Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pentagrams more and more in advertising

For the past decade or more upright pentagrams in commercials and children's programs have become overtly Satanic , the common man unaware that witchcraft has totally taken control of almost all aspects of life . The star above represents Satan in Masonry . Often , even in some Wiccan flags the encircled star is still upright . Bold Satanic churches display the pentagram as it is above .
These Wiccans for Religious Freedom cunningly display stars in both positions . Again , I apologize for the terrible picture . I add even poor pics like this in my crude blogs in order to hopefully further make previous points . Surely others have published entire volumes of books regarding some of these subjects I cover . In the bottom picture the Wiccan church of  the Learning Channel's , " My Unique Family " , the star , though occult , is upright .

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