Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Following in the missteps of his grandfather

I thought I'd listen to Tullian Tchividjian at least one more time to assure myself of my assessment of his occult ministry . In his 9/28/14 sermon he dogmatically stated that " Christians are hypocrites " more than once . He thus condemns all of Christianity with his propaganda . Many faithful Christians know other Christians who are faithfully submissive to Christ and are not hypocrites . However , when I speak with non-believers about charismatic Christians , they echo Mr. Tchividjian's sentiment regarding Christianity . Mr. Tchividjian  admits in this sermon that he himself is a hypocrite , as to a degree did his grandfather , Billy Graham . Some of the apostle Paul's helpers turned out to be turncoats  , but Paul named many specifically who were sterling examples who hazarded their lives for the cause of Christ . This man lies when he says Christians live for themselves . His view is apparently subjective , and probably based upon the charismatic crowd with which he associates through the ungodly TBN family . Like his heretical grandfather , he continues to call Christian saints sinners . But the Bible says that you will know you have turned from sin and have been forgiven of them when you trust Christ as Saviour . Both he and his grandfather want to keep those who believe in Christ constantly chained to sin , never able through the power of Christ to overcome its hold . But Jesus said you could . Mr. Tchividjian said that judging people is idolatrous . If Christians did not rightly judge heretics like himself there would be no church at all . Philadelphia and Smyrna , two apparently sinless churches , cannot exist according to his perverted and unBiblical view . He later states ; " the issue is not whether or not we are hypocritical ; we are ; everybody is . "  That , of course is a lie . And he is calling Jesus a liar by saying that Jesus himself cannot keep saints clean and free of hypocrisy . He says that each time the Christian church is criticized Christians should say , " Bingo " , spontaneously agreeing with their detractors . He adds to that by saying that Christians should add to that acquiescence , " We are even worse than you think we are . " TBN's charismatic brand of occult Christianity might well accept his baseless criticisms , but faithful thouhtful Christians never will . Though he feigns support for forgiveness of sins , his dialectical sermon offers nothing but despair and hopelessness . For him , apparently , Jesus words , If you have faith of a grain of mustard seed , I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me , and sin no more ring hollow . I usually do not waste time with men of his ilk , but because he is Billy Graham's grandson , I wanted to confirm my suspicions precipitated by the only one previous sermon of his I listened to . I continue to keep an eye on TBN's WASPy preachers because their hypocrisies are just as dangerous , but not as obvious .

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