Monday, March 31, 2014

Sustainable Food Recipes

Knowing that " sustainable development " has been a socialist term and ploy , I had to chuckle last week when I saw the term " Sustainable Food Recipes " come on the t.v. screen . Now I can live in confidence knowing that food recipes are being made sustainable . In the early 1980's the United Nations had promoted sustainable development through television programs actually using that socialist term in a brainwashing effort , promoting that nebulous idea whose socialist cousin is " social justice " , which will be whatever those in control want social justice to be . The Noahide Laws point to a " social justice " . There is a devil , and sustainable development and social justice are but a few of his ploys . Christians know that . They know he is the ultimate conspirator . That is why he labels Bible believing Christians paranoids .  God's justice is awaiting him and his followers , but he is patient , not wanting any man to perish , but to believe in his Son , who was treated unjustly , so that those who believe in him might be with him forever . Both Trinity Broadcasting and Christian Broadcasting are surely annoyed at the exposure of their Satanic bend , actually making them ;
a pair annoyed .

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