' own library of Alice Bailey's books confirm that . Long ago , the church was subverted by unseen hands which manipulate those of the men above whose god is Lucifer , posing as Jesus . It has been reported that the Satanist Aleister Crowley also used the Eye of Horus within the triangle . Today's churches are clearly occult , though the common man largely hasn't recognized that .  

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