Saturday, February 28, 2015

iShine's KIPP logo seems Masonic

As I had mentioned in my YouTube exposure of iShine , these two logos are quite similar . Both are occult . Kipp is associated with iShine's educational aspect .The top medallion is the Kabbalistic Tetragrammaton of the Grand Master of Masons 1978-1979 . The bottom is Kipp's . Again , just a funny coincidence . I have seen an advertisement in which a woman is in a strange yoga position as it coud be taken for in the KIPP logo . On the net , under " Triangle Inside Circle Occult Illuminati " a similar All Seeing Eye Oroborous can be viewed . It is beneath the Kybalion just below . Symbols using Kabbalism's Tetragrammaton are at the very bottom . To me , it is no conicidence KIPP used the very similar logo . The United Nations' occult Lucis Trust Arcane School has a similar logo with the pyramid and pentagram placed within the similar ring . Symbology of the Royal Arch degree with three Hebrew letters at each point of the triangle is included here also .

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