Monday, February 9, 2015


The recent incidences regarding the NFL and Bryn Mawr College should be greater testimony of control . Students' outrage should not concern the college's offenses regarding supposed concern about student's weight or BMI , but rather , the ruse of the college's great concern for the student and its self appointed right of meddling . It doesn't take a Bible student to see where this is headed . And it doesn't take a football player , ( who shouldn't need socialism's Obamacare ) , to discern the tremendous power wielded by a sports institution for not speaking to people on camera when the player doesn't want to . Individual states are more and more forced to acquiesce to federal government control regarding all aspects of life . That is indicative of the United Nations' new global Federalism . Christians need to respect its power as Jews acquiesced to Roman power . God had warned his Jews in captivity not to revolt , yet retain faith in his sovereignty .

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