Monday, March 31, 2014

More methodical marionettes manifest mirrored March madness

Reflecting the work of their hands , ( to their own hurt ) , these photos reveal the continuing occult tapestry hand-woven by Trinity Broadcasting Network's kennel of false teachers . These are only a few of the Masonic /Wiccan signals I noticed while channel surfing in March , 2014 . These gestures are so numerous and common I no longer care to identify the signaler . I have never really known TBN's schedule , except for Sunday's , when the WASPy  preachers exhibit a fifteen or so minute hand choreographed , and usually heretical , sermon . It has been depressing to keep an eye on the Eye of Horus and his underlings who probably grew up in churches that taught the demonic hand signal method to be used while speaking . These people form Masonic/ Wiccan , ( and I knew all along that Wicca was actually formed by England's Gerald Gardner in 1954 ) , poses constantly , and , more than likely will not cease to do that for decades , if not longer should the Lord tarry . ( But , I think he will , for the second temple hasn't begun to have been built yet , and the syncretism of the world's religions into a more concrete form of Cabbalism needs much more work . )  These people form these witchcraft signals , ( including the arrogant middle finger gesture ) , with impunity , having been assured no 60 Minute major television exposure of their conspiracy will ever occur . Most may well be unwitting shills thinking they are doing God service while blaspheming him orally and visually . Some may well be witches posing as Christians in this world now obviously subverted through witchcraft . These are prophets that  prophesy lies in Christ's name ; he sent them not neither spake unto them: they prophesy false visions and divinations through the deceit of their heart . They are corrupters , grievous revolters walking with slanders , who prophesy by Baal and have no proper fear of God . Their feet stumble upon dark mountains , and while they look for light it shall be turned into the shadow of death . Now , under Horus' eye of favor , they are stitching together the United Nations' Good Will box of rags and Masonic many colored aprons , a Wiccan cloak of righteousness with Techilit patches , yielding a straightjacket for those who choose to remain crooked . The pants of one top dog , seeking whom he may devour , as his ten of thirteen young pups contend for crumbs beneath Tarot's table adorn their iron legs . Holy Land Lodge # 50 in the Grand Lodge of the state of Israel and King Solomon's Quarries are two examples of Cabbalism still practiced today . Some American Masonic Lodges are beginning to backpedal and delete the 666 from their title . Some of them who contain the number of the beast are ; Joppa Lodge no. 666 F. & a.m. , Akron , Ohio ; Reseda Masonic Lodge No. 666 F.& A.M. ; brownstone Lodge No. 666 in Hershey , Pa. ; Irvington Masonic Lodge # 666 in Indianapolis , Indiana . After years of uploading photos of their rebellious hand signals , I doubt that thousands more photos would convince those who cannot discern the diabolical purposes of the display of just a few of witchcraft's numerous signals given by these who say they know and love Christ . It has been depressing to expose them as others have , but it has been necessary . My hope has been to urge others to trust the King James Bible and to reject the teaching of these American " wise ones " who believe their gnosis is perfect , paving the way for their Superman false Messiah .


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