Monday, August 18, 2014

TBN pastor Jesse Duplantis proclaims himself more powerful than God

Mr. Duplantis' blasphemy may still be able to be seen under TBN's " Pastor Chip and Polly Radke from God's House. "  Apparently this charismatic preacher's charismatic faith wasn't strong enough to prevent his wife's admission to a hospital . But his faith was strong enough at one point to demand her life saving equipment be detached . In fact it was so strong that he could disobey Jesus , setting a wonderful Christian example by apparently threatening hospital staff who properly refused his absurd demands , as security was sent in to suppress his disruption . Pastor Chip boasts as he says that he was bigger than the nurse who may have tried to quiet him , and boasts again , saying , " Don't mess with me " , bringing glory to Christ in his own way . Pastor Chip doesn't apparently mind worshipping a man in the mafia or popish style , as he tells of kissing pastor Duplantis' hand when he visited the couple in the hospital . During this ungodly reminiscence , Mr. Duplantis says this ; " God told me something . He said , Jesse , I have .. I'm God . I have the power to take your life , but I don't have the authority to do it . I said , what did you say God ? He said I have the power to take your life , but I do not have the authority . I told you death and life is in the power of your tongue , not my tongue , so speak what you want . " As pastor Chip and Polly and Mr. Duplantis stand praying , Chip twice utters several monosylabic words , ( TBN tongues , reminiscent of " scat " words in old songs ),  which are of course not interpreted . The TBN audience then claps and falsely praises God after this major blasphemy .This is typical of the insanity that reigns in the charismatic church . Men like this think that every thought they encounter emanates from God himself . Discerning Christians know better and lean not unto their own understanding . This type of thinking reflects the demonic work of Talmudists who endlessly add their own commentaries to the ever expanding Talmud which continues to govern today's Pharisees who govern the false church worldwide . Rather than casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God , bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ , Mr. Duplantis , and many charismatics , accept such demonic suggestions . The devil has duplicated deplorable liars like Mr. Duplantis , and planted them in the duplicitous TBN network , depleted of truth it appears to disseminate . Pastor Chip's wife still has a bit of a speech impediment she says . Had he not disrupted the work of doctors for whom he probably previously prayed regarding his wife's health , her speech impediment may not have occurred . TBN pastors pray that people in wheelchairs who visit this network of deceivers will be able to throw their wheelchairs away the minute they step out of their vehicles onto the TBN lot . If I were starving of hunger I would not ask the TBN network or anyone who promotes it for a crumb of bread .

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