Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The God of forces

In his 10/19/14 sermon , " The Beast from the Sea " , David Jeremiah said Israel will relax and let down her military readiness and  " they ( Israel ) , will turn all of their energy into building up their cultural improvements . They will refurbish and rebuild the Jewish temple . " But the King James Bible in its cross references states that Daniel's Jewish peace promoting prince that shall come , the man of fierce countenance , the abomination of desolation who shall obtain the kingdom by flatteries , who shall not regard the God of his fathers , shall " honor the God of forces  : and a god whom his fathers knew not . " The old King James reference to " forces " is munitions ; weaponry , ammunition . The Jewish antichrist will be the god with whom no one will dare make war , as the Bible says .

Since the 1990's tiny Israel has been one of the world's largest arms dealers , reportedly fourth largest in the world ahead of Britain and Germany , only surpassed by the U.S. , Russia , and France . Fear of Arabian conquest compels them to produce superior electronic and military advancements . Some of their weaponry has enabled corrupt regimes in Africa , Asia , and Latin America and criminal groups such as the Russian-Israeli organized crime in the U.S.A.  Israel's defense experts admitted long ago that they failed to "ensure proper enforcement " regarding their weaponry sales . That is hard to believe knowing their intelligence capabilities . Israel's Social Sciences department had formulated an algorithm enabling the number of people necessary to kill in order to assure the collapse of an organization or political party . As China has welcomed Israel's evil Talmud , it has welcomed Israel's military sales . Israel has walked a tightrope supplying arms to China , while keeping the support of the U.S. Trinity Broadcasting Network plays a major part in that also , never revealing Israel as the source of the antichrist .The London Observer stated that Israel had annually sold one half billion dollars worth of munitions to Iran annually years ago . Usually , official Israeli involvement is discovered , and the Israeli government disavows any involvement with those who are caught . It is reported that it is common Israeli practice to sell arms through fronts and agents . It has also been reported that  it has been Israel's policy to keep wars in the middle east continuing because the combatants are so embroiled in warfare that they don't contemplate attacking Israel . This worked to some degree . Until Christ returns Jacob and Esau will continue to spar . Tiny Israel was reported to, at least at one time fairly recently , have a larger economy than all of its neighbors combined . Israel is never going to let down her military readiness until after she has become the world's capitol through the stealth of its Talmudist machinations , and her false Christ is replaced by the real one .

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