Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ain't No Saint

Recently , popes John XXIII and John Paul were proclaimed to be saints . But unless God declares you a saint , you are not one . If you have repented of your sins and accepted Christ by faith as your Lord and Saviour , and you abide in him , you will not need others to confirm that you are one .

Jesus said , " I am the good shepherd , and know my sheep and am known of mine . " Peter told Jesus , " Thou art the Christ , the Son of the living God .  Jesus answered and said unto him , Blessed art thou Simon Barjona : for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee , but my Father which is in heaven . " Jesus also said , " No man knoweth the Son , but the Father , neither knoweth any man the Father , save the Son , and he to whomever the Son will reveal him  . " Jesus said too, that , " no man knoweth who the Son is , but the Father , and who the Father is , but the Son , and he to whom the Son will reveal him . " The Bible states that God , the Holy Spirit reveals these things to God's servants , and prophets and holy apostles .

The apostle Paul wrote to the Christians at Corinth saying ; " to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus , called to be saints , with all that is in every place , call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord , both theirs and ours . Saints are those who believe in and obey Christ . But Jesus said , " not every one that saith unto me , Lord , Lord , shall enter into the kingdom of heaven ; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven ... depart from me , ye that work iniquity ...I never knew you . "

Some of the Catholic churches' iniquities include the name of its " pope ", which meant " father " in Greek , or "papas " , a variation of " pappas " father . Jesus told his followers to call no man your father on earth , and that he would not share his glory with another  . The pope  is considered by the Catholic church to be infallible , expounding matters of faith or morals or virtue of the promise made by Christ to the church . Popes promote the worship of Jesus' mother Mary , calling her " the Mother of God " which is blasphemy . The Middle Ages paintings of her and her son infer the Queen of heaven and her antichrist son . The immaculately conceived Mary , purgatory , celibacy and the Apocrypha are a few of the other pagan practices continued by men who love the uppermost rooms at feasts as well as the praise of men . Many of them display the Masonic Maltese Cross which adorns David Jeremiah's pulpit . Catholicism and Masonry are not adversarial , but complicit in blasphemy . The blood of Christ is often displayed on papal clothing and not in their hearts . As Pharaoh promoted Satanism with the snake as his crown , the pope's mitre resembles the serpent with hell's mouth ever widening .

If your sainthood is gained posthumously , assuredly , you never were one . It may be correct that 80 of 256 popes were declared saints because of their own works . If you become one by faith , that is , a Christian , you will know it because God himself will reveal it to you through his written word .
Protestantism has falsely preached for centuries that Catholicism's pope will be the antichrist . Halley's Bible Handbook used in seminaries has espoused that heresy . The pope and men of Billy Graham's ilk are good prototypes of the antichrist's false prophet , but deep study of the cross references in the trustworthy King James Bible identify a Jewish antichrist claiming himself to be God in the temple of God in the world's capitol , Jerusalem . Rapturists need not hold their breath . It's going to take a little while for an unbelieving Jerusalem to become the capitol of the world , as Jews expect it to some day be . Ultimately , the new Jerusalem will replace the unbelieving harlot Aholibah upon whom  Jesus pours out his wrath in the book of Revelation , leaving an astonished remnant who  finally recognizes his deity . Until then , the present world religion of witchcraft , craftily imbued in all churches today , will continue to proliferate , eventually producing communism's evolutionary Superman .

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