Saturday, June 14, 2014

More TBN middle fingers

  Though I gmailed several more pictures of Mr. Hagee and others with other middle finger gestures to my gmail over one hour ago , they are not on my gmail yet . I sent these yesterday . Because I said I would only look for middle fingers on TBN a while ago I am placing these more recent ones here with other pictures of Mr. Hagee making TBN's infamous witches' pyramid , ElDiablo , witchcraft's god sign , and Billy Graham's Mummy's Ghost to suggest all these men know exactly what they are doing with their fingers , and are adepts at constantly signalling as they preach . I included an old Jack Graham similar odd middle finger position that is often used by TBN deceivers . I included the deaf language's "L" symbol because Mr. Hagee used it to ask for a show of hands , rather than using an open palm as most speakers do . Could it be that he is promoting Lucifer ? TBN ministers' signals suggest that .
So, coming back to another good library from which I have sent many dozens of pics before I , I again attempted the same elementary task of g-mailing more middle finger photos of TBN personalities . I will try later , but I'll describe them here . Under penalty of slander , they are picture of ; (1) an unnamed TBN preacher who exhibits the same double middle finger points just beneath his eyes as many other TBN preachers have made before ; (2)John Hagee pointing his pointer fingers to his temples , as have numerous other TBN ministers ; (3)John Hagee using the common two finger Baphomet  point ; (4) Bishop Fulton J. Sheen clearly displaying his singular middle finger beneath his chin ( which may have been unintentional , but David Jeremiah had done it many times before ) ; (5) another favorite TBN preacher displaying the common middle finger counting method ; (6) Perry Stone promotes red "X"'s on either side of the Jewish doorway portraying the scapegoat's blood .(7) an old picture from Whitewater hearings in which a senator places his pointer finger to his head while interrogating a witness , and then replaces it with the middle finger . I have many minutes left on my Tracfone . The message I have been getting this morning is that the network is unavailable . This appears to be a problem for others too according to Google . 
 I finally was able to gmail the pics I mentioned earlier. Before I left this morning I noticed Ken Davis making odd finger gestures again . Often I cannot send important pictures which give proof of my assertions . The last picture is of Ken Davis pointing to his audience with his middle finger as he holds the microphone . Had he not earlier clearly made another freehanded middle finger gesture I would not be so suspect . The pictures I take are from tapes I made from the Whitewater and Randy Weaver hearings long ago . Perhaps Mr. Pryor's odd finger positioning during one old hearing was simply a thoughtless gesture , as may have been attorney Jerry Spence's during the Randy Weaver hearings . TBN personalities seem to make these and other
obvious middle finger gestures purposely . My phone reads " unable to add more " when I attempted to g-mail Ken Davis' middle finger gesture . In the old testament the "X" is not prescribed as the pattern of placing lambs' blood on lintels . Taking liberty with this "X" pattern is typical TBN deceptive style .

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