Monday, March 3, 2014

Some of Dr. Merritt's witches' pyramids in recently aired sermon ( other witchcraft signals too )

These are many of the same common witchcraft signals TBN ministers have sent for many decades .
One might call it Masonry , but that is witchcraft based upon the Satanic Kabbalah . These are only many single signals given during one single sermon aired by TBN in February of 2014 . I cannot help but think of Masonry's Sphynx , as Dr. Merritt seems to portray it in the last pose ; a pose he has made countless times before . His three-eared Bugs Bunny O.K. shadow is somewhat novel . I did not include many more signals given in this sermon . As I had noted with Billy Graham's numerous witches' pyramids a while ago , ( on my blog ) , these shots are all separate poses taken either seconds or minutes apart .

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