Saturday, October 18, 2014

Max Lucado can't stop sinning

I have only watched one or two of his programs and I have watched him make several of the same witchcraft signs given by TBN personalities . I heard only a few minutes of his sermon today in which he challenged Christians to try to stop sinning for 24 hours . Then he whittled down that challenge to one hour , then strained it down to five minutes . He said it couldn't be done and that only Jesus Christ lived the Christian life . Charles Stanley and Billy Graham had both previously barked that dogmatic lie . If you ever truly trusted Christ did you stop sinning for a few seconds ? Surely you did . Jesus died to take away your sins and he continues to forgive them as you walk and fall occasionally . The old testament major personalities were often pronounced righteous , ( sinless ) , with God by faith . Surely the disciples refrained from sin by faith for more than five minutes at a time , while they walked with Christ during his ministry and even more so after his ascension into heaven . Deceivers like Mr. Lucado , ( who displays the cross fallen down in his sermons ) , continually try to deter Christians from living a victorious Christian life with heresies like this . He , Billy Graham and others of their ilk often present the correct gospel , but the devil doesn't mind their work , for he knows if listeners follow false leaders such as these the listeners will accompany him to hell . Living the Christian life can be and has been done by all the old and new testament saints . Overcoming is the hurdle that deceivers like Mr. Lucado don't want to see you leap over , nor even approach .

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