Monday, February 23, 2015

Anti-communism quashed

The reason communism , ( Kabbalism , the new Federalism ), was not eradicated in the United States is because America's very roots are Kabbalistic . Though Christianity's truth was disseminated in early America , Masonic Kabbalism prevailed . In my blog , " A Novel " , Chapter 3: Faithful Reveals the History of the Unfaithful , I give a concise explanation for this , as does my blog , " Conspiracy : A Biblical Fact . " Boston's Society of Christian Socialists founded in 1889 was a Masonic / Kabbalistic conspiracy pushed by Pennsylvania Quakers who practiced the Masonic Rite of Perfection .( This is totally antithetical to God's required Biblical perfection through true faith in Christ ) . Since then Masonic dupes and committed Masonic politicians have continued to groom nations into becoming servants of Kabbalism .
Opposition to communism seemed vociferous through J. Edgar Hoover's administration , but outrage against socialism stopped with his control of the FBI . J. Edgar Hoover is alleged to have been a 33rd degree Mason . In 1955 the U.S. government Printing Office in Washington D.C. printed ; " A Handbook For Americans , The Communist Party of the United States of America , What It Is , How It Works " . It gave a rough explanation of the communist conspiracy's psychological warfare . It is unfortunate that Joe McCarthy was exonerated long after his death . His allegations of American communism were proven to be true . Communism and Masonic Kabbalism are first cousins with the same misled " tikkun olam " hopes , which will one day actualize ,( as Talmudists predict ), for a short while in Jerusalem , the future world capitol .

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