Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Masonic Magic

Masonry's Kabbalistic ceremonial magic employs the invoking of "astral light " spirits , and specifically, the Masonic Goat of Menendes . Mesmerism , hypnotism , sorcery , witchcraft , magic and necromancy are actual practices of adept Kabbalist Masons  , known as black magicians . Some Masons may think that they are calling upon God the Father , God the Son , and God the Holy Ghost when invoking supernatural power , but they are invoking Satan who can become as an angel of light . Kabbalism's " kavvanah " , ( intention ) , in prayer means that the body as well as the soul are caught up in the enthusiasm of mystical prayer , drawing God's presence down from heaven . This
practice was inspired by the masonic Zohar , the book of Splendor . Unwary charismatics invoke the same false god .
The Masonic upright pentagram is evil enough , but its inversion infers deeper Satanic dedication yielding greater Satanic power . The Masonic pentagram , ( the footprint of the devil ) , signifies the properties of the Great Magical , the five senses of man , the five elements of nature and the five extremeties of the human body . Kabbalism's " Revolution " still is quite mystical , and is promoted through Christian radio and television broadcasting around the world , calling Christianity a " revolution . " Some programs promote the lie that the 22 letters of the Jewish alphabet have magical power , according to the Talmud , often praised in "Christian " media . The Sephirot , a term used in the Sefer Yetzirah represents the primordial numbers out of which certain features of reality were created and are considered attributes of God . Kabbalism's aim is for man to reascend the ladder of emanation in order to unite with the first supernal quality of Kabbalism's Ayn Sof , the Divine Thought . It insists that the tikkun ha - olam , or socialist repair of the world , is dependent upon man working with God .
Contrary to the Bible , Kabbalism teaches that men and women possess hearts with spiritual vacuums  . According to the Lurianic Kabbalah ; " the first movement of creation of the Ayn Sof 's sefirot was not an outpouring , but a contradiction : The Ayn Sof at first withdrew from a central point in order that a " spiritual vacuum " could come into being . The Lurianic Kabbalah also made " gilgul " , or , reincarnation a central theme . Contradiction is a major component of rabbinic writings .
That type of thinking is antithetical to Biblical truth . For Kabbalists contradictions were a spur to further Kabbalistic speculation ; a paradox giving rise to the exploration of deeper levels of the mystery of reality .
The sefirot are at times described as a cosmic tree whose roots reach back to the Ayn Sof and whose trunk and branches extend downward in the direction of the lower worlds . The most common metaphor is that the sephirot constitute the form of a heavenly man , Adam Kadmon , the " Archetypal " , or , " Primordial Man . "  Unbelieving Jews and Gentiles are praying for the arrival of the United Nations' Kabbalistic Superman , whose ten toes may well be individual personifications of Kabbalism's ten sephirot . The sephirot are " degrees ", ( as in Masonry and witchcraft ) , or stages issuing forth from the absolute mystery of the Ayn Sof .

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