Monday, November 17, 2014

Why we prefer the King James Bible

This is also known as the authoritative version which was translated by some of the most learned men of the time who debated in Greek and Latin . The unwary today are impressed by deceitful preachers who convey the meanings of a few Latin and  Greek words which can be found in concordances . I doubt that any of today's false teachers could debate in Greek or Latin . The King James Bible translators predecessors John Wiclif and Willian Tyndale were demonized for translating the truth of God's word so that the common man could hear God gladly . Those men feared God and worked to the best of their God-given abilities to accurately translate each word . In good King James Bibles , where there seems to be some ambiguity , the root reference to a word is usually given . God wanted a continuing witness of himself so that men might still be saved .

The Bible used by the Puritans , the Geneva Bible , brought over on the Mayflower, had changes in similar measures to that of the blatantly corrupt 1861 Westcott/Hort translation of the Scofield Bible which became the basis for heresy in the world's Christian churches today . King James hated the Baconian Rosicrucians and published a book attacking them . He also hated the use of tobacco and would not have endorsed early America's production of it . There are several books written about the attack of the KJV of the Bible which reveal the deletions and obvious corruptions of both the Geneva Bible and the 1861 Westcott/Hort heresies . Now the Masonic Masters of Wisdom , ( mere pawns of Kabbalistic princes of chaos ) , continue to corrupt an already defiled church through Kabbalistic hand signaling and promotion of Bibles not representing the actual truth of God . The Trinity Broadcasting Network is one of the major sources of disinformation  regarding Christianity . I continually implore new and older Christians to look at the works of those of us who have exposed its purposeful deceptions , and to refrain from viewing that network , other than pointing out to others its demonic foundation , which is lower than the grave .

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