Monday, February 23, 2015

Accursed Islam

Rather than waiting upon God , Abraham listened to his wife Sarai , ( Sarah ) , and through Sarah's handmaid Hagar produced Ishmael . Abraham was 86 when Ishmael was born . Hagar cried out to God for help later , and Ishmael , ( meaning God shall hear ) , was ordained to become a great nation because he was Abraham's seed . Though Isaac took a Jewish wife , Ishmael took an Egyptian wife . The Bible says he was a wild man whose hand was against every man and every man's hand was against him . God blessed him in that he made him fruitful and multiplied him exceedingly and gave him 12 princes , just as Jacob had 12 princely sons .
But God did not establish a covenant with Ishmael , nor his son Esau , whom God hated . The Lord told Isaac's wife Rebekkah that two nations were in her womb , and that the elder would be weaker and serve the younger son . God said the descendants of Esau were " the people against whom the Lord had indignation for ever. "
Jesus still pointed out that anyone could be forgiven . But Isalmic terrorism will only greatly diminish when Jerusalem's antichrist declares peace and safety . Until that time Muslim hands in some form will be against every hand . The war against Islamic terrorism is spiritual and will never be won by any form of carnal warfare . As does the Talmud , the Quran teaches progressive revelation , or " nasikh . " Muslims are taught to accept nasikh and follow the full and final development of the Quranic progressive revelation , as perceived by newer prophets , just as the Jewish Talmudic leaders continue to lead followers astray .
The Quran teaches that Muhammad's revelations cancelled out Christianity and Judaism , and brought people back to the one true religion that Abraham understood and practiced , and stressed that Ibrahim , ( Abraham ) , was a true Muslim ,(SURAH 67-68) . Here are some other things taught in the Quran ; " Kill the Mushrikun ( pagans ) wherever you find them , and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush ." ( SURAH 9:5 ) . That verse has been called the " verse of the sword " .
Jews are the greatest enemies of Islam; " verily you will find the strongest among men in enmity to the believers ( Muslims ) the Jews and those who are Al- Mushrikun ", ( idolaters , polytheists , disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah,  pagans ), ( SURAH 5:82 ) .
The Quran commands committed Muslims , ( most are not committed ) , to destroy all religions opposing Allah , enabling them to control the world . That is not going to happen , but their hand will continue to be against every man's hand until the Jewish antichrist has proclaimed the success of his tikkun olam .
To a Muslim , Abraham is the first true worshipper of Allah . Muslims honor Ishmael as a great prophet on the same level as Moses to the Jews . They believe Allah commanded Abraham to take Ishmael , not Isaac , on the mountain to be sacrificed . Palestinian spiritual leaders appointed by the Palestinian authority political leadership have taught that the conflict between Palestinian Arabs and the Israeli Jews is part of an eternal religious war between Islam and the Jewish people . The terrorist Yasser Arafat was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize . The truth about the beliefs of Islam is not proclaimed by America's media .
Here are just a few other absurdities the Quran teaches ; Jesus cannot forgive sins through God , His Father . He is not the Son of God . .The Bible is a complete lie .                                                                      

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